Hawk Nelson - Every Beat Of My Broken Heart Lyrics

This is not what I asked
Not what I prayed for
Are you listening now?
'Cause all that I've built,
All that I've bled for
Is coming undone

But what if it had to be broken
Before my heart could be open?

Maybe the shattered parts
Are the places where Your love starts
And now I am closer to where You are
With every beat of my broken heart
Oh, oh

Maybe it's not what i would've chosen
And I won't understand
But I'm trusting You now
Cause all that I know is
I am safe in Your hands

But what if it had to be broken
Before my heart could be open?

Maybe the shattered parts
Are the places where Your love starts
And now I am closer to where You are
With every beat of my broken heart
Mercy is here with me
Even if I can't see it now
I am closer to where You are
With every beat of my broken heart

So break me all the way
'Til we are face to face
When Your work in me is through
Then all that's left is You

Maybe the shattered parts
Are the places where You're love starts
And now I am closer to where You are
With every beat of my broken heart

Mercy is here with me
Even if I can't see it now
I am closer to where You are
With every beat of my broken heart
Oh, oh

I am closer to where You are
With every beat of my broken
Beat of my broken heart

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Hawk Nelson Every Beat Of My Broken Heart Comments
  1. Shaun Knighton

    I am a Christian single father now after my Ex wife cheated with me with my brother in law I cry and cry I cry after everything happened in my life I wish ever thing can go back to normal but it can’t work like that god well bless me with some one again my daughter is 3 now her mom life me and her God bless every one on here


    My theme song...

  3. Matthew Steel

    25 of us wish this song hadnt been made... it just wasnt the same when Jason was Dunn

  4. Johnny Lima

    This song helped me understand God's plan when I was going through some difficult times. I needed to be broken in order for him to finish the work in me... It's an ongoing process.

  5. Sierra Caincross

    His songs are so relatable it's not even funny. Hawk has helped me through so much thank you Hawk Nelson.

  6. max god

    god has alwayles been my savior and i will never argue with that.And plelse replase deviil👹 with jueses😇 ammmmmmman

  7. Panna Laura

    I don't get your plan for me, God... Please, guide me. I have no more strenght to fight.

    family lowe

    Panna Laura https://youtu.be/XmTmTMcdxOs
    You + God = 100% As long as there is life, there is hope. It's not over until He says it is. Praying for you.

    Panna Laura

    Thank you <3 I hope things will get better.

    family lowe

    Panna Laura
    The mountaintop, while the destination for all of us, is a barren place, where little, if anything, grows. It's temperatures are often extreme and life-threatening. The air is thin where the altitude is the highest,making it difficult to catch your breath. It is like encountering God for the first time. It is breathtakingly beautiful and extreme, demanding 100% of your will to reach, and if you're not prepared, it can threaten your very life. While we look on with expectation of reaching the goal of the mountaintop, we must not hold disdain for the valley. We must remember the purpose of the mountaintop in history and warfare. It was not only to claim victory, but also to have the advantage in battle. In the valley is where we grow because that is where growth happens in the world. The valley is temperate and protected, with occasional destruction and regrowth. We must remember the purpose of the valley and keep contentment in our hearts as we move through the storms, keeping our eyes on Jesus. We need to be journeying through the valley, a nomad passing through, tent dwellers only there for a short time. We don't need to set stakes down in the valley and accept the suffering eternally. We are growing in the valley, but we are also the most vulnerable, and therefore must keep moving towards our destination lest we be overcome by our enemies. Be prepared to defend your position both in the valley AND on the mountaintop because as long as there is life, there is a battle for your soul. We don't have to wander aimlessly in a paper bag when we have the scissors (Jesus) and the compass (God's Word). Take heart, have faith, and lean not on your understanding of things. God knows what He's doing.

    One time I was driving my kids home, and I took a different way. My oldest got anxious and said to me, "Mom! You're going the wrong way!" The way we normally go was blocked by an accident, but he didn't see that. I told him, "Trust me, son. I know where I'm going." When we got to a familiar place, he said, "Oh, I know where we are!" And God spoke to me and said, "It is the same with you. Trust me. I know where we are going."

    Not a devotional... I wrote this and hope it helps. Feel free to share.

    TJ K

    family lowe thank you..

  8. B_A WhyDontWe_Lover

    I'm in love with this song its so beautiful😱😍❤

  9. Lucy Gaid

    i love this song. So true

  10. the land shark

    I'm praying for all of you....God has a plan

  11. Caterina Allen

    After seven years of being with my husband and having a beautiful three year old boy, I believe my marriage is coming to an end. I love my husband more than he will ever know. My heart is shattered but I also know that God has told me that he will heal my heart and that its okay to let go because he'll catch me.

  12. RiTa Jan-Kumar

    I understand a broken heart. Thank you for this song!

  13. gabby simard

    my boyfriend broke up with me yesterday and amongst the songs i have saved i found this one. ive never been so proud of my younger self. she new that i would loose faith and knew i would come back.

    Lucy Gaid

    I do that too. Im like I saved that. Im so proud of my younger self. God is with you. Im sorry. It will heal.

    family lowe

    From a once young woman myself, God is setting you up for something better. God never takes something away that is good for us without getting something better for us. One day, you'll look back and smile at this. Trust me.

    max god

    gabby simard

    max god

    was that aful then you exepted and sash🌞

  14. Johanes John

    The stars makes me know that he's real besides this world I have experience since. Portland faith I would keep standing for him above no matter the trouble.

  15. Rachel Sinyuk

    I have the background to this XD

    Ultra Magnetic Sago

    how and where do I find it bro? T_T

    Rachel Sinyuk

    @Ultra Magnetic Sago  one, its in the themes section of the google play store, and two, you can just look up "tree against night sky" or something along those lines

    Rachel Sinyuk

    Hope it helps (:

  16. Laredo Kid

    That's really pretty

  17. Sarah Miner

    Unavailable in my country :(

    Andres Olmos


    Ruby Bartle

    THAT`S not fair

  18. Reyes zenpai

    i love hawk nelson

  19. wowmom1994

    Thank you for reminding me. My heart is broken...my husband of 20 yrs left 2 months ago.


    +YAZ WOLF thank you for replying, I needed this reminder today...


    Just member that everything can be fixed or broken and I'm glad that you were surely loved for so long. You are an amazing person just remember that too. <3

  20. peace kabera

    I love the song...

  21. Josiah Wilson

    Their new stuff is good, but I miss the days of Letters To The President and Smile, It's The End Of The World.

  22. itsyuuki GG

    Im so broken right now! 💔

  23. minigamebrothers

    thanks, thats just what i needed

  24. Zachary Morton

    I love the message of this song! Also, I really like the picture you have for the background through the video. Is there any way you can send that to me or tell me how to find it?

    Gigi White

    You could look up the against night sky u will eventually find it

    Gigi White

    Meant tree against night sky

  25. christopher silvestre

    oooh right

  26. Mariela Chacon

    Thanks God....!!!

  27. Kimberly Baquiano

    Great music ! Big fan from Philippines:) i hope you can go here and I will definitely watch your concert!

  28. jazmin Corona

    living this right now, sometimes the only way to god is when we are heartbroken and feel worthless but, that's when he comes to lift us up and we find ourselves close to him. Leaving our pain at his feet.

  29. SLAPDASHdiiip

    wait....Hawk nelson is a christian band? hmm...good music

  30. Agnes Xavier

    He is always with us emmanuel!superb song.

  31. HH93

    Beautiful. MADE is one of my favourite albums ! Literally love & can relate to every song <3 big fan from AUS here !!

  32. Mariela Chacon

    This song was wrote x me...really!!! :3 is a nice and sweet song!!

  33. Marcy Andersen

    never too late to turn back to god!

  34. eeshayrellik

    I used to be in church. Been out for years. Feeling so guilty right now.

  35. Leonie x

    Jesus will fix you, He loves you more than you could ever imagine, and He'll do anything to make you smile again. :)

  36. IKECH545

    My heart is beating... But it's broken and I'm falling apart.

  37. Mike Paszkowski

    I'm so glad they wrote this song!!! I needed it!!

  38. themasterdc