Hartman, Dan - Instant Replay Lyrics

(Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one)

You set my lips on fire
You won the key to my heart
You've got a special way to move me
Don't stop now let's do it again
You keep me dancing through the moonlight
I feel the pleasure in your touch
And everything you are is heaven
Oh I can't get enough no I can't get enough

(Instant replay) I've got to have it
(Instant replay) ooh whoa ooh-ooh
(Instant replay) got to have your love again

I feel so good about us
I found a shining star
And when I look into your eyes it's magic
Well I just know this can't be a dream
I'm so happy must be real
In every way it's getting stronger
Now you know it let me show it

(Instant replay) I've got to have it
(Instant replay) woo-woo-woo-ooh
(Instant replay) got me floating on a cloud
Got me dancing all around all around all around (woo)

Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Eeya-eeya eeya eeya-eeya
D-doo d-doo d-doo-ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
(Instant instant)
(Instant instant instant replay)
Ah ah ah

(Instant replay) instant replay
(Instant replay) instant replay
(Instant replay) woo ooh ooh ah
I can't stand it I can't stand it
Got to have it 'cause I need it
Don't ya know don't ya know don't ya know
I need your love
I need your love love love
(Instant replay) let me show it (instant replay)
(Instant replay) I need your love
(Instant replay instant replay)
Ooh and I'm feeling overcome (instant replay)

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Hartman, Dan Instant Replay Comments
  1. Mary Moran

    GOOD TIMES!!!!

  2. Luis Morales

    Muy buena canción

  3. Marilyn Stevenson

    love this..!! got the LP..can still play it..!!!

  4. Geenahgee04

    I love, this song. It isn't until now 2020, that I learned who sings it.

  5. Sam Winders

    GREAT. This song was used for a World Dance Competition. I cannot remember the year.

  6. Lenny Wiles Lionstar.

    I played in a band back in the early 70's before Dan joined the Edgar Winter band. He was in the local rock band the Legends. My band the Lime Twigs played in the side room in the basement of a place called the Railroad House in Hellam Pa while his band played on the other side. Played with his band twice. I was around 16 on guitar. You wouldn't believe his guitar playing. It was absolutely stunning. His three piece band was something I'll never forget. Blew my mind. I wish he would have continued with that band instead of joining Edgar. Although I do like Edgar. Not so much the Disco stuff.

  7. Crazy For Crystals by Janners

    I love this song. One of my first solo "jazz" routines. LOL

  8. Flamin Frets

    Isn’t this claw machine music

  9. michael randall

    Boy , I'll tell ya', Dan Hartman knocked the platforms off everyone with this one! WOOO!

  10. Rosemary SpaFalmouth

    No matter how bad of a mood you’re in, this song will make you feel better for sure!!


    The Best Disco Ever!

  12. THE LAB

    Who else is here because of the Eddie Trunk vid? lol

  13. A. N.P.

    Buen tema

  14. Antonio Clemente

    DISCO MUSIC...Instant Replay I've got to have it!!!!

  15. John Howard

    You go Vinnie Vincent from Kiss!!!!

  16. Kevin Nelson

    Better run out to Musicland or Tower Records and grab a copy of Dan Hartman's new album Instant Replay. Haha.

  17. John Smith

    Talented dude!

  18. MargauxHemingway

    I began listening to music in the mid 80s so I only knew him for : “ i can dream about you” i didn’t know this side of him. He is amazing.

    Edward Taylor

    Am listening just now brilliant from Scotland 2020

  19. AOR Forever

    They played this at Club 37...the countdown to shooting money out of air cannons above the dance floor

  20. leokimvideo

    Vinnie Vincent could write a good hit song.

  21. Revisoria Fiscal


  22. Koop Dahvill

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Free Dolphin

    National Aerobic Championship.

  24. Lois H

    The arcade claw machine brought me here.

  25. Esteban Fajardo Castillo

    Like si eres de Costa Rica y te recuerda al Programa HOLA JUVENTUD

  26. b t

    This is literally the gayest thing ever. I love it.

  27. the cyborg tail

    im here because of vinnie vincent who was in kiss and vinnie vincent inavasion,now i can`t get this out my head :)

    b t

    This is being pushed to all of the KISS fans all of a sudden. Thanks, adjusted algorithm.

  28. xapie128

    The song has a sax player, but not one in the video. Anyone know who was playing the sax?

  29. Edward Doyle

    God...I was so young

  30. Clay3613

    Hey, Vinnie Vincent of KISS!

  31. Małgorzata Woroch

    swietny videoclip oraz super piosenka oraz wspanialy dan hartman


    THE JEFFERSONS brought me here, lol

  33. fulane


  34. TIME42

    At that time, my job was a sign maker. I was working while listening to this song everyday.haha lol

  35. SHIFTY

    Shit. I wasn't even old enough to remember this song..... :(

  36. mrdinx

    Disco sucks. Today’s pop music is even worse.

  37. marchbabi323

    This is that serious disco gospel. Make ya wanna jump up and shout for joy! YESSSSSS DISCO JESUS! 🎶🎶🎶 🙌🏿

  38. Harald Farinski

    Great song ,great era!

  39. Renee Smith

    good old days growing up

  40. James Rockford

    Too bad Dan took too many gay cocks up his backdoor. RIP.

  41. Maurizio Magagnoli

    Magico !!!! W la disco Mauri 58 Varese Italia chiama

  42. Hu Flung Dung

    Vinnie Vincent lol

  43. HungryMan TV Dinner

    Vinnie Vincent, G.E. Smith and the late Dan Hartman. How cool.

  44. Eduardo Bastos

    Negative point: Sound is in mono.

  45. Rodrick Edmund Brown

    RIP Dan Hartman. We can dream about you.

  46. L. A. Baird

    Who could give song a thumbs down?? It's such a fun, and catchy song!
    I remember it back in my Jr high days.. Thumbs up in 2019 👍

  47. Kathy Negron

    WHAT! You Weren't There? I Feel For You. BRING BACK DISCO!!!!!!!!

  48. Resonate Parties

    Amazing Tune Yes Mr Hartman

  49. David k Seger

    Great Musician,Bass suit not so great!


    la segunda mejor de todos los tiempos.

  51. juan pena

    why does he looks like young bill clinton ?

  52. Thomas R. Skidmore

    Vinnie Vincent, lead guitar!

  53. Jimmy Pina


  54. C K

    Dan Hartman always loved his music he was a genius so sad he's gone but not forgotten RIP

  55. Mr locus lazer

    Is that vinnie v?

  56. Pontiac GrandPrix73

    Remember playing this on 8 track , mixing into countdown, Fort Lauderdale Florida spring break 1979, had Mindblower speakers in my car, traffic A1A had people dancin in the streets, great days

  57. V. Urban

    How could this be the same guy who sang I Can Dream About You and Free Ride. Fantastic Singer 👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏. Too bad there's not great singers like this anymore. Thanks to video we have something to listen to.

  58. mxxjss

    I’ll have what they’re having.

  59. Tere Guzman

    Instant beat, Oh Yeah!!!

  60. Azael Mata

    pura crema

  61. pino iaconis

    He looks like Shirley from skyhooks

  62. Logical Network

    I love this song.

  63. Elmo Trex

    I was 11 when this song was popular, brings back so many memories when I was a kid in 1970s!!!!

  64. Emmanuel Peña

    R.I.P Dan😭.


    Gracias por esta maravillosa canción que de recuerdos.Dan un abrazo donde estés 😍😍😍

  66. The Security BodyCam Channel

    I didn't know G.E. Smith played with Dan Hartman before playing with Hall & Oates. And playing bass too.

  67. Pedro Velasquez

    R.I.P will always love your music!!!

  68. Johnny MFan

    Wow, Dan worked with a lot of acts, but I was surprised to learn he worked with The Plasmatics. I can't imagine that, or that Wendy o Williams would want to work with Dan. Its a good thing, though

  69. Johnny MFan

    I'm surprised GE and Vinnie are getting into the song so much, as if it is such a rocking tune.The drummer is really into it, Maybe it was a fun set to be on. It's just a tiny bit better than average disco.

    music fan

    I could be wrong, but I think this song came out only shortly after instant replay began to be used in sports... instant replay was revolutionary for sports on TV...

  70. Gemmy Kid

    The claw machine brought me here.

  71. Rich M

    God bless this funk machine such a legend

  72. Andre Cureton

    Omg this takes me back in time omg !! Dan you were the man thank you soooooo much for great music you will never be forgotten R.I.P. Dan the man

  73. SuperWiddle

    Smokin  Hot Disco Track ! To bad Dan's Passing Is finally bringing Him The Recognition he Absolutely deserves !

  74. Aloicious Gaylord

    never liked this till I just found out dan played with edgar winter big kudos

  75. Julio Chivichon

    There’s no other artist like dan Hartman. Truly incredible

  76. yvan kindt

    disco,lovely time, was a big fan of the song!

  77. Tere Guzman

    Pure TNT!!!

  78. Michael Chacon

    En mi país, Costa Rica, este tema lo recordamos como el tema de apertura de un programa de videos musicales que se transmitió en los 80 y en los 90 que se llamaba "Hola Juventud" y concretamente la parte desde el 0:00 hasta el 0:20

  79. The Triumph of the Thrill

    Classic, one of the best Disco tunes ever. Love the warm and timeless vibe of the track. Hartman sure could nail a tune.

  80. 4JayeP Borden

    Too bad Vinnie was credited as a songwriter, he definitely had input on this song.

  81. John Zack

    this sounds like real musique

  82. Joe LoPiccolo

    It sucked then, it sucks now ! 🤮

  83. Koop Dahvill

    DAN the MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Donna Harris

    i knew i reconized the guitar player. he played with hall and oates. great song. to bad they don't make them like this anymore.

  85. Julio Chivichon

    Oh and btw that’s vinnie Vincent from KISS

  86. Julio Chivichon

    Hands down dan Hartman is the greatest musical composer of all time I’ve never heard anything like his music it takes over and makes me just wanna DANCE!!!

  87. snakehips3131


  88. Paul Carr

    When this came out I couldnt believe it was Dan Hartman from The Edgar Winter group but what a range to go from that to this .
    Talent cant be stopped .

  89. Adam K

    Now playing Live on most ‘grabbing claw machines” in arcades across Britain possibly Europe

  90. alex brown

    who is this bass player

    Ace Bragg

    G.E. Smith. He was the band leader for Saturday Night Live for quite a few years. He was also the bass player for Hall & Oates for many years as well.

  91. Patricia Flores


  92. Tito Caio Graco Diaz Tamburrini

    Music never was the same again

  93. Koop Dahvill

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Koop Dahvill


  95. Todd Tracy

    Go vinnie go

  96. Celtic Lass

    Bruno Mars needs to bring this song back.

  97. Optimus Chungus

    Snowfall brought me here

  98. John Smith

    Talanted man!