Hawk Nelson - Everything You Have Ever Wanted Lyrics

I walk the line
Leave it all behind
I've been waiting forever
Lets go back in time
When I could read your mind
Still I've been waiting

It took the seasons going by
To know its not my fault

I tried to be perfect, tried to be honest
Tried to be everything that you ever wanted
I tried to be stronger, tried to be smarter
Tried to be everything but you

Its been so long
Since you've been home
I used to wait up forever
I used to say a prayer
Wishing you were there
And I'm still waiting

You told me once
You'd show up
But I fell for that
Before I fell to pieces
Then I woke up
To no one,
Just a picture of Jesus
And a house left in pieces

It took the seasons going by
To know its not my fault

I tried to be perfect, tried to be honest
Tried to be everything that you ever wanted
I tried to be stronger, tried to be smarter
Tried to be everything but you

I wanted you
I need you
I want to believe you
I wanted you
I need you
I want to believe you

I tried to be perfect, tried to be honest
tried to be everything but you

I tried to be perfect, tried to be honest
Tried to be everything that you ever wanted
I tried to be stronger, tried to be smarter
Tried to be everything but you

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Hawk Nelson Everything You Have Ever Wanted Comments
  1. manuel lopez

    Who here in 2020?

  2. Slappy

    *Elementary Day's*

  3. Laimon Yamba

    Still listenin'

  4. June Attaban

    Just discovered it because of an amv

  5. Maya Papaya

    This kinda sounds crazy by simple plan.

  6. Raven Raven

    College days 😁😁😁😁

  7. Kimberly Gaines

    Was blessed to be able to see them in concert when they came to the BJCC in B'ham...first time I ever heard them, my best friend since 4th grade had me go with her when we were in Middle School. They played this song, and I felt every part of this song. Now its 2019, and I'm still a big fan, and still have the "burned" CDs my bestie made me lol.

  8. Elaine Cristina

    Jogava o pes 2008 do ps 2 e entrava essa musica nota 1000

  9. jacqueline Fernando

    I do said jonathon Belair i reach out from heaven if I fear out that god searching for u I need of u called the alter called I need u I missed u guy always from me

  10. Epic Stevens

    It's 2019 and i still love this song. Nostalgia hit me so hard 😥

  11. Daniel Paul

    Back when the original Hawk Nelson, played Emo song.

  12. l u n a

    I felt this

  13. Ze Wu

    Fell in love with this song

  14. TheLazyKitten Games

    2017 was 2 years ago it’s 2019 now and then 2020


    2019 anyone? 😊🌸

  16. halihorror

    STILL LISTENING IN 2019! 😁❤️😇

  17. Ult_R4nger 94

    This song kind of reminds me of Crazy by Simple Plan.

  18. Arturo Corralejo

    Hawk nelson fell off without jason dunn

  19. Bidz Bautista

    2018 here

  20. Gυнz.jαм NewJack


  21. Florence John

    still listening... it's already May 2018

  22. Rustan Rama Ebboy

    I've been searching this song for a looooooong time.
    Praise God, i found it.

    Jayson Billones

    Nice song

  23. TheNewVocal

    Hello from Singapore! I wish you'd have a great day =)

  24. Melissa Brown

    Wow amazing

  25. Lucas Leal

    PES 2008 Brazukas Forever


    Esse eu nunca esquecerei!

    Felipe Melo

    GeorgeHenrique impossivel de esquecer esse jogo marcou epoca

  26. Amy Lessig

    I was Happy that I got to meet the band Hawk Nelson at church camp

  27. Izzee

    This song feels like it was written for me... i did find a picture of Jesus and a house left in pieces when my daughter ran away. Still waiting for her to come home 5 years and still waiting. ....


    Please pray for me ...

  28. jacqueline Fernando

    jonathion beliar i need your help because i need you so bad you are such a goood person I love you very much

  29. evanmangus

    Who is here in 2017?


    2018 toooooo booiiiiiiii

    jacqueline Fernando

    this girl from bellflower of her chirstain song from brad the kendrick of his girlfriend love you all always sarah neneo.

    TheLazyKitten Games

    I’m from the future and it’s 2019

  30. samantha truver

    still love this song

  31. Chase

    That moment when the song applies to God...I really did try God, but it wasn't good enough for you

  32. Unreal Gamer1749

    dang this is 2007. 10 years ago. life goes by do fast !

    Data Mochi

    Unreal Gamer1749 I know right! it feels like just days ago this song was always playing on air 1 and now here we are all these years later


    Unreal Gamer1749 2007 Goodness I was in second Grade then I was just 8 years old

  33. Jihane Bouaichi

    love it's

  34. jacqueline Fernando

    I miss you jonathon baliar we come back to church us with love love sarah gomez

  35. ServantoftheKing

    Went back to hear some old hawk Nelson and I'm so glad this song got big :)

  36. Lucky Man

    they should play this song on the radio, i love this song

    Cyndi Daniels

    You might want to check out NGEN radio! They usually play more rap now, but I'm pretty sure the midday show plays stuff like this! I know they used to do a TON of stuff with Hawk Nelson when Jason Dunn was the lead singer.


    But this could be john and maybe try the message

    Heather Hoffeditz

    The House FM plays it some to this day!

    Rhonda Shidler

    My radio does. Thats how i knew of it


    Lucky Man the play it on KJKL sometimes

  37. erickson apen

    Trate, trate dí lo mejor de mi y un poco más.

    I tried to be perfect, tried to be honest
    Tried to be everything that you ever wanted
    I tried to be stronger, tried to be smarter
    Tried to be everything but you.

    Se te rompió la suela del zapato... :')

  38. Peter Parker

    This Song is not by Hawk Nelson.. It's by Silverline.. I have the cd

    Peter Parker

    That Proofs nothing.. I Still have the cd with it on it.. And it was done by Silverline first.. So Drop it.. Your not going to make me change my mind..

    Hunter Womack

    Ok and I get that but you aren't going to change ours either unless of course you tell us what cd it is like the actual name of the cd

    Lucky Man

    for real man

    Jetro Eribal

    +Peter Parker We just want the album name. We don't care about how knowledgeable you are about Silverline. We just want a straightforward answer and not answers like "I still have the CD" or "Silverline isn't popular" or anything isn't a straightforward answer to the question.


    +Peter Parker good trolling on ur part lmfaoooo

  39. Freestyle

    I wish Hawk Nelson returned to this style of music.
    Or maybe I'm just so 00's...

    Jeremy Miller

    Dude same... I fricking wish jason had never left. They were so good.


    +Jeremy Miller huggggeeee update I don't like rock anymore but I agree with you

  40. Françoise N

    which WOW WORSHIP ALBUM did he sing this song?

    Tiffany Armstrong

    I don't know about WOW Worship, but it's on their album called Smile It's the end of the World.

    Marie-Adele Drache

    WOW All-Time Hits, I believe. It's yellow and orange.

  41. ching teologia

    This song is perfect for those Christians that trying their best to please everyone, even God...
    but we guys don't have to do that.. because God always and already love us no matter how sinful or how bad we are..
    because all we have to do is only to TRUST and TO LOVE HIM...

    Will Bode

    I wish my friend, Calvin could have heard that.

    Rhonda Shidler

    Definitely. Im the same way. Just trying to please everybody including God.

    TheLazyKitten Games

    🙏 stay calm and pray

  42. Evil Zombie115

    I love this song, I haven't heard this song in years, until I stumbled on it when I was listening to friend like that and I love it, and I can relate to this song, because I think the meaning of this song is a man's faith is being tested and he nearly gives up on God because he "tried to be everything that you ever wanted" and he felt like God has left him with his life in peaces just like " a house left in peaces with a picture of Jesus" and I have felt like that a lot of times

  43. Andrew

    relaxing song loved it 

  44. Nicolas Williams

    i bet you tried to be perfect tried to be honest tried to be everything we ever wanted

  45. Nicolas Williams

    thank u so much

  46. Dee Coulter

    I love it. It's a really deep song. Hawk Nelson is awesome


    D'Andrea Coulter same I haven’t heard this song I was a kid

  47. Gvido Obradovic


  48. Blaire Serlett

    Tried to be everything "by" you not "but" , but great vid! And amazing song.

    Hunter Womack

    nope its but

    Tiffany Armstrong

    +Blaire Serlett It's but

  49. Alina Caba

    I love his voice is my first time listening to this angelic voice wow and the songs are amazing!

  50. TheIMVictorious

    This song really moves me.  I view it more as a person struggling with a perfectionist problem.

  51. Gradualcheetah

    Ouch, that hits.

  52. Maria Dodson

    how come no one has nightcored this song? I think it'll be good 😊

  53. Paulette Phillips

    great song i love him

  54. saraelise17

    "Say a pray?" 

    Mari Stumpf

    they are Christian

  55. ching teologia

    GREAT JOB sashaasha

  56. Joe Menendez

    omg I remember this

  57. Andrew McMillan

    Your good enough for Jesus

  58. SLAPDASHdiiip

    favorite song...well the only song besides one more i've listened to from Hawk nelson...brings back good memories..

  59. argie panes

    one of the best!!!

  60. Amy Nicole


  61. Christopher Spencer

    Best some song so me right now thanks

  62. mich plete

    2020. Get on my level.

  63. mavis vermillion

    4 words i love this song.

  64. Diana Cervantes

    I now get why my best friend showed me this...Now I'm sobbing my eyes out.
    R.I.P. Derek

  65. Max Crimson

    This Sums up my friendship with my friend. I told him I liked him but he took it as a joke. But his sister knows different.

  66. Rachel Laws

    Sums up my old friendship i tried all the time :/

  67. Super Power Ultimate Turtle

    2013 , bro ;)

  68. PGA

    haha that is cool this trck is just OMG i love it Also! you can use this to get this track on your ipod: bit.ly/13WoMle?=wopvy

  69. jessica lucas

    Ana Medina OMG same here!!! This song reminds me of my best friend.he asked me out 3 times and I said no every time and I wish I would have said yes because now I regret it and this song just makes me think of him. I was also his first kiss! So this song I'm hooked on for A LONG TIME so happy I started listening to these guys again I love them so much

  70. Anna Medina

    i was so hooked on this song and band in middle school and then i kinda forgot about them(sorry) and now i am hooked again....

  71. Rea Thea

    waahhh!!! I love this song!! ^_^

  72. Jess

    I think every kid who believes that they're just never good enough for their parents can relate to this song. Just know you're good enough no matter what

  73. inquiring mind

    a classic

  74. Elizabeth Anne

    better yet, 2013 :D

  75. S D

    This song is about him and his dad walking out on him. He ends it with "but you" because he tried everything but it wasn't enough for his dad, could be " but you...left" "but you...didn't care", this is not however a break up song, yes you can interpret how you want, but it doesn't erase the underlying meaning of the song and its intent.

  76. captain_super_pimp

    For all of you out there that don't know what this song is about it's about Jason's dad walking out on him when he was young its not a breakup song

  77. Jacob Loucks

    its 2013 now!

  78. Kathy juarez

    i love hawk nelson they are the best saw them in concert on the 27th

  79. chloeeeee

    Yeah, no. Good for you, but this song is about what it feels like when your "true love" ditches you. Try listening to it again once she breaks your heart.

  80. Kata Takk

    it's year 2013 and i'm still listening this :D

  81. Clint Dorn

    this song brings tears to my eyes it makes me think of u and what we used to b

  82. vebell0

    And in times like this, God is my stronghold!

  83. Tiffanie

    No offense, but this seems more of a break up song, in my opinion.

  84. music_makes_me_happy〈3

    cryin right mowww

  85. tuxmusicman

    Sooo . . . how is that working out?

  86. Black Bull TV

    i lyk this song

  87. Lindy

    You sucky if you think the songs sucky

  88. Lindy


  89. Meli G

    what was it

  90. sixpacked-sloth

    I got to see them in concert a few years ago and he told the background story to this song.