Hartman, Dan - The Mystery Of Love Lyrics

I want to be near you
Tell me what your feeling inside
But you don't have to say it
Just let your eyes do the talking
Words won't really do it
I just wanna get down to it

I wonder why I love so much
The moonlight on your face
What a mystery the way that you move me
Anytime and any place

But why explain it?
The mystery of love
Just expedite it
Don't think about it
Just go ahead and steal it
Can take anything you want from me

Why explain it?
Mystery of love
Just expedite it
Don't think about it
Just go ahead and steal it
Can take anything you want from me
Woah-woah, over me

Love, it's so easy to love you
When your laying here beside me
And it's so strange it happens every time
Something starts to heal inside
Words won't ever do it
You just got to get down to it

It's the way we're holding on
Tired as we can be

So why explain it?
The mystery of love
Just expedite it
Don't try to think about it
Just go ahead and steal it
Can take anything you want from me

Why explain it?
The mystery of love
Just expedite it
Don't think about it
Just go ahead and steal it
Can take anything you want from me
Take the loving from my heart

Don't analyse it
You might comprise it
True emotion is like a wave on the ocean
Don't bother stopping
It's much too strong
For the minute, for the hour
We're right where we belong (oh)

So why explain it?
Expedite it
Just go ahead and steal it
You can take anything you want from me

Why explain it?
The mystery of love (oh yeah)
Expedite it
Don't think about it (woo)
Just go ahead and steal it (go ahead)
Anything you want from me
(Ooh-ooh) Woah, woah

Why explain it?
Don't explain (why explain it?)
Oh, expedite it
Don't think about it
Go ahead and steal it
Take anything you want from me
Why explain it?

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Hartman, Dan The Mystery Of Love Comments
  1. Tehila S

    This song hits me so bad I can't

  2. sofia khan

    i just wanted a happy ending:(

  3. Melisa Yilmaz

    I never expected the film to be so good but i watched it last night and it was so good, so good i usually never cry but last night i cried i cried a lot

  4. Melisa Yilmaz

    I fucking love this movie and the song i literally have no words

  5. Delfina Alabiso

    Someone who Aldo read the book?

  6. 조성재


  7. rita lilian

    your voice is magical

  8. jin cult

    Still not over this movie

  9. Mukhtaza Hamid

    When I Get Merried, And Have Son, I'll called his by Elio

  10. Sofia Sofia

    Uhhh fuck dis stupid song, this got me in my feelings

  11. hadia n

    I love this song but I know I will get very sad...I don’t know if I should listen to it or not!!!!!

  12. Ilaria Palma

    Somewhere in northern Italy...

  13. Katerina Pierce

    this movie has such an artistic vibe

  14. Katerina Pierce

    i wanna cry and laugh at the same time listening to this song

  15. Ki Wi

    Ive never watched this movie before but when i heard this song for the first, i feel like i saw starry sky and then all the emptiness left at the end! Omg this is so awesome!!!!!

  16. mikewlfx

    The movie is a masterpiece. The song is a masterpiece. Both together is just perfection

  17. mikewlfx

    one day... i’ll be somewhere in Italy listening to this song in the summertime ...

  18. Dheeraj

    When I saw the film and heard this song, I felt like I had to hear this song again. The song just takes you to another world. A world without boundaries 🙂

  19. Ainara Fuente


  20. I Van

    T have already read the book. It's more interesting than watching the film

  21. Habibe Baki

    call me by your name and this song

  22. lilliaaa.x

    this film gives me second hand heartbreak everytime but its addicting i cant stop

  23. Rabie Korichi

    Who would ever dislike this song?! It's become my hymn.

  24. Samy Shinobi

    I'm gay, and after I watched this movie , I came out. And it was "THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE"

  25. Uriel Ramirez

    I'm here again listening to this song. Cryinnnnnnnnggggg!
    "I remember everything" 💔

  26. Marianna Biancardi


  27. Alexis Santoyo

    Te amo angel

  28. Daisy Buchanan

    This song gives me conflicting feelings, its melody seem happy but the whispering voice gives me shivers down my spine with vibes of despair, it smells like morning summer breese under a huge tree and a fountain dropping water every now and then.

  29. Dominik Bozoky

    This story broke my heart into thousand pieces. I've never felt a movie that deep.

  30. Blue

    This movie broke me

  31. avery lovve


  32. Alex JFM

    Everytime I listen to this song I cry

  33. Gus Bailey

    no one, not one other person could have done the soundtrack for this film better than sufjan

  34. L A

    The first time I watched this movie I cried as though I was Elio. I kept on crying and crying which made my mom worried and she asked me if the movie made me realise something about myself that I was unaware of. I told her "in someway yes but it's not that I'm gay" - I think the movie made me question so many things about the world, life and love. I really can't perscribe the feeling I felt but it felt like Elio and I were so alike but yet so different and he made me question my beliefs. They didn't even talk that much in the movie but I still understood what was going on! All the emotions I had build up inside were overflowing and in that night I decided to take a walk to calm down but instead I kept on crying and trying to figure out why I was still crying. What did the movie make me realise? I just don't know, I really don't know and it makes me so frustrated.

  35. Rieconkike

    Oh, to see without my eyes
    The first time that you kissed me
    Boundless by the time I cried
    I built your walls around me
    White noise, what an awful sound
    Fumbling by Rogue River
    Feel my feet above the ground
    Hand of God, deliver me
    Oh, oh woe-oh-woah is me
    The first time that you touched me
    Oh, will wonders ever cease?
    Blessed be the mystery of love
    Lord, I no longer believe
    Drowned in living waters
    Cursed by the love that I received
    From my brother's daughter
    Like Hephaestion, who died
    Alexander's lover
    Now my riverbed has dried
    Shall I find no other?
    Oh, oh woe-oh-woah is me
    I'm running like a plover
    Now I'm prone to misery
    The birthmark on your shoulder reminds me
    How much sorrow can I take?
    Blackbird on my shoulder
    And what difference does it make
    When this love is over?
    Shall I sleep within your bed
    River of unhappiness
    Hold your hands upon my head
    'Til I breathe my last breath
    Oh, oh woe-oh-woah is me
    The last time that you touched me
    Oh, will wonders ever cease?
    Blessed be the mystery of love
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  36. Serkan Doğan

    It has been 2 years. I am still here and I am still crying with this song. Life is still same and I am still lonely. My crush is just so kind to me but it should be as friendly. Pls god let me to love me by another person who cares about me. I need a hand that keep me safe.

  37. computer engineer

    I watched this movie last year but i am addicted to unforgettable love story

  38. Lee Bruce

    Sensual. Song
    Love. Song

  39. Diletta F

    This movie feels like the purest form of love, I hope one day I’ll experience such feelings, also, when he says “shall I find no other” that hits hard ouch


    I love story of this movie

  41. S I E N N A . ROSA

    Why can’t my life be as entertaining and adventurous as call me by ur name. He looses his love but nobody loves me to loose me

  42. Preeti Pallavi

    I don't think I'll ever move on from this movie...it made me happy and sad and feel a beautiful feeling seeing the special bond Elio and Oliver shared....the ending was truly heartbreaking!!😭💔 But I know I'll cherish this forever!!❤️❤️

  43. Victor

    eu assistir call me by your name esse ano e nunca mais eu conseguir esquecer essa obra de arte!!!!! Quando escuto essa música entro rm paz de espírito tão grande QUE PERFEIÇÃO

  44. ResetUK

    G……..a, I know you loved me so very much as I did you, why the never dance, your dancing eyes, we should never have let go.....

  45. Diriantzi

    I aint about to say this song didn’t make me want to cry

  46. TTD gaming and anime

    My favourite bl are zankoku na Kami ga shihai suru and this amazing movie. I'm trying reading its novel. It's awesome too but I have a hard time reading it cause my English is not good. You can imagine how many new words I have met in a day. Who else think those two are the best as well? Let make friend and recommend me some bl too.

  47. cαн łyη

    This movie makes me wanna travel to Italy and cry all the time. IDK, im a little weird. 😔✊

  48. emily dam

    Love is love ......

  49. TheKarkax

    Makes me miss something that I thought was the light of my life, but after all it became nothing and left me there alone, as I am now and always was..

  50. Ninjka

    I love this song
    I wanted someone but i can't tell

  51. Richard McClure

    Forbidden love is always the sweetest 😘

  52. Hilal Uzun

    I adore this movie and this love.. I 'd have liked to give my son the name "Elio" too...

  53. Ashley loves Autumn

    I started watching this yesterday and didnt get to finish it cuz my cousin came in when they were kissing and her family arent very open minded
    But im gonna finish it today

  54. nidya

    This month is the last month of 2019 but I'm still stuck and can't move on from this movie.... someone please help me..

    Aman Deol

    How do i watch it i am broke :(

    Ariana Carey

    Aman Deol coughs cough *torrent* cough



    emmanuel Narvaez

    You are not alone, im crying like a baby! Shit!

  55. Fish Ball

    touching movie

  56. Nidal Aoun

    If heaven was a song.

  57. Red Nheri

    fck i remember everything :(

  58. Wait What

    Beautiful isn’t it?

  59. ham6ter

    gays look cute no shit

  60. Tururi si Placinta

    i remember last year in the summer of 2018 when i found out i'm queer and watching this movie and i just.. ah.. the memories :)

  61. erxh•

    sigo llorando

  62. selenator oranais

    the ending was so sad and heart breaking

  63. Наташа Лис

    Гсп, я плачу 😭

  64. Rot Offgun

    Omg i love it🖤🖤🖤

  65. simrain

    sooothing !

  66. Judit Moharos

    I saw the movie first, than i read the books. I finished both of them and i writing personal also a lot of short stories, so i haven't got problem finding the words. But now i can't find. I just sitting and hearing this song and i think one of the beautifulest love story in this Earth :)

  67. Bella Velaris

    This movie... this song...

  68. Jemimah Kizzia

    I need a sequel!

  69. chapstickeaterrr

    this song does things to me

  70. Rebecca Yepthomi

    Deep and emotional people will definitely feel this song

  71. Harry Valiente

    Please be straight

  72. Eiji

    I love this song but it always makes me melancholic

  73. Alexander Barattin

    Such a pure song.

  74. I wanna throw myself away

    Im still crying about this

  75. Xtino Burgovich

    Just watched this movie! Oh, now im addicted to this song!

  76. Andrea Joudi

    I listend to this when I was in Italy

  77. Ranja Ranja

    This song is the closest thing to how love really feels...

  78. BriBri

    I wonder who disliked this video :c

  79. emirhan bilgin

    11.28 ❤️

  80. alinajasli

    "call me by your name and ill call you by mine"

  81. Aviolin ARMY

    Norway parks and woods backing straight onto beaches, rocks and calm water, chill people and thick follage

  82. Bodhi Dravid

    Such a feel good movie nailed it✌️✌️

  83. Andrea Perrino

    I'm italian, still looking for my lover

    Raphael Motta

    So you are looking for a blonde American lover?

    Andrea Perrino

    @Raphael Motta Ahahah it depends actually, are you looking for an ashen-blonde italian?

    medison montes

    im asian still looking in 29 yrs of my existence.😭

    medison montes

    i added u too in ig

  84. willow tree

    I will never get over this movie. Its been almost two years since I first watched it and it makes me cry everytime. Elio and Oliver were so cute and I honestly hate Oliver for leaving and getting married but I know that they would've never worked out😕. Hopefully the second movie will give me some closure.

  85. Léa Perro

    putain <3


    I saw this film in 2017 and I got freaking obsessed with it. I saw it again last night and the same thing happened.

  87. Reinhart Nan

    Não canso de enaltecer essa música,esse filme, história arrebatadora e ao mesmo tempo tão doce
    Call Me By Your Name ❤

  88. Margaret Suero Castillo

    Luca Guadagnino thank u...

  89. Mephisto

    The intro gives me chills every time I hear it

  90. Theo cy

    Greek sad song https://youtu.be/KYVA0ztUlpw 😢

  91. Adit Axad

    Seriously it's been 2 years I watched this movie but still I couldn't move on... I think I never can :)

    i love you

    Same bro 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    livia w

    it's been 2 years since this movie came out?? wow

    Adit Axad

    @livia w yeah

    javeen mahmud

    Same here 😭😭😭😭

    Expose ur LATENT TALENT


  92. Amanda Guarini

    Tiromancino 'La descrizione di un attimo'... Anyone who thinks it sounds very similar ?

  93. Charlie Murphy

    The problem is with this song is that no body within one’s inner circle knows of this track which is why it makes one feel so lonely.

  94. TheKidFrom CastleRock

    Fuck it, found this artist from a reddit comment-now I'm gonna have to watch the film cos of the youtube comments.

  95. merelll

    I love them.. like really really love them!

  96. Faruk 1984 Sağlar

    Yaa dinleyenler Amber diye biri var sürekli şımarıyo yahu olmaz ki böyle😼🙈