Hartman, Dan - So Many Nights Alone Without You Lyrics

So many nights, took me by surprise
Lighting up the darkness, with your eyes
So many night ago, where did it change and when?
Now I'd do anything to have you back again

When I shine the light, ain't it funny how the darkness stays?
But that's alright, cause love's got the strangest ways
I walk across the moon, the dream goes on
Every time I wake up, I wonder how I've gone

So many nights alone without you
So many ways of faking it through
So many dreams that never come true
So many nights alone without you

So many nights alone without you
So many ways of faking it through
So many dreams that never come true
So many nights alone without you
Alone without you

I walk no foreign street, no secret avenue
For something won't remind me of you
Just a little thing, shadow or a shape
And there's nothing I can do, there's no way I can escape

So many nights alone without you
So many ways of faking it through
So many dreams that never come true
So many nights alone without you

So many nights alone without you
So many ways of faking it through
So many dreams that never come true
So many nights without you
Oh, without you

Through December cold and April rain (woo)
Through the Summer heat and September pain (woo)
I've got to have you, I need to have you
I want to have you, back with me again
(Yeah-yeah-yeah, woo)
(I need you)

Now I got
So many nights alone without you
So many ways of faking through
So many dreams that never come true
So many nights alone without you

So many nights alone without you (oh)
So many ways of faking it through (so many ways)
So many dreams that never come true (woah-oh-oh)
So many nights alone in the night
Yeah, so many nights

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Hartman, Dan So Many Nights Alone Without You Comments
  1. Jose Alves Ferreira

    Demais. Muitas Recordações belíssimas.

  2. Wilfredo Mendez

    I want my MTV !!!!!! Awesome.

  3. Mike Jones

    I miss the 80s.☹

  4. BigDaddyJinx

    I still can't believe he's white. Not to mention the irony of seeing a black man lip syncing this gem in the movie.

  5. Mohammed Hanif

    Love is best,but very hard to come, some guys have all the luck, anyway love this song listen to it in my car a lot,very good memories, some good and some bad, 70,80, 90music was best.

  6. Thornie Holden

    Ahhh my high school days watching video music box

  7. Robbie

    Best Hall and Oates song that wasnt sung by them.

    Blair Rich

    🤣 i died ☠

    Debra Willard

    i know!!

  8. Luciana Silva

    Oh meu Deues tão anos 80 de sonhos e eu com meus 7 anos

  9. Don Avan

    I was walking my chihuahuas in Beverly hills back in the 80s and these 2 girls were driving a red jeep, wearing funny looking sunglasses and having a bad hair day cruised by me having this song cranked with a old blue Chevy nova clunker tailing them. Ill never forget it, quite funny.

  10. Io Silva

    I CAN DREAM IN 2020 😍😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎😎😎

  11. Io Silva

    I LOVE THIS SONG! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  12. gsar

    I only ever saw the video clip my parents had on VHS of this song with the black singers...30+ yrs later I find out he's white😐oh dear lol...great song though, great deception😃.

    Chase M

    gsar he died of AIDS. Did you know that?

  13. Maggie 210

    80s THE BEST PERIOD OF MY LIFE👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Thank God i was born in 1965😃😃😃😃😃Who else?

  14. wdharvey1

    Dan Hartman, obviously used to be a bartender. One of the comments on this video states "the '80's went by so fast"...truer words have never been spoken.

  15. Frank M.

    They played the heck out of this song in 1984.. oh my god i remember it how time flies

  16. mrhoffame

    What a jam!!!!!

  17. Thomas Nappo

    A good look back

  18. mark neville

    Gone too soon
    Dan Hartman.
    He was going to be massive for years.
    You just knew his voice
    had something special.

    Chase M

    mark neville AIDS killed him I case you didn’t know.

    Paul Bryant

    Chase M FYI, AIDS was in many medical cases Tuberculosis or Pneumonia reclassified. Enough evidence exists that as "AIDS" cases went up tb and pneu. went down. AIDS hysteria of the 80's much like the flu and vaccine scares of today, based on flawed medical assumptions and research greed.

  19. Art JR V

    I’m 37 and I’m ashamed to admit that Ive always thought this was a Hall & Oates jam 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Kevyn Hansyn

    Guilty here as well.

    Big E

    Hall and Oates did this song first I believe.

    Debra Willard

    @Big E no, he wrote it for them but theyturned it down cause they had an album out to promote

    Debra Willard

    he wrote it for them but they had an album out to promote

    Big E

    @Debra Willard oh ok

  20. James Holland

    What a wonderful song, great voice .... however, the video doesn't really hold up ..... not sure what's going on there!

  21. Geovanny Barrera

    Escochandola 2020

  22. John Russell

    streets of fire, older movie, a bad ass comes into town, kicks ass, leaves his girl behind for a better future

  23. John Russell

    a memory is strong as its moment

  24. John Russell

    oh yeah, dreamin

  25. Tennis

    Great listening to this in 2021👍

  26. anthony mcneil

    Just before he starts singing the music is push it by salt n pepa


    THE 80s Will always be in our hearts and souls

  28. brian Smith

    I just found out who this guy was. I thought he was black. as in the band on the tv. Now I find he wrote Free ride for Edgar Winter. Great writer and musician. Gone too soon.

    Moshoane Tafita Phasha

    Very talented and unbelievable. I too thought he was white until early 2000 age of internet..

  29. Krishna Timung

    You can rediscover the 80s generation only through.
    Vinyl records
    The only way to relive 80s..

    Chase M

    Krishna Timung Pandora radio

  30. info145

    SUCKS knowing we'll never get new music again this good!

  31. Emilio araya lemus

    Que terrible en YouTube...tanta publicidad para poder escuchar una excelente canción.....

  32. Adriano Alves


    CG/MS 🇧🇷

  33. Jonathan Espinoza

    Que temazooo ♥️🎶

  34. Mark Kuman

    Gosh I miss the 80's. Hello from Papua New Guinea!

  35. Bappo

    this song remind me when me with my dad just driving around my hometown while he talking about his past live, rip dad. such a nostalgic moment

  36. Steven Pallet

    Personally DAN , I wudnt E - VEN bother on YOU - TUBE the either DAN I wudnt

    Steven Pallet

    pleez don't tell me u actually did on YOU - TUBE the DAN

    Steven Pallet

    u did , didn't u soding DAN from HART - MAN

    Steven Pallet

    it woz abawt me no longer giving a dam on YOU - TUBE woz it DAN ?

    Steven Pallet

    still duno why u`d even wont 2 on YOU - TUBE eny way DAN

  37. Lesley White

    R.i.p.dan Hartman...great music

  38. Rodrigo Silveira


  39. David Robinson

    The Good thing about this song (amongst many) is that if you put the emphasis on any of the 5 words, creative imagination can last 4 eternity provided 3 (oops almost gave my tel. No. Away) Ciao 4 Now ;)

  40. Diana Prince

    Such a BRILLIANT song, god i miss the 80s, they were wonderful and the music will never be matched! Awesome!!

  41. JR Oliver

    The best time ever '80s went so fast ... Music today Horrible.

  42. musicalmelodies

    Is that the same girl from Wham's! "Last Christmas" ??

  43. Renato Silva Santos

    Radio itatiaia fm 102,3 tocava muito essas reliquias,nostalgia pura

  44. Steve S

    Joyce Hyser was SO hot!!!!

  45. DringBR

    This song was perfectly cast for "Streets of Fire" and it was hard to believe it was not actually sung by the band in the movie. When I starting checking out Dan Hartman more I realized he was in the Edgar Winter Band 10 years earlier when he wrote another very soulful song "Free Ride."

  46. Nacho Jordan

    That is the happiness of the life. Dancing before that music finish 4:00

  47. juan hernandez

    de vuelta a los 80s la mejor epoca de mi vida.

  48. antbojo

    Copyright 2004??? Didn't this come out in the 80s?

  49. Jefferson Pinheiro

    Vontade de voltar no tempo !

  50. Rakesh Jekison

    Brilliant! Still sounds brilliant in 2019

  51. olmanrich81

    Sprouts Soundtrack

  52. Kevin Sweeney

    Oh yes the 80s"

  53. Alanita Mac

    My sister says that sometimes, when she listens to old music, she imagines living in a better time, even though she was born in 2003. Listening to music like this, I understand what she is talking about.


    MAGA 🇺🇸😎👍

    Moshoane Tafita Phasha

    Magical...lovely and beautiful ...❤

  54. Michael Cristian

    Streets of Fire baby! Streets of Fire!

  55. Ivanildo França

    Mágicos anos 80 demais , saudades !!!!!

  56. Snappy Synapse

    Detention, with my Walkman!


    Adorável, 2019.

  58. Antoinette Farrell

    So very true

  59. Tom Driscoll

    Great song

  60. Bonnie Mcneil


  61. Leesunicornfarm

    Caught you!!! #staylongernexttime

  62. R Cruz

    I remember the first time i heard this song i was in a nightclub and this video was played on a giant screen. Everyone on the dance floor stopoed to watch. Music videos were still relatively new.

  63. laloquiros

    R.I.P. Dan Hartman and thank you for the music & the great times that came with it. #leftmyheartinthe80’s

  64. wade shimojo

    I didn't know the singer was this guy 😂. I thought it was the guys from that 80s movie, forgot the title already. The one with Michael Pare and Diane Lane.

  65. Carlos Eduardo De Morais Morais

    Me salvei hoje agora voltando 1984 nascendo com esse grande sucesso do cinema 12/12/19

    Renato Silva Santos

    Ano do meu nascimento,magico

  66. Anonymous

    Another one of the first songs that got me into 80s music

  67. Deon Richards

    Music for an old 🇿🇦 soul ... they stole my Blitz dance moves ... 🕺🏽

  68. Matt Hauk

    Lol!! I always thought this was a Go West song.

  69. DragonAurora

    This song is actually dope...

  70. Antonio Bittencourt

    Alguém sabe o nome da atris que aparece no vídeo?

  71. True Native


  72. Ninja k

    Ahh the 80s. Where the dreams were.
    1. Go into business school. Wear them suits.
    2. Become a bar tender
    3. Sail a boat.

  73. rush thatspeaks

    My friend said this would be the song of that summer. 1986 I believe. He was right, I was pissed.

  74. Aletta Mc

    I came here so I could remember the movie this song was in...streets of fire!! 42 yr old obsessed with past music.....can you blame me🤷🏽‍♀️😁

  75. pmccachren

    So 80's. Great song!

  76. Rosy cb

    I lo ve Yo u!!!!!!! I am crying hearing this song...So much memories,,,i want to go back in time...
    Great singer....love you so much!!!!!!!!!! Forever in my Heart!!

  77. Rozenax Sax

    Dan Hartman was Gay. Just thought I'd mention it so all the straight homophobes who like this song but didn't know he was.....eeek....Queer....eeek....can think about the hateful stupidity of your attitudes. Music is Universal and has no Color, Gender, nor Orientation and there have been musical geniuses of all persuasions. If you love music, you need to think about that because music only exists because human beings like this man create it from within their hearts, souls and minds. If you can hate someone for being gay, then you yourself lack heart, soul and mind.

  78. Carson Lowe

    At 67, appreciate those words, Hanan.
    I still dream...

  79. Jorge Luis

    Essa música marcou minha época coisa boa demais.

  80. Jeremy Haines

    R ip Dan Hartman good song x

  81. Steven Martin

    Wasn't this on, "fast times at Richmond high?"

    Bernard Scott

    It’s Streets of Fire featuring Diane Lane and Michael Pare.

    John J. Sanchez

    EG Daily!!!

  82. Holly St. JOHN.

    December 8th 1950. Happy birthday in Paradise Dan. Never forgotten, always loved. XX.

  83. geechieNYC


  84. Simon Cisneros

    Como yo busqué está canción por años al fin

    Daniela Ursino


    Rosy cb

    Yo también!!! Felicidad para el alma!!!


    Eu curtindo em dezembro de 2019??

    mobila do duh

    Opa to aq

    Freitas André

    Musica boa é foda mesmo mano.

    Silvia Helena

    Maravilhosa ♥️♥️♥️♥️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  86. Ricardo Faria

    Essa música tocou no filme d Prince.

  87. Ronald Hagadorn

    That's why I am proud of the 80s. Enjoy!

  88. Twan

    Dreamsclub Zonhoven!!!

  89. thevobb

    Wow, wasn't expecting that Dan Hartman was/is a white dude :O

  90. Brian Charles

    'Streets of Fire!!'🔥🔥

  91. Guilherme felipe

    Rip Dan Hartman. 1950 - 1994

  92. David Robinson

    Dan Hartman has good taste in this video!

  93. Pam R

    I was reminded of this great song by The Professor of Rock mentioning it in a recent video...always loved it.

  94. Stephanie Hernandez

    Luved this song when I was dating my boyfriend. In 1985 we've been married 32 years..I was just 15 we first met...

  95. Marcel Walker

    I've always loved this song, but never saw the video until now. It's a sweet curiosity, but I'm intrigued how such a powerful vocal delivery got shackled to such a mediocre video. In this case, the lip-synced version that many of us remember from STREETS OF FIRE was honestly a better treatment. Regardless, we still dream about Dan Hartman!

  96. Gregorio Clemente

    Fabulous 80's music. R.I.P dear Dan

  97. luana moraes

    Dan hatman eterno

  98. Cat Lady

    Love love this song !! The movie was cool too😃