Hartman, Dan - The First Impression Lyrics

Young enough to believe every feeling is true
First impression colors everything you do

Stolen kisses in the darkness
Finding somewhere to be alone
Secret places we could run to
No one else could ever know

Making love in the shadows
Out of time, out of sight
Just the same as we did on the first night
The same as the first night

Young enough to believe every feeling is true
Everything I feel, and the first impression
(Colors everything you do) colors everything that I feel for you
Young enough to believe every feeling is true
I believe it's true, the first impression
It's what I'm thinking about when I'm loving you

The dawn breaks through and finds us
In a moment caught my surprise
Holding on tight to keep out the light
And keeping the mystery

Won't let go, can't let go
It's my true confession
It was the light on your lip
Not the sound of the words you were saying
The sound of a first impression

Young enough to believe every feeling is true
Every moment that I'm with you, the first impression
(Colors everything you do) everything I feel, everything I feel for you
Young enough to believe every feeling is true
I believe in the first impression

Take it easy now, try to hold back
Nothing lasts forever, you know that
But you would never know it by the way we're riding tonight

Young enough to believe every feeling is true
Ooh, every feeling between me and you,
The first impression, (the first impression), colors everything you do
When I'm making love to you, it's the first impression, impression helps you
Making love

Young enough to believe every feeling is true
First impression colors everything you do
Young enough to believe every feeling is true

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Hartman, Dan The First Impression Comments
  1. Doris C

    Sad when you loose your mind! Nice report !

  2. Geo Tash

    God bless you good sir

  3. Joe Baumgart

    I'm a janitor. It sounds like you're talking down on us. Its very hard work and a very important job. Everytime you walk in a building and you don't get hurt or sick, thank a janitor!

  4. Charles Miller

    Notice there was no other staff? No teachers? No principal? Just the kids. Do the kids know something the (maybe) elitist staff doesn't? This is 15 years of Maury's experience writing.

  5. Jackson man

    But the trouble is they never went to the moon its fake news NASA is the biggest liars on the planet

  6. shsv81661

    He’s a fortunate man

  7. clyde b

    To measure a man, based upon his wealth, is to make him richer,as he picks your pockets.


    Wow the life is Cruel.

  9. brnt034

    Nobody went to the moon! LOL An EASILY proven HOAX!!! Only the brainwashed believe it.

  10. Just Us

    This is one of the best "feel good" story EVER what a guy! Sometimes if we're lucky we get just what we got coming

  11. Alex B

    Good man!

  12. Mark Forrester

    I wonder if i'm related to this man. I have a lot of cousins in the South. I am a 24 year Air Force veteran with a degree in computer science, but you probably guessed it, i'm a custodian too. Hated the computer science stuff, quit after 4 years and went back to becoming a custodian. Love my job and very happy with it!

  13. Channel 13

    no man has been on the moon

  14. mrsweettater

    I can relate! I was a biochemist until I got laid off. Now I drive a para transit bus and love it! I drive my "friends" around all day, taking them to appointments and to get groceries and I wouldn't trade it for a thing!

  15. Marlon Brando

    Great man indeed but credit due to the students for they are also great.!!!

  16. Maureen m

    He wants to work till he drops. We applaud u sir.

  17. rn2cro03

    The race doesn't always matter...it's the finish that counts.

  18. iibrahim of modern day

    I wouldn't have judged him just because he's a janitor, I mean all I see is a working man, I would shake his hand and greet him the same way I would do a CEO of a business.

  19. Taffer9876

    Who would thumbs down this?

  20. DantesInferno61

    I saw a story about another janitor in a public school (I forgot where it was reported) who had a very different career that he retired from. The guy served in the army 20+ years, including 2 tours in Vietnam, had ribbons an medals covering his chest, and none of the students even knew about it.

  21. John Froelich

    What a beautiful story...

  22. Joe Mazzari

    What a wonderful man.

  23. Ball Sak CH#2

    Make him a schoolteacher he'll be better than any of the Union slugs there that you can't fire even if they suck

  24. Ryan Ellis

    God Bless Steve.

  25. Neil McRobert

    We are all born with a full life to kead & we can make infinite choices but ultimately being a nice person regardless of academic qualifications is the best choice to make. It costs nothing 🙏

  26. jspind44

    I never assume that's the worst thing you can do

  27. Elianah

    I’ve always loved the custodial staff at school and at work. Never take what they do for granted, improve our quality of life.

  28. Cat Tac

    This was the most humble heartbreaking thing I have ever heard.

  29. SassyFatCat

    Why is he mopping the wrong way and using a hand mop when he would be using a t5 or something

  30. Constructive Solutions

    Folks now believe we never went to the moon. So we are in prison.

  31. communistjesus

    Any honest job that an individual performs to the BEST OF HER OR HIS ABILITIES IS NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED ABOUT...THE MAN COULD HAVE EASILY TAKEN SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY... However, he chose to keep on working....The world needs more people like him...

  32. aldin 3103

    Student.... can you help me with this equation.
    Teacher...... go ask the janitor

  33. Elizabeth Rey


  34. Broc felix


  35. John J. Johnston

    What a beautiful story !

  36. Rad Lanaster

    I would be so hype to know that he's was connected to puttying a man on the moon.

  37. Bonified Good

    Why is it that all his interveiws stories gets me to cry like a baby all the time!! Love to watch all his interviews and stories and findings of good souls around this great country!!

  38. Michael poe

    but what if it didn't' happen. sorry, but I'm still not 100 percent we ever landed on the moon. But I bet he is great with the kids and mopping.

  39. ᚳᚩᚾᛋᚳᛁᚩᚢᛋ ᚹᚻᛁᛏᛖ

    I was working for a grocery store while in high school. It had a gas station and a convenient store attached to it. One of the guys working the convenient store used to work at NASA. He was an actual backdrop in the movie “Armageddon”. I used to love finishing up with my work so i could go in and hear his stories from his NASA days.

  40. Sharon 92075

    Very profound!

  41. Gnuling

    What does he say at the end?

  42. White Wild

    Yea.. I am "amazed" that it happened too.


    Prove it didn't. They can prove it did happen.

    White Wild

    Prove it did. I can prove that it didn't happen.

  43. Lockon Stratos

    I like this man but when you mop you want to walk backward, not forward so you're making more foot stains

  44. Xperian Paul

    What if he was just tired of doing smart stuff and decided to fake a stroke to get on tv.

  45. Mukund Viswanadha

    One of the substitute teachers who worked in my school district used to work as a part of NASA. He was the part of the ground control crew part of the Mercury Space Program.

  46. Defy Your Logic

    What a legend

  47. SynusesTheGreat

    :’) / :’(

  48. TheOtherWhiteBread0

    This is incredibly uplifting.

  49. Josh Johnson

    I watched 'Disturbing Behavior' and 'Good Will Hunting'. A janitor is just a guy working a job. Always treat those who serve you with respect. You don't know at face value who they are or what they've done.

  50. Vlk Etto

    0:25 made me cringe 😂

  51. Joe Gutierrez

    We prefer the term custodians please

  52. Alex 10,000

    Meanwhile whats my excuse for pushing around a broom.

  53. Max Durk

    What a killer ending line lol

  54. Peaches

    I've come to realize lots of money doesn't buy you happiness. As long as you have health, love, food and a roof over your head everything else you can live without.
    I've had stressful jobs that made me a lot of money and I ended in the hospital because my health decline. I no longer chase the paper.

  55. Mike Higgins

    What is sad about this story is that why is this man still working? He has a stroke. He should be able to comfortably retire and rest. He has done so much for his country. This man should have a $3 million retirement fund. He should be able to travel and lecture and give speeches and write books.

  56. Person That Lives

    Am I the only one that’s really good friends with my school’s janitors?

  57. C. Haze

    Well written piece

  58. Miles Cobbett

    "The best portion of a good man's life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and love." -William Wordsworth

  59. InChrist

    Wow! It's people like this that should be all over the news.

  60. The Commenter

    Using a scraper on the black shoe Mark's on tiles takes way too long. Get you a tennis ball cut a slit in it and stick it on the end of a stick, ribs the black Mark's always with ease.

  61. Toxic Rxin

    They live in Knoxville to sick I played there school in a basketball game

  62. downhilltwofour00

    Good man right there! And, he's discovered the secret to real happiness, and thats not rocket science either!

  63. Todd Stein

    A janitor at my old high school is becoming a published author and the book has been optioned by Lifetime to make a movie. In spite of all that, he still wants to be a janitor.

  64. abdul dawood

    This is a really nice story.

    but.. my troll instincts just can't be held back..

    ..give it a few years and the kids will say he molested them 8-)

  65. Callyn Lee

    I love you Maury❤❤❤

  66. Pavor

    Living proof of an economy in decline.

  67. Suzie Mac

    How sweet!

  68. Cool Dude

    ahah waging until you die!

  69. OtherwiSe known as the 'Bruk'

    cute old man

  70. Caramelo

    But shouldn’t this report also discuss why is that in the richest country in the world a man who was a NASA engineer has to become a janitor at this age after having a stroke? He may love these kids, but he didn’t choose to be there in the first place. He had no choice and no protection. That is appalling. I think the focus is on the wrong point.

  71. Rick Memmer

    A lovely story, but how many will apply this principle in a context that requires you to really question your own behavior? We have the most powerful communication ever made -- and yet our ability to communicate is rapidly eroding.

    Remember this line from an '80s classic: "You see us as you want to see us — in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions." I was of that generation, and clearly we have failed to learn from that lesson -- as America has become increasingly crippled over the years because of seeing people in the “simplest terms” and “most convenient definitions."

    . . .

  72. Crypto Anglo

    Good Will Hunting

  73. Mohd Raymee

    He was a space engineer decades ago but now he's a humble janitor with a kind heart..

  74. Michael Clemmons

    It's great that he finally found some honest work.

  75. Ahmed LAHLOU

    Happiness is not where society makes you believe it is just to make you work like a horse and spend money on things that doesn't make you happy

  76. Vaas

    Respect. Reminds me of Goggins who is the first man in the service to go through the toughest military training regimes and now works as a fireman digging holes.

  77. Trumps-vagina-neck

    So janitorial workers should be ashamed of themselves....????

  78. Rylee Roseborough

    Too often, teens are taught to believe that success is found by getting a 6 figure job and a college degree. Being successful isn’t a job, but your attitude towards it. A janitor is no less than an aerospace engineer and a McDonald’s worker is no less successful than a president. It’s ok to be content with a lower paying job if you enjoy it

  79. Eddie Wow

    God Bless this man I learned something from him in this video alone..

  80. LauraNYC


  81. Kim Brooks

    Kids are good company. I'm happy for that man and the kids are lucky to have him too.

  82. Darrell Schultz

    I want more stories like this I'm sick of the negative ones thank you for putting this out there

  83. Jamal Baker

    Touching. Now clean up the vomit in class 53.

  84. Wonder Draw

    God bless...

  85. 11STARFIRE

    This gentlemen is physically still strong.
    As well as his spirit.

  86. Fokadas

    This is an example of the height of the capitalism, a lesson for CBS and others who keep calling universal health care a socialism.
    An engineer who worked for one of the biggest mission of not just a country but the whole world and the humanity ends up working as a janitor just so he can pay his medical bills.
    I am sure he had elite standard insurance while employed as an engineer but not any more that he cant afford.
    What a shame.

  87. greg fuzi

    Your a very rich man. God bless you.

  88. Wanda Lotus

    It would be interesting to see stories about women and people of color who left STEM fields due to bullying, sexism, or racism and built thriving lives for themselves afterwards. There are many of us.

  89. Jane Doe

    Awww, when he eyes filled with tears it almost broke my heart. What an incredible gentleman.

  90. Ruben Torres

    He is a hero!

  91. Cristian Fermín

    Make a movie about this man ASAP

  92. Christian Beaton

    Mr.Hartman you are killing me,your stories make me cry!

  93. S.L. S.L.

    I think i love him too❤

  94. Da Reaper9195

    We're all on the same journey traveling different paths... DON'T BE QUICK TO JUDGE!

  95. ojmardueno

    Police departments would call him overqualified and use that as an excuse to not hire him...


    ojmardueno he’s was 74 years old when he had the presumed stroke, most departments don’t hire new applicants over 40 fyi.


    Nothing wrong with honest work to keep living

  97. Jeffrey McKinney

    58 cold hearted people. Not all videos need to be disliked. This is one of them.

  98. OFF ROAD

    He still works because it’s America and you have to work tell you die.



    You have to get out of bed and out of the house and keep your body active or you'll wither away and croak.

  99. Adam Brady

    Don knotts was a janitor in the Reluctant Astronaut

  100. Viki Demos

    It's all about the love..no academic degree can replace that. Imagine, what a different world we would have today..if we could only...❣️