Hartman, Dan - Living In America Lyrics

Get up!


Knock you out, yeah

Superhighways, coast to coast
Easy takin' anywhere
On the transcontinental overload
Just slide behind the wheel, how does it feel

(When there's no destination) That's too far
And somewhere on the way you might find out who you are

(Living in America) Eye to eye, station to station
(Living in America) Hand in hand, across the nation
(Living in America) Got to have a celebration

Rock my soul!

Smokestack, fatback
Many miles of railroad track
All-night radio
Keep on runnin' through your rock'n'roll soul

All-night diners
Keep you awake
On a black coffee
And a hard roll

(You might have to walk a fine line
You might take a hard line)
But everybody's workin' overtime

(Living in America) Eye to eye, station to station
(Living in America) Hand in hand, across the nation
(Living in America) Yeah, got to have a celebration

I live in America
I live in America
Wait a minute

You may not be lookin' for the promised land
But you might find it anyway
Under one of those old familiar names

Like New Orleans (New Orleans)
Detroit City (Detroit City)
Dallas (Dallas)
Pittsburgh P.A. (Pittsburgh P.A.)

New York City (New York City)
Kansas City (Kansas City)
Atlanta, yeah (Atlanta)
Chicago and L.A.

(Living in America)
Hit me (Living in America)
(Living in America)

I live in America
Staying alive, we'll make the prime
I live in America, hey
I know what it means

(Living in America) Eddie Murphy, eat your heart out
Hit me

(Living in America) Eye to eye, station to station
(Living in America) So nice, would you better stop?
(Living in America) I feel good!

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Hartman, Dan Living In America Comments
  1. Dorail Crayton

    James sang it better because he had more soul in his voice but its good to hear dans version😊

  2. SevenFoot Pelican

    real rugged and 80's when people were independent... adults ruled the culture, and people were authentic and not fake

  3. Jason White

    Is this Dan doing his best James Brown impression? What an endless talent! Even from heaven his music still carries on!

  4. Helen Walsh

    No one can sing this like Dan. Simply the best.

  5. Andrew Flood


  6. Jessi Brunson

    I like Dan singing this better than James. It was his song and he was a genius! RIP Dan ❣❣

  7. michaeld5

    Same backing track as James Brown version; RIP Dan Hartman

  8. jack black

    SRV on guitar....

  9. david miller

    sister/brother!  thanks!

  10. Robert Lopresti

    What year was this made?

    Robert Lopresti

    1978 as a 12" Single.

    Robert Lopresti

    So HE did the original and not James Brown.

    Matthew Ross

    @Robert Lopresti 1978? I thought it was all recorded in 1985 for the Rocky IV soundtrack, and James Brown just added his vocals...,

    Robert Lopresti

    @Matthew Ross James Brown done his version for the soundtrack. Dan Hartman recorded and performed it in 1978.

  11. Alex Yamach

    Dan Hartman died on March 22, 1994 at his Westport, Connecticut, home of an AIDS-related brain tumor

  12. Alex Yamach

    Stevie Ray Vaughan played guitar on the James Brown version of this. Sounds like he may be on this version too. Sounds like the same backing track.

    jack black

    Dan could play a hell of a guitar, with his teeth!

  13. flychomperfly

    i was never a james brown fan for several reasons, but i think he really made this song. i hadn't realized dan sang his own version of it -- love it!

  14. maxtheknife

    true blue eyed soul singer.

  15. Wilma Rock

    love dan hartman fantastic singer/sing writer and George's angel now x

  16. yacodiva316

    I love Hartman's music. If he wrote this stands to his credit and genius. @ Morrisman Smith, this is not pop this is funk and R&B with a bit of soul. Let me correct that. Pop was generally categorized as the Caucasian version of R&B; all the same different label. Gotta move on it. This is not sit down music.

    Morrisman Smith

    Dude this is Pop not funk at all, Funk is Cameo , Confunksun the Ohio Player The Parliament Funkadelics etc


    @Morrisman Smith ...I have to correct people all the time as well...this is pop....I never liked this song anyway...they can say all day what they want ...i will always says get the funk out my face..

    Morrisman Smith

    I hear you man very well said

  17. Tapio Mäkeläinen

    Dan was a good man. I saw him with Winter 1973 in Los Angeles. I was seventeen and first time overseas from Finland. Nobody can't understand how big a deal it was.

  18. Paul London

    Great track. Am glad James Brown did the film version though. The skit in the film wouldn't have had the same feel without him. James and Dan.. two great talents.. RIP you two legends!

  19. Brandon Strassell

    Was Dan asked to compose this for James Brown for ROCKY IV?

    Paul London

    +Brandon Strassell Yes

    Spazzoid Studio


  20. Jason Bertalotto

    Jazzy and slick!

  21. WONG WEI

    First time hearing this. Had no idea Dan Hartman wrote this. A true musician.

  22. Jay Geisler

    The first guy that came into my mind was, Robert Palmer to do the song. I always have wondered if he was ever asked. I know I can here it!

  23. rouens

    dan of course!

  24. Morrisman Smith

    Love this version never thought this song was right for James Brown its was too poppy but Dan sounds great!!!

  25. TheDoormat2u

    Superhighways , COAST TO COAST...

  26. TheDoormat2u

    This music just gets inside my soul. I want to lose myself in the music and let my body and soul do the talking. I mean the dancing. Thanks God for music.

  27. Fancy Ray McCloney

    I -NEVER- heard this version before... WOW - It's FANTASTIC!!!

  28. MMZERO9

    @tulllguy Hartman wrote it.

  29. tulllguy

    he or James Brown write this?