Hannigan, Lisa - Splishy Splashy Lyrics

Surface slowly at your own speed
Waiting for some sky
We're all laughing, we're all faking
Just to see you smile

She waits her turn
She waits her time
And all her love
It sings, it shines

Have your coffee, splishy splashy
Frozen up the stairs
Hollow but so normal when she
Needs a piece of care

She waits her turn
She waits her time
And all her love
It sings, it shines

She's breaking, and she's bending
And she's breaking, and she's falling
She's closing, and she's breaking
She's spending, she's fall

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Hannigan, Lisa Splishy Splashy Comments
  1. ReacciónConNicó

    Me encantas, te he estado escuchando de hace tiempo, tengo tus discos.

  2. Ale Alj

    Surface slowly at your own speed
    Waiting for some sky.
    We're all laughing, we're all faking
    Just to see you smile.

    She waits her turn she waits her time,
    And all her love it sings it shines

    Have your coffee, splishy splashy
    Frozen up the stairs.
    Hollow but so normal
    When she needs a piece of care.

    She waits her turn she waits her time,
    And all her love It sings it shines.

  3. Boram Song

    this is amazing...

  4. Jon. Ward

    love this song, her music is so comforting and happy


    She is the most dreamlike singer who I've seen ever so far..
    I don't know how to explain her atmosphere...

    Kim Loan Vương

    much like Dawn Mitchelle or Mindy Gledhill ( sometimes ) or Fiest, or Norah Jones. I don't mean to compare anyone, I think they're all wonderful artists 


    +SU JEONG CRYSTAL AN i would call it fluffy like a cloud

    Colin Harding

    The word that always comes to mind for me when I hear Lisa sing is, "ethereal."

  6. Jin

    Seeing you with that banjo left me wondering if you could play "Rainbow Connection" for us all. You and that song seem like a great match.

  7. lucas xtech

    Webber s2

  8. Brent Lusk

    shes in key just as a fact.. other then her raspy inflection... well, that just the sound of her soul my friend

  9. the ScreamS

    so many idiots,so little time....

  10. eimzerz

    Lovely! Especially lovely as its dedicated to Miic Christopher

  11. the ScreamS

    No theres no typos there.That is my opinion.I'm quite entitled to one.I'm not American.

  12. pinay ako

    IF lisa can't sing very well, what about the backup singer ?! now that's a man who can sing! ha ha ! just messing . <3 TomO, that man can drum "blind".

  13. plocktontr

    she's really gorgeous and she sings like an angel. Hope you appreciate me fixing your typos there.You're welcome!

  14. the ScreamS

    She's really cute but can't really sing very well.The xylophone is good though.

  15. Rina G.

    one word --- ADORABLE

  16. Cathy Noone

    anyone else want to be her best friend so you could have chilled little sessions like this all the time?

  17. vrdfunktastik

    w3.youtube .com /watch?v=_aIuna5a8Dc :) latinoamerica

  18. jimicocobop

    Lisa darling sweetheart, please don't ever get old.

  19. itchcitizen2

    @Laviedusurrealisme LOL, lovely comment.

  20. Donovan O'Farrell

    The cutest pirate ever.

  21. Leonardo Jesus Aledda

    4 fucking people

  22. Giuliano Rigo

    really love her

  23. Robert Burke


  24. Elleira92


  25. Elleira92

    love this girl! beautiful music

  26. Haatchii

    Irish hippies rock. That is all.

  27. sh4p31y

    @Mojochi i guess.. but it's also the friends jam feel.. the "playing whatever you have in your hand" thing.. more natural, which creates another kind of magic

  28. lozzybozzy234

    @dinosaurierohrwaschi Atleast her music makes you feel happy and content. Though I like Damien rice's stuff, all of it is so depressing. Have you listened to rootless tree?

  29. steven Tirrell

    This drummer makes me want to pick up a set of brushes and just hunt down a myriad of sound.

  30. Thomas Harvey

    Pure Talent! :)

  31. strasheep

    the band are great!

  32. Penny Lane

    It's as if this video was taken from one of my sweetest dreams. I can't stop watching it :)

  33. Ruth Phelane

    american guy! i was just talking to you on omegle and the internet cut off, really want to talk more about music. please message me if you see this

  34. Jackie Meadows

    really, really, really good... great idea for video... so real and yet surreal

  35. Kaylan Waterman

    can ANYone tell me her drummer's name? he seems to be SO talented!

  36. noelwilson22

    i loved her music with damien rice but how refreshing is her solo music couldn't rate sea sew any higher

  37. Diane Velez

    i love lisa hannigan and rachael yamagata and ingrid michaelson and meiko they all kinda remind me of each other lol

  38. Míth LoL

    God I love my little pirate.

  39. billy doyle

    on my birthday... wish i had been there!

  40. CamMcIntyre

    If you just want the banjo part, transcribe it. There's not a whole lot to it, so it shouldn't take too long.

  41. lozzybozzy234

    i love lisa hannigan

  42. Derrick Bryant

    Beautiful and authentic...And cozy

  43. Ken from Dublin

    Well spoodgey, I guess I'll just have to let you remain 'absolutely fascinated' while you try to figure out what has been established about your mindset from the comments that you've 'thrown up' here so far.

    Please use a sick bag before you throw up your next comment.

  44. AmyD

    I love this song, so I keep coming back to it and wouldn't you know it...spoted something new! at 2:41 behind the trumpeters shoulder, the little blonde girl from the "I don't know" vid. the little cutie pie! :D

  45. Ken from Dublin

    Was this written before or after 'Falling Slowly', the Oscar winning song?

    Just sounds so like it.

  46. Ken from Dublin

    Ad hominem attacks like that spoodgey only serve to render your opinions here meaningless, and also reveal far more about your mindset than anything you try, and fail, to misinform us about anyone else.

  47. Ken from Dublin

    No, just your musical taste is very weak.

    No wonder everyone, Jun7per, berries your comment.

  48. Ken from Dublin

    You said it lofty25, no truer comment.

  49. Jonat

    nice Lisa.

  50. Man Zamix

    Happiness.........Oh yes it is.......gun!!!

  51. pontepolentepontepi

    U are Magic :-))))

  52. DavidG

    love the way she has the banjo sound like a glockenspiel

  53. Míth LoL

    I love my little pirate/gipsie singer!

  54. chiefduffer2

    definitely- I vote for "From the Morning"!!

  55. Peacefully

    Her music material is very weak.
    Nice husky voice but no songs.

  56. Enrique Valdez

    good video and pretty nice song.. !! i love lisa hannigan !!

  57. fruchtkuchen

    nice! good musicians! :)

  58. WippiehWillow

    that's skill

  59. SomethingNewWithYou

    couldnt agree more! =]

  60. Casey Lynn

    There is something about her voice that is so soothing. And I love her songs. They take me far away from all the troubles of the day.

  61. Mark Conroy

    any burd that plays the banjo gets the thumbs up from me! :D

  62. Johnny Fishfingers

    Could not agree more. Damiens songs without lisa are just mediocre.

  63. jzoom45

    damien fucked up. i love him. or loved him. i now realize that lisa and her beautiful, angelic voice is one of the main reasons why i liked him so much. think about it. take her out of the picture, and songs like "the blower's daughter" just wouldn't exists. lisa, you're beautiful, i wish you the best. come to L.A. and i'll go see you in a heartbeat.

  64. Míth LoL

    I just wonder, does he always carry those drumsticks around? Lol

  65. dangloverenator

    That's exactly what I was meaning, but better phrased. Cheers =D

  66. dangloverenator

    Fair point, but I don't think she is trying to be like Damien Rice, more like the opposite in fact. Damien Rice's lyrics are obviously confessional, gritty, honest and personal, whereas Lisa Hannigan's are (to me, anyway) more dreamy, poetic and reflective. In my opinion, there is room for both, and one isn't necessarily "better" than the other.

  67. blazinboomer

    her drummer always uses the cutest stuff to get a beat.

  68. dangloverenator

    From your resident "music nazi" - amen to that, brother.

  69. erniemajor

    The dear kind of home-singing lull a bye voice with a simple smile that you wont find in any concert hall..She loves what she's doing, and she's doing it with humour and love so...where's the prob???

  70. dangloverenator

    Wait... surely by asking you to give an example, I was encouraging a debate?

    And do you not think that having a career in music might have something to do with, say, being able to sing..?

  71. dillsnufus

    i hope these videos are released on dvd

  72. dangloverenator

    Maaaaan I love this band. I must confess that I was worried when I heard about the split with Damien, but I got the album yesterday and I was/am entranced! Just incredible. Seriously, everyone who reads this, BUY the album!!

  73. Sara athira Sukiman

    that set up and lighting is too cool. she is unbelievable!

  74. Anna-Lena Meisenberg

    oh...how I´d love to be there...

  75. Dominic McWilliams

    I think she's 28 - just the age i'd like to be.

  76. SlimeQueenSupreme

    28. lrn2wiki

  77. KingCodimus

    I am looking for it, and I do not see what you are talking about, but it sounds to me like you are describing a Melodica.

  78. rymor

    It's difficult to see, but does anyone know what that instrument is that the trumpet player plays at around a minute? It looks like a keyboard, but he blows into it.

  79. valkyrieVigil

    never seen an angel play a banjo before..now I have :)

  80. BEAMER1

    realy great (i dont know) the lads did well to

  81. BEAMER1

    realy great. (i dont know) and the lads did well allso

  82. sami cilingir

    thank you for your realistic attitude

  83. takonomz

    Mmmmmmmmm soothing....

  84. VioletCitizen

    My heart is gonna explode....
    What a song, what a voice, what a band, what a creativity....
    Its so beautiful.....

  85. Chris S.

    No xylophone, he was hitting glasses and whatever on the table like Beck did a few years back with his band sitting at a table.

  86. herskovicmd

    lisa's lilting lullaby

  87. Fernando Pizarro

    It's so amazing the atmosphere you people create when you play... You're amazing... I admire you.
    I have nothing to say of the way you play music, it's perfect. Great musicians all of you.

    And Lisa's voice it's close to perfection, so soft and relaxing... I just love it.

    Greetings from Chile, the chili-shaped country :)

  88. Mann SE

    Lisa & Co. another great video. It's so impressive. Love to see Lisa react to the music and lyrics. Breathtaking.

  89. spiritshy

    I'm in awe, beautiful, magical gypsy lady.

  90. TwinkieToes

    her and maggie gylenhal look alike

  91. oscarkev190