Hart, Jonn - Bad Lyrics

My chick drop that gorgeous
She wear leaking faucet
Portrait picture perfect
She do what she want, she know she
Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad,
She bad, bad, bad, bad.

[Verse 1:]
Off top, Shawty stay swirving
Can you stop with all them curves in
So real from head to toe
In picture perfect hair just flowing.
She dry, roll it up suit,
Dollar bill, just walked in that room
She the baddest out of her crew
So cold like she got the flu.
But she know what to do,
She got that shit like you go coo-coo.

My chick drop that gorgeous
She wear leaking faucet
Portrait picture perfect
She do what she want, she know she
Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad,
She bad, bad, bad, bad.

[Verse 2:]
Baby is straight perfection
Her shook got me so damn reckless
Shine like a diamond on her neckless
That swag is so infectuous.
Her smile lights up the room,
Never trippin, no added tune,
So fancy wheeping her cool,
She break mass when she's like through.
She knows what to do,
She got that shit that make you go coo-coo.

My chick drop that gorgeous
She wear leaking faucet
Portrait picture perfect
She do what she want, she know she
Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad,
She bad, bad, bad, bad.

She know she bad,
I could kill and not miss it.
Don't care what no one say,
She do it her way
Fuck them haters, let them hate,
Fuck them haters, let them hate.

My chick drop that gorgeous
She wear leaking faucet
Portrait picture perfect
She do what she want, she know she
Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad,
She bad, bad, bad, bad.

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Hart, Jonn Bad Comments
  1. Frank Soriano Jr.

    Off top shorty stay swervin. 💯 oldies mahn.

  2. Suprxme Fire_

    for some reason every time I see a lightskin chick, this song plays in my head

  3. Kendra Michelle Hurley

    When I hear this all I can think of is 20 year old me cruising down the highway with my best friend with a blunt in one hand and a beer in the other hand living my best life 😂😂

  4. Ciara Jones

    That's a sexy cover of him😻

  5. Bat Gang

    who is here in 2019 !!

  6. iamjasmine 101_

    I replay this song everyday I love this song 😆😆😆 it gets me hyped. Subscribe to my channel anyone 🙏🙏🙏

  7. blank pallet2

    too bad your not world renown for music like the real John Hart lol

  8. nadia woody

    I love this song so much 🔥💕😍

  9. Anthony Fernando


  10. Trina Coffman

    I love this dudes beats and his voice is amazing 2018 still turnt up bad,bad,bad,bad,bad,,,,


    Same here I'm still vibin to it too in 2018

  11. Suprxme Fire_

    Babygurl knows this what I think of herr...

  12. Sabrina13 Shaibu

    Bad bad bad... nice song

  13. Chris Conn

    Needs a video

  14. Tank CityQueen

    I feel like my ex wrote this for me lol

  15. Christian Cuevas

    Throwback!! This a banger 🔥

  16. Ceee Ceee

    I always thought this song was more well known. I listened to it all the time when it first came out

  17. Banga Ganggang

    I know. Bad Gabby aka baby g on this bitch

  18. Shomi Begum

    Damn. What a tune 💋

  19. isabella samiano


  20. Crown Lioncrown

    His song is the best 😉

  21. ChaChaWitYa

    Take me back to 2013 😢

  22. Beautiful Disaster

    I really like this

  23. Felicia Leach

    I love this song!!!! ❤❤❤

  24. Chris Conn

    we need a video to this!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Jade J.

    stillllll my fav ❤

    Dallas Cox

    Jade J. Kids kool

  26. Bosh Banderson

    If this song aint throwback😂😂🔥💯

  27. Sami Balzola

    my favorite❤❤❤❤

  28. Juanita Strong

    all thoughts with bitches side bitches even the front bitch this will make them want the D

  29. Juanita Strong

    I used to listen to this and I'm just now finding it again ,😏😏

  30. Stephanie Rivera

    I love this song 💕👀🔥

  31. ChaChaWitYa

    I used to play the hell out of this song in 2013

  32. Veronica Valencia

    I feel this one so much 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😘

  33. Adrian Vargas

    this bangz in my car shaking the block!!! chill ass song

  34. Jennifer Garza

    I love your song that the best song I love it😇

  35. Leah Hoxsie

    omfg I love this song😊😍😍😚

  36. Ronesha Davis

    he was kinda underrated. I like him.

  37. Christina Stockton

    this it's a good song

  38. brendan desrosiers

    dope track

  39. 2eganja1

    My hoe, she love my cuckooo

  40. Sharron Owens

    my song ❤


    so corny...


    Jeffrey Deprato Nope, if I want to say it's corny, its corny. (Freedom of speech) DEAL WITH IT, Internet Warren. 😂

    Ramie De Oliveira

    y'all niqqaz goofy😂


    Lol ppl so mad you don't like this song.

    I like it tho. Jonn hart is 🔥

    Braulio Robles

    Song lit 🔥 Probley never had A bad bitch4

    Trina Coffman

    Doesn’t matter if y have a bitch or not if you like this song or not everybody has they opinion

  42. Hales granger

    yasssssz my jam boo

  43. Dimitrick Z

    My shyt Ayeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  44. nicole rigsby

    love it!!!!

  45. lynette washington

    it's okay

  46. Ja'Hontay Jaylen Pongyan

    This Nigga Go 💯

  47. McKenzie Edmonds

    when my boyfriend said this song reminded him of me I wasn't sure how to react because most people just call me adorable

  48. Ariyana DelSantos

    Is there a bass boosted version?

  49. Sami-gzup yofuckyo

    need a better 8o8 kick in there sounds like its missing more bass

    Treman Shepard

    dude his bass is perfect. trust me. I have won over 6 titles for stereo setup. never want your bass more then your highs.

  50. Tyler Cooper

    Love this song :)

  51. Sharik James

    Love this song so much✴

  52. Phantom Isaiah

    Love this song he's really good 👍👌✊💦🔥👙💚💙

  53. Shanise Lopez

    Love this song

  54. Jgmail Kgmail

    This is for my bottom B*tch

  55. Dzap Niggaful


  56. Ericca Hart

    Love this song

  57. Natalie Vialpando

    💕💚💕 Love it

  58. ALENA Padilla

    I love this song 💓💓💓💓

  59. Cole Folster

    i love this song so much it reminds me of my gf i love her so much

    Jennifer Garza

    I love it so much

  60. Brandon Shotwell

    Reminds me of my girl

  61. harry m

    could be better

  62. Misery ENT

    6 565 6

  63. Maranda Riggleman

    Mhmmmmm!!!!!!! Love ittt

  64. Latoya Simpson

    Yes I know I'm bad;+)

  65. Heather White

    I love all of his music!!!

  66. Deku Midoriya

    I soo love this song SO MUCH

  67. Katlyn Naiara

    3 jonn hart 3 loveee you :)

  68. Lajae Jeremiah


  69. Charidy Phun

    Turn up ctfu

  70. DADDY

    I wish I could buy this off Itunes

  71. Dane Train

    my shit

  72. Brittany Uttecht

    He is so amazing... i love his songs!! <3 <3

  73. Griffin Johannes

    Nice one broody

  74. RRainbow dash dash

    So true my chick is drop dead gorgeous

  75. britany pash

    love it

  76. jahstayfly91

    Bad,bad,bad ayee waviie song #Hantt

  77. korie deitz

    Bad, bad, bad!!!

  78. Nyzjriona Allen

    I'm bad I'm bad I'm bad

  79. Ricardo Ricardo

    This song is off the hook. I wondrr if thats his beat or its some random beat he jacked and sung on it

  80. Milton Fabian

    what can i say ma man, keep dem singles rollin'

  81. Nyzjriona Allen

    This my cut i turn all the way up when i hear this song

  82. pdeezie559

    im hella mad I cant be at crossroads!!!! I wanted to turn up!

  83. Shauna Neavins

    I love it do much

  84. Denise Hippie

    So cold like I total flue

  85. Duranyazz

    I love all his songs right now that i can't stop listening to them.

  86. Denise Hippie

    Thank u heart ur cute on this one thoo :) HBK

  87. Denise Hippie

    559- area concert dnt miss out!!

  88. Leslie Solis

    Love love loveeeeeee

  89. Domo Baby

    on repeat!!!! I love this

  90. Katelyn Heier

    Love it 3

  91. bubblepop89

    This is.my song :)

  92. Kimberly Isabel

    all his sonqs trill

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    this that cut!!!!

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    Its a amazing song

  95. lesette amos

    love this song! <3