Harry Nilsson - Jesus Christ You're Tall Lyrics

Jesus I said Jesus I said Jesus Christ you're tall
I bet nobody I bet nobody I bet nobody wanted to dance with you at all
I said Jesus, I said Jesus there hardly ain't no room here for you at all
I said Jesus. I said Jesus I said Jesus Christ you're tall

Well we could dribble our way down a courtship
Get married for a little while
I would shoot a little love inside your basket mama and in a little while we'd have a child
He'd be a little boy, he'd be a little boy

But he'll get taller as the time goes by
He'd be a little boy, he'd be a little boy
But pretty soon he'll hear the other boys cry
Because they're saying to him

Jesus they'd say Jesus they'd say Jesus Christ you're tall
I bet some day at least some day I hope he finds a basketball
So maybe a big scout from a big town team will come and sign him to the meadow larks
And then someday. Someday he'll play as good as van dyke parks

He'll be famous he'll get married, he'll be happy,
He'll be happy with the girl next door
They'll have a little boy, they'll have a little boy but at birth he'll measure six foot four
Each generation as the time goes by

Will grow and grow until they reach the sky
And finally someday I said someday they'll bump into God
And he'll say "hi"

And then he'll say Jesus, Jesus look at 'em, Jesus Christ they're tall Jesus. Just look at 'em. Jesus

Hey' you guys want to play a little basketball
There will be a big court up in heaven
Softer than the softest cloud

They can play all day, they can play all night they can play as long as they can play

It'll be a half court game until the other boys show it'll be a full court game and then, when it's over we'll hear a high score.
It'll be over, then the end amen hey' Jesus, oh Jesus. Sweet Jesus Christ you're tall no nobody. No no nobody

You guys wanna play a little basketball

C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon Jesus
C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon Lord
C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon do a hook shot baby
C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon shoot that ball
C'mon Jesus let's get together

I loved you a long time ago
Way up in heaven, up in heaven, that's the hell of it baby all night long

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Harry Nilsson Jesus Christ You're Tall Comments
  1. kirbstreem

    I also like the demo version of this !! :)

  2. subg88

    Nothing like a little gospel music.

  3. bawanderr

    I bought this album when nobody else would and haven't regretted a minute or a cent spent!! I absolutely LOVE this take on it. Too cool. Thank you, very much!

  4. David Menashy

    Keep Harry Lime, Harry Kane, Harry Houdini, Harry Potter and umpteen King Harrys; I'll take Harry Nilsson...

  5. SeniorSparky66

    FIRST COMMENT!! This song is a gem!!