Hasselhoff, David - California Girls Lyrics

Well east coast girls are hip I really dig those styles they wear
And the southern girls with the way they talk they knock me out when I'm there
The midwest farmer's daughters really make you feel all right
And the northern girls were the way they kiss and keep boyfriends warm at night

I wish they all could be Californian
I wish they all could be Californian
I wish they all could be Californian girls

The west coast has the sunshine and the girls all get so tanned
I dig a frizz bikini of the wild alloy coast by a palm tree in the sand
I've been all around this big big world and I've seen all kind of girls
Yeah but I couldn't wait to get back in the states back to the cutest girls in
The world

I wish they all could be Californian
I wish they all could be Californian
I wish they all could be Californian girls

I wish they all could be Californian girls
I wish they all could be Californian girls

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Hasselhoff, David California Girls Comments
  1. petra leeb

    David hasselhoff best vor ever. I love you David. Mehr Musik bitte sehr von dir David.

  2. Monster 07

    ...... Interessant

  3. tn18977

    I love how they used the Chrysler Sebring straight from the airport car rental counter to make this video

  4. adam piotrzkowski

    Mega Super !!!
    Nutka wideo też 👍👍👍👌👌👌👋👋👋♥️

  5. adam piotrzkowski

    Super... Super. .. Super...👍👍👍♥️🎧

  6. FCU 8592

    The Hoff ist und bleibt einfach eine Legende!!!

    Bo Autzen



    super piosenka

  8. Mr Banana


  9. Jacqueline Küchler

    Super cool Song genial

  10. Engelchen 1


    Mein Herz schlägt Schlager


  11. Febo

    Great song ! Hasselhoff leyend forever.saludos desde Chile

  12. Monika Bernert

    Klasse der Song 🎧☺👍👍👍

  13. David K

    I love ziss song!

  14. Karo G.

    I love this Song ❤❤❤

  15. Gerrit Rakus

    sehr schone musik finde ich.einfach coll ich liebe seine musik

  16. Karo G.

    Grossartig !!!! The Hoff is back...Forever David 👍👍👍💋💋💋

  17. Racing Man

    I love this song

  18. Ada Rumprecht

    Hi David I'm a big fan of of u can I come to us

  19. Bett Pike

    ok you all-lol not giving away my age-but when Knight Rider was first aired my 2 oldest sons were fascinated with Kinght Rider-and of course being a good mom I watched it faithfully with them every Sunday evening at 6.30pm in front of a roaring fire and before bed time-it set a great scene-anyway-I came to love the show as well-then time flew-kids grew up moved on and then I found David's tunes-OMG-his smile-his charisma just lightens my day when I need a lift-thank you David-you've been a part of my family's life since the beginning-PS--oh yes and OMG-KIT was featured in show at the Western Fair Grounds in London Ontario Canada back then - ya had my 4 and 6 year dressed in black leather jackets and they got to sit in KIT-you know what!!!! all great memories-and they still go on.

  20. Hoff Army

    for all those who enjoy this clip, you might like to know about a campaign thats currently running over @ Pledge Music www.pledgemusic.com/DavidHasselhoff - David Hasselhoff plans to record an 80s themed album and runs a campaign for the funding to make that happen. A nice range of exclusive items is availabe at the campaigns shop. Enjoy. Merry belated X-Mas

  21. Naffi & Crazy

    David is nice

  22. Félix Trépanier

    David is the best i have all is season Knight Rider with kitt

  23. kratos99jl

    very good

  24. pulmonary 40

    Knight Rider made him a celebrity. Bay Watch made him rich. David Hasselhoff made David Hasselhoff a douche bag.

    kate davenporty

    +pulmonary 40 no,we love Hoffy

  25. My Tokyo Paradise

    Always cool!

  26. zofia zajac


  27. orkako

    Too more german music! -.-

  28. Lissette Garcia

    Fuck you hatters you are the first ones that will rot in hell enjoy

    kate davenporty

    +Lissette Garcia perhps they are mad hatters :D

  29. Lissette Garcia

    Original american playboy we love you Hoff

  30. Kirsten McLoughlin

    Love this song, David is so great!!!

  31. Helga Kliem


  32. mlulurgas

    Has ever David Hasselhoff drove a decent car in his life?



  33. tramadidoli 200mg

    så oot komee jätkä

  34. SinKing 57

    he's the Hoff! what do you want?

  35. Nick Cram

    Love it

  36. Alexandra Hehenberger

    DOS ist auch ein schoner Titel

  37. DutcherrorVEVO

    Leuk mooi muziek van hem ik ben fan
    Van hem

  38. Jac Gentile


  39. j m

    He fucking sucks

    rebaqu bac


  40. Esi Schuber

    lol omg ich bin ja bekennender Hoff Fan seit ich 8 bin, aber das ist ja uff da da uff da da Oktoberfest-Stampf Hupsasa...und die Bilder passen mal gar net mit dem deutschen Schlagerhopsi-Sound zusammen...urgs...he can do it much better...

  41. Hannes Uttke

    Wieviele US-Amerikaner kommen noch nach Deutschland? Deshalb: Hut ab! Haltet diese Brücke, Kameraden...

  42. svgboss

    why this sounds like german schlager?

    1000 Subs with just Playlists

    He is a major star in Germany.  He lasted about 15 minutes here in America.


    Because he's for SCHLAAAAAND

    Riad Kasumovic

    Because the producer is coming from Austria and thats the only music they have...

  43. Hannes Uttke

    Was für eine Lichtgestalt des Worldwide Entertainment. Der Mann ist doch ewig, oder? Zwei neue Arbeiten im Video Channel mit David. Die reiferen Mädels sollten in Extase geraten...

    Sandra Nadine

    Hannes Uttke Las Hasselhoff in Ruhe

  44. Martin R. Cruz

    Any lyrics for this song? I cannot find this one but I end p finding a different one (California Girls) Thanks

  45. HBK22071980

    Nicht mehr wie früher. Das traue ich mir nicht im Auto einzuschalten wie Looking for Freedom. Ist ja wie der englische Michael Wendler :D

    Hannes Uttke

    Du sollst ja auch davon träumen, lieber Musikfreund, liebe Musikfreundin. Uns sind in den letzten Jahren einige Musikträume abhanden gekommen, oder? Es war eine andere Zeit...


    I regret watching this

  47. Heinz Dieter Schnellenkamp

    Klasses Vidio

  48. mira71819b

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  49. geluidsbox09

    Hate it