Hannigan, Lisa - Ocean And A Rock Lyrics

What you at, my gentle spoken friend?
I lack a frame to put you in
When you're an ocean and a rock away

I feel you in the pocket of my overcoat
My fingers wrap around your words
They take the shape of games we play

I feed your words through my buttonholes
I pin them to my fingerless gloves
Green and prone to fraying

Thoughts of you warm my bones
I'm on the way, I'm on the phone,
Let's get lost, me and you,
An ocean and a rock is nothing to me.

I am far away
From where you lay awake the day
While you fall to sleep
An ocean and a rock away

I keep you in the pockets of my dresses
And the bristles of my brushes
Spin you into my curls today

I spoon you into my coffee cup,
Spin you through a delicate wash
I wear you all day,
I wear you all day

Thoughts of you warm my bones
I'm on the way, I'm on the phone
Let's get lost, me and you
An ocean and a rock is nothing to me

Thoughts of you warm my bones,
I'm on the way, I'm nearly home,
Let's get lost, me and you
An ocean and a rock is nothing to me

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Hannigan, Lisa Ocean And A Rock Comments
  1. Amelie McCandless


  2. flying Oflynn

    This song means a lot to me.

  3. whyme760

    I wish she still performed with the mushroom.

  4. Puchi

    Hermoso, desearía que el mundo te conozca aún más. Saludos desde 🇨🇱

  5. Sarah Johnston SLT

    Such a beautiful song! Makes me think about my son and how much I love him!

  6. MrEduardoalfredo

    Beauty Lisa and ver nove song

  7. Robert Sullivan

    Hozier... From Eden brought me here... Dam you beardy man

    Conor Magahy

    It's a forest in Ireland. Shhh.

  8. stefano ieri

    1:10 ... lightness ...

  9. SDoesNotKnow

    Blue Diamond!

  10. Oscar Martin

    Artistic AF!

  11. Helz Elle

    Thoughts of you, warm my bones I'm on the way, I'm on the phone, Lets get lost, me and you, an ocean and a rock is nothing to me.

    David Matić

    the most beautiful lyrics <3

  12. Mickey Mickey

    So beautiful..

  13. Nikodaddy1

    I like all her stuff and all over again but this one i thing is my definitely number one.

  14. podge7

    2 words- Un Real!!

  15. Carlos Morillo

    man she's so pretty

  16. Kent Perrodin

    Her love is away, an ocean and a rock away, but that person has not really left her. It is a song of the deepest love in which "love" never has to be spoken, it is always there, all around. When work takes me or my wife away this is the first song I listen to and the distance doesn't seem so bad.


    you are so right

  17. Jesus Molina

    and what is this song saying? It's a great song and everything but I can't find the meaning of it o.o


    That’s OK. Art is usually not for everyone, but touches the same thing is people that made the artist make it. As opposed to the “art” industry, where they try to maximize the target group, because they try to make art into a business. Which cannot work, as the goals are mutually exclusive.
    This may not have touched you in your state now (ok, 5 years ago). And that’s OK. :)

    nicholas azak

    She said something about her friend that lives in Vancouver but she still resides in Ireland, when she introduced the song at her show in Vancouver.

  18. dunsta5


  19. quememuera

    I saw her at 9:30 Club in DC last night. I hadn't heard of her before yesterday morning but I fell in love when I heard this song. I had to go. Amazing. I wanted to beg her not to stop playing. She very graciously greeted fans and signed autographs afterward. I admit I was a little starstruck; I barely said anything to her when she signed my LP. I wish I'd had the wherewithal to tell her it's one of the best shows I've ever attended and that the first song alone was worth the price of admission.

  20. Odd Todd

    She is The Song, She is the Music, She is the BEST Woman singer in the World !


    ohhh yes.

  21. Virag Sipos

    whats that thing shes playing on??

    Max Chapoff

    guess it´s a harmonium :)

  22. LindaHavok

    omg! she is so pretty! i love her :)

  23. Elleira92

    she is like the definition of graceful

  24. Elleira92

    love the light up mushroom. i want one now!

  25. Yiğit Aydoğan

    She's stunning with her voice and her pure beauty...

  26. Yiğit Aydoğan

    She's stunning with her voice and her pure beauty...

  27. Metody89

    Lisa and her band are amazing and this show! Where can I find full episodes? Thanks for sharing ;)

  28. SuperGeoffH

    Another favourite of mine from the Sew Sew album. I love way she sings "Spin you through a DELICATE wash and wear ya all day". What a captivating way to describe someone you really cherish.

    We need another album soooon, Lisa.

  29. Eloisa souto maior

    Simply lovely!

  30. 3deryk

    she is great! i had a chance to be on her concert. she was a support for the main event but to be honest i liked her more the the star of the night! i'm looking forward to hearing her next album... keep up the good work, lisa :)

  31. BelovedBoo

    My most favorite song in SEA SEW. Simply incredible :x

  32. underhill1100

    Oh My Goodness! Just amazing.

  33. Luke Moran

    @rauzyw I don't think martians make guitars.

  34. Rory Wiseman

    Wat kind of guitar is being played?looks like a Martin..

  35. louis maraña

    Sounds like early natalie merchant. Lisa Hannigan is so gorgeous!

  36. Chris Grissett

    Lisa is great!

  37. frht454

    @mamazonlover scotland has singers?

  38. ls1959

    What's not to like here? The music is beautiful. The voice is beautiful. The singer is beautiful.

  39. MinaWard

    she's Irish

  40. tafaraonerom

    how was it??

  41. Sarah Ramsey

    i LOVE THE WAY she moves

  42. Jody Hallinan

    I've just been put through a delicate wash;and the better for it!!!

  43. Theresa Coss

    She is so Beautiful!

  44. Tony McCarthy

    saw her last night in toronto. she was amazing- hot, funny, super-talented, quirky. i can't say enough good things about her. she deserves every bit of success she achieves

  45. Conchúr Ó h-Ógáin

    It's called a Harmonium :)

  46. Corey.

    What is that instrument she is using? I like it :)

  47. Ken from Dublin

    That comment reveals everything about your lowly character and nothing about mine - believe me.

    You need help.


  48. Carlo Quello Alto Castagnetti

    i mean she has to be with damien in the next album and gigs!

  49. Carlo Quello Alto Castagnetti

    Incredible voice,nice girl...but she must return with Damien Rice!!!

  50. Thania Chapa

    love her too!

  51. Claudia Fernanda Sánchez Morales

    LOVE HER!!!

  52. turgsh01

    Thanks for the info :)

  53. Ken from Dublin

    This is the finest song by any Irish singer since...

    ...actually I can't think of a song by an Irish singer song writer that is better than this, even by Sinead O'Connor... maybe Gilbert O'Sullivan in his heyday with 'Alone Again (Naturally)' or 'Nothing Rhymed'.

    This song is a meisterwork, a masterpiece, just channelled down from the firmament and Lisa is the lightning rod catalyst and facilitator.

  54. turgsh01

    amazing song... and I wouldn't mind knowing what the name of the instrument she was playing... it looked unique, that's for sure.
    I can't wait for her 2nd cd to be out...

    Thanks for bringing this song/video to youtube :)

  55. Dizzzais

    she's shine!

    she loves it! ex-cell-ent!

  56. Alessandro Adamo

    Amazing...what else?


  57. skinnythin

    beautiful xxooxx

  58. SomethingNewWithYou

    beautiful ! she is so talented!

  59. dahfshx

    she's so sweet and beautiful...

  60. Haatchii

    I would make sweet passionate love with her all night while listening to her beautiful music.

  61. ric vb

    i find her dancing skills a bit awkward but its cute.
    its really nice to hear a music different from the usual pops.
    i like her music. her laidback style music is relaxing...soothing..simply enjoyable.
    thanks lissa and company for sharing your very good music.
    youre all a god-send. more power to you guys. i know you guys will be successful. cheers :-)

  62. Bananasauce

    she actually looks really energized, not to mention gorgeous

  63. Bananasauce

    i think im in love <3

  64. boombapboom

    she is like ten times better than Damien Rice..........

    Devin Robertson

    mm. Don't agree at all. But DAMN is she classy <3

  65. dboyd1089

    i love her dancing :) subtle but awesome! lol

  66. wiretwanger3

    Can't get enough of her!