Harry Nilsson - Save The Last Dance For Me Lyrics

You can dance every dance with the guy
Who gave you the eye
Let him hold you tight.

You can smile every smile for the man
Who held your hand
'Neath the pale moonlight.

But don't forget who's taking you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be
Oh darling, save the last dance for me.

Yes I know that the music's fine
Like sparkling wine
Go on and have your fun.

Laugh and sing, but while we're apart
Don't give your heart
To anyone.

And don't forget who's taking you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be
Oh darling, save the last dance for me.

Baby don't you know I love you so?
Can't you feel it when we touch?
Baby don't you know I'll never let you go?
I need you oh so much.

You can dance, go on carry on
Till the night is gone
And it's time to go.

And if he asks if you're all alone
And can he take you home
You must tell him no.

Cause don't forget who's taking you home
And in whose arms you're gonna be
Oh darling, save the last dance for me
So darling, save the last dance for me.

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Harry Nilsson Save The Last Dance For Me Comments
  1. Tom Breen

    No one sang it better and no one ever will

  2. allene211

    I just came across this a week ago and I can't stop listening to it. Wow! Can't even explain why.

  3. mick hines

    Even though his voice is fucked hi still sells it beautifully .RIP HARRY

  4. Ander Galeatxe

    It’s amazing the fact that the original versions of songs like this seem to be small compared to Nilsson’s version. Especially this one produced by Lennon. It’s a very good representation of the feeling of sadness and happiness. Same happens with Without you. Badfinger is a good band, the original version alone is good, then again Nilsson’s is amazing.

  5. inironsatsea

    Good night, Harry.

  6. MrAlsfan5

    That's both John and Harry.

  7. Einar Vindenes

    what a treasure of a song.

  8. Tom Breen

    His voice can just relax you so fast one of a kind

  9. James Bosko

    Lennon was so julious of Harry . In the studio Lennon challenge Harry who could scream the loudest in a song . And that's how Harry destroyed his voice and Lennon planned it that way .Harry one but lost that grate voice of his . Thanks John

  10. Don Chappell

    i did some deejay work in clubs...i would play this song at the end of the night....

  11. Ystopnow

    Play it at 1.25 and it sounds so much better.

  12. Sara Maya

    Where Bowie got it from. No Lennon , no Bowie .

  13. Valteci Elias de Queiroz

    Uma das mais belas canções, na voz maravilhosa do Harry Nilson!

  14. Nathan McKenzie

    Harry's taking you home.

  15. Dorota Jurczyk

    Lennon & Nilsson, perfect together., na zawsze

  16. Jim McDade

    Suffocating compression and reverb, but it influenced me greatly. Listening to the Pussy Cats album is like trying to swim through thick syrup.


    Jim McDade ... hmmm ... odd thing Jim, I don't recall your last chart album/single/EP - although I'm absolutely certain it is way better than anything Harry Nilsson and/or John Lennon ever did. Nice one.

    Don Chappell

    jim mcdade must be the king of FLAT audio. lol.

  17. Kezia

    Is John singing backing on this?

    Tom Breen

    no Harry did most of all the back ground singing on all of his albums

    Jude Collie

    @Tom Breen yes he did. Except here where it is clearly Lennon

    Tom Breen

    On all it was mostly Nilsson his voice only

  18. beatleshadowpuppet

    That perfect wall of sound. Lennon, not only a great musician but also a great and wise producer.

    Tom Breen

    you said it brother magic

    Takayuki Ishiguro

    I think John's best work is PUSSY CATS.

  19. Edward Pasby

    RIP Harry Edward Nilsson.

  20. Ian Tyrrel

    Drugs are bad?????

    Tom Breen

    what was your first idea on that like use to say back then DON,T DO DRUGS

    Captain Clegg

    Na they’re fantastic

    Nova Dusty

    Only when they are prescribed.

    Lonnie Morrison


  21. twinoak170

    Lennon & Nilsson, perfect together.

    Tom Breen

    The best

  22. Mustbethebeeman

    but don't forget who's takin you home mama

  23. alan chrisman

    Harry Nilsson & John Lennon doing a cover of The Drifters " Save The Last Dance For Me" off  Nilsson's and Lennon produced album, Pussy Cats, with Ringo, Klaus Voormann, and Jessie Ed Davis, 1974. https://youtu.be/FrRUgkSV8SE

  24. Jonny Brown

    Thanks so much for posting Harry's version of this song. His nuanced approach is astounding, despite the fact that he was wrecking his vocal chords while making the Pussy Cats album.

    Tom Breen

    well what do you expect when the record company want,s done as soon as possible if sooner, but he did just fine

  25. Bill Durling

    The best version of this song I've ever heard.

    Tom Breen

    yea he just has a away to just make you feel so relax with this song

    Wiltrud Bachmann

    @ Bill, me too.

  26. Errol Flynn

    Just brilliant. So proud to have been and always will be a Nilsson fan. Miss ya Harry.

    Tom Breen

    that makes two of us got all of his albums

  27. Linda Whalen

    I had/have ? the cassette somewhere. I think I had this on 8track. I still love it. Check this out. 2 Pussycats playing sweet music together in Heaven. John and Harry made beautiful giant music. 

    Tom Breen

    you said it they were a great team when they got together it was magic

  28. Lennart Gustavsson

    Bara så bra!

  29. bombtuckles

    He effed his voice up, bad, while recording this album… still sounds great.

  30. martin dommer

    this was my very first album that I ever had (my sister bought it for me in 1975) and when I heard this song (first song on side one) I was hooked, this is the way this song shoud be sang always!! I can't understand why the D-J's don't play this song ? The way Harry sings it,it becomes a very powerful song and you can picture the whole story in your mind. the Drifters version is good but Mr. Nilsson came up with the perfect way for this song to be enjoyed. Sadly most people has never heard it

    Tom Breen

    i have all of Nilsson,s album,s they are all good but like you this one stands out, you should listen to his album the Point.He did all the vocals on that one WOW


    He did all the vocals on all his records

  31. carriad11

    Can you 'imagine' the music on the other side? If it gets better it must be in heaven!

  32. gahrzahk

    A twenty fifth anniversary addition? I've been looking for this CD for ages, and I finally got it used for five bucks. They're selling it on Ebay for $60. Probably Yoko's fault...

    Tom Breen

    OH please leave her alone she is not a fault,so grow up just enjoy the song

    Tom Breen

    why Yoko had nothing to do with it

  33. Planetanitaac


  34. Keith Furnival

    So so Brilliant. When two giants meet, the earth moves..

  35. randy woodsman

    I've always dug this album. I have the 25yr anniversary addition with the bonus tracks, none are in print now. You can't beat Harry with John, check out Dylan's subterranean Homesick Blues", Lennon's "Mucho Mungo/Mt. Elga", "Many Rivers To Cross", Harry's "Old Forgotten Soldier", and "Rock Around The Clock". Classic stuff, at the time it was panned - the critics said it just made Harry sound like John. An extreme diamond from the past, with Ringo,Kieth MoonKlaus Voorman Bobby Keys+

    Randy Soul

  36. The Audio Zone

    best version of this i ever heard.

  37. The Audio Zone

    It starts out like a different version of "without you"

  38. saintcruzin

    Harry Nilsson: Save the last dance for me (demo).....found it from a link on you tube. It brought tears to my eyes,he hits notes he'd never hit again. It's a demo so its not a full performance but if there were any doubt where and when he blew his voice..its Pussy Cats! Not years of abuse like some have said!! Sad though.......

  39. saintcruzin

    This version is right after he hemraged his vocal chords but the earlier alt take is before...can anyone post the early take??I've only heard about it,love to compare the two!

  40. Mahthah

    Thank you so much for posting this!! I lost my Nilsson LP's years ago and have been singing this version since, unable to find another recording of it. First time I heard this version I knew it was a billion times better than the original - but then, Harry Nilsson's a billion times better than most....

  41. speedave00

    Yes, Nilsson tore a volcal coard during the recording of this ablum.....He did not want to tell Lennon, as he was afraid Lennon would not continue until he had healed...ANd this could have ment the end of his colaberation with Lennon.....He did suffer a bit through this album...His voice did come back, however, maybe never quite as good.....By the end of his career he didnt have much of a voice left. But early on...this man had a one in a million singing voice.!!!


    His vocals on Knnilllsssonn are excellent, just a lower register

  42. Giuseppe Giovini

    @MangledBizarre I'm sorry, I don't have that version.

  43. PetSMiLEs27

    @monkey5000 Up vote for Dennis Wilson.

  44. Giuseppe Giovini

    @Timwgtn In fact, I also didn't find it here and so I decided to post it myself

  45. Carry Flag

    overflowing me with sadness and beauty

  46. Sach Motee

    read so much about how utterly drunk they were at this point, but stil the well executed pain .. about as raspy as i've heard nillsson, reminds me of the air that surrounds the pacific ocean blue by dennis wilson. still has great humour, great strings too, mixed up emotions here