Hartman, Dan - Second Nature Lyrics


I wanna read it in my magazine
I wanna hear it on my radio
There's no limit to the magic
Of this love that we know
Whoa-oh-oh-oh, whoa-oh-whoa

And it's deeper than any eye can see
But it's more than just a mystery
This feeling's taking over me

The way we do the things we do
Second nature
The way we made our fantasy come true
Second nature
Well, it's a finger-snapping, be-bop can't stop thing
Second nature
Whoa-oh-oh-oh (whoa-oh-oh), whoa-oh-whoa

It's not enough to show you how I feel
Cause this love I've got for you is really real
And it's a miracle of timing
When it comes so naturally

And we're standing, we're going strong
And when other dreams have come and gone
Our love will keep us keeping on

The way we do the things we do
Second nature
The way we made our fantasy come true
Second nature
Well, it's a finger-snapping, be-bop can't stop thing
Second nature
Whoa-oh-oh-oh (whoa-oh-oh), whoa-oh-whoa

You are my river, you are my fire
Overflowing, getting higher and higher
And love will remain, pulls me to the flame
Then I'm burning, (burning), burning, (burning)
This feeling's returning

Second nature
Second nature

In every lover's heart the story's being told
With a message saying
Ooh, I love you, ooh, I love you
Ooh, I love you so

The way we do the things we do
Second nature
The way we made our fantasy come true
Second nature
Well, it's a finger-snapping, be-bop can't stop thing
Second nature
Whoa-oh-oh-oh (whoa-oh-oh), yeah

The way we do the things we do
Second nature
The way we made our fantasy come true
Second nature
I say can it be, can it be?
Second nature
Whoa-oh-oh-oh (whoa-oh-oh), whoa-oh-oh
Whoa-oh-oh-oh (whoa-oh-oh), whoa-oh-oh
Could it be? (yada-yada-yada-yada)
Whoa-oh-oh-oh (whoa-whoa-whoa)
Whoa-oh-oh-oh (whoa-oh-oh), oh-oh

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Hartman, Dan Second Nature Comments
  1. Alice Santana

    i love this song

  2. Pablo Nuñez Muñoz

    3:33 Negro Piñera?

  3. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspanialy dan hartman

  4. Patricia Simon

    Wonderful song. Can't sit still to this one. Thank you Dan.

  5. Jason Simpkins

    Sluts :)

  6. Bob Cummings

    He sure had a short lived career but he was cool!

  7. Jamie Bilich

    I used to have a boom box when I was a,teenager

  8. Bongo Fury

    Edgar Winter: They Only Come Out At Night. One of the top L.P.'s of the '70's

  9. Elle Wall

    Dan was a charismatic guy and so nice.

  10. Dennys Chavez

    😘😘😘😍😍😍 dan ganas de estar contenta con esta canción 🎤🎧🎸🎶🎵

  11. beastygeorge

    I had forgotten this perky song, i surely will keep it in mind from now on!

  12. ターチンshigeno21

    This song pass to my heart.Thank you my bro.

  13. Lionheart Roar

    Love the Motown feeling in this track..Should have been a top 10..R.I.P. Dan

  14. Sharon Diforti

    blue eyed soul nothing better yyaayyy

  15. NotoriousNoe

    Watermelon spill on the road ... TIME FOR A STREET PARTY!

    Xennial Hipster

    At the very least I hope they used expired ones to shoot this video. As a middle-class guy it makes me cringe to think how much food they wasted if they were still good lol

  16. Jessi Brunson

    He was such a talented and cute guy...also, seemed to be such a nice person. RIP

  17. Roosevelt McCarter

    Second Nature from the lp "I Can Dream About You" (1984).

  18. Dennys Chavez


  19. Jeff Ferguson

    I Still Have The 45!

  20. bibi

    por fin la encontré!!amo ésta canción!!

  21. Roosevelt McCarter

    From the LP "I Can Dream About You."

  22. linclinc5

    I love DH extremely talented but this video is weird

  23. Evillincoln

    EVERYONE loves Watermelons.

  24. Paolo Brama

    Love this song! Kind memory of my teen age...Rip nice man

  25. Justan Adams

    I'm 30 and black and I listen to artists like Dan Hartman. I sampled this song and I can dream about you also.

    Onion Ring

    Music is like love it's for everyone.

    Davan Mani

    He wrote "Living in America" for James Brown.

    Sharon Diforti

    he could belt them out wish he was still around

    Mojo Holmes

    Good music is universal. 😁

  26. Justan Adams

    burn in hell Steve Rubell

  27. Adriana Delgado

    Great artist!. It's a shame he was taken so soon thanks to Steve Rubell. What he did was selfish and cruel! RIP Dan. I wish you were still around; you'd be about 63 now

    Kimilaa Dubois

    Adriana Delgado What did Steve rubell do?


    Yeah, what did he do. I read that San dies form aids in the brain.

  28. Roy Sanders

    His music is great!!! What a wonderful artist, producer, songwriter and arranger, Mr. Dan Hartman!!!

  29. Donna Giardina

    His music made you feel good and feel like dancing!

  30. flattenu

    Fun infectious song! Good times, good memories!

  31. Harry Mann Jr

    The song is great. But, what is the point of the video?

    SPacy sam aku holT

    +Harry Mann Jr more than often, music video narrative has nothing to do with the lyrics.

    Uncle Lou

    +Harry Mann Jr No "point", really: A watermelon truck tips over and a block party erupts, pretty standard 80s stuff. ;) As in, 'go with the flow', 'chill out', 'life is a ball', etc. - it's all second nature, baby!
    Also, RIP Dan....I've been a fan since first hearing you in the late 70s. (That OUTFIT, though, yikes! haha)


    we were all doing so much coke during the 80'S narrative didn't matter !!



  32. scottp1001

    3:14 = young Nic Cage?

    Karl Dimples

    Dangg. Surprised you caught that in that small amount of time he was on there xD


    Was that actually him or just someone that looked like him.

    Mikhaila Carpenter

    scottp1001 good eye- he really does look like Nick Cage! Would have never caught that before!

  33. James Collins

    Dan Hartman was freakin' brilliant! RIP

  34. zorenxam

    omg   i love this song    have not heard in years !!!!!!  had no clue there was a video for it  !!!

    Jes Zimmerman

    Ikr! Same here, dint even realize dis song was a follow-up single, used 2 listen 2 d entire album back in d 80's...omg i'm showing my age!😓 Lol!😅😅😅

  35. croonologist

    Oh como quisiera una sandía!


    Yo tambiénnnn

  36. Xennial Hipster

    Geez, how many innocent watermelons were harmed while filming this video? lol


    said no white person ever!

  37. Dave Wollenberg

    Dan hit #39 in Billboard, 3-30-85. RIP, Dan.

    Harry Mann Jr

    @ReturnoftheBrotha You are still an ignorant piece of shit though. 


    @Harry Mann Jr
    I cannot be ignorant if I am correct.  Calling me a piece of shit is once again, your emotions.  If anyone is a piece of shit, it is the male homosexuals who engage in shit!


    @Harry Mann Jr
    Fortunately for me - none!  I was programmed correctly.  Now I do understand that not all people are made correctly, but we cannot act like we cannot point these things out.

    Sandy Sandy

    Harry Mann Jr Dan Hartman was gay and he died of Aides . Such a shame !! He was on his way to the top i think.

    Sharon Diforti

    it doesn't matter that he was gay he was brilliant Rip dan

  38. Generation-Intel

    "There's No Limit To The Magic of This Life We Know"
    Dan Hartman,1983 How Do You Like That! Atheists?

  39. Colum Rogers

    What a happy, feel good song. If you are ever in a bad mood just stick some Dan Hartman on instead !!!

  40. Andy Schachter

    Love it....if only it was available on iTunes! Sigh.

  41. Harry Mann Jr

    should have been a bigger hit.

  42. da112568

    Back in the 70's Dan Hartman use to sing relight my fire with Loleatta Holloway. He sang instant replay back in 1978. He was very talented man. Unfortunately he left this world with his music with us all.

  43. Maria Alejandra Hernandez

    qué épocas !!!! la ropa , música , bailes de los 80 por favor un tunel del tiempo para volver aunque sea un ratito

  44. destronia123

    I miss Dan's upbeat tunes!

  45. danny moran

    they dont make them like this anymore

  46. liamath1

    I love his voice...I love 80's!!!! ***

  47. Glimax

    I fucking love how girls used to dress in the 80's!

  48. denise martin

    great song

  49. Dawn Anderson

    Dan was wonderful after 25+ I still love the song

  50. Hope's Not Lost

    just started listening to dan lately. love his voice. so sad he died.

  51. Dave Wollenberg

    Dan hit #39 in Billboard, 3-30-85. RIP, Dan. God bless ya, for postin' it. Have a great week!

  52. Joa The Alien Goddess

    I am rediscovering Dan Hartman. I am in love with his song writings. And specially the ones he sings.

  53. Ben

    3:51 = epic XD

  54. Chris

    Dan Hartman was one of my faves. RIP

  55. hibob418

    Don't know why this song didn't chart higher than it did. Great hook, great shuffle groove. Still gets stuck in my head from time to time. RIP, Dan. Gone way too soon. Thanks for posting!

  56. daftchemicals

    If you guys want to check out another group that everyone forgot about, check out Wax. "Right Between The Eyes" was a great tune.

  57. amsedelm

    It's hard to believe he played with Johnny and Edgar Winter, wrote "Free Ride" and co wrote, I think, "Frankenstein" for Edgar. Talented man. RIP.


    amsedelm He did backup on "Rock N' Roll Hoochie Coo" the Rick Derringer song who was the lead singer in the group The McCoys and there hit and there hit song "Hang on Sloopy".


    i love this retro 60's sound

  59. metsdudenj

    great song, a true slice of america~

  60. BEST 80 ́s MUSIC/dot4design

    And they were damn good...go to my channel for more ´80´s music!!!!

  61. Dave Wollenberg

    Hit #39 in Billboard. God bless! RIP, Dan.

  62. DarkCloak

    Vastly underrated tune...top notch.

  63. Dave Wollenberg

    Peaked at #39 in Billboard.