Hank Williams - Kaw-Liga Lyrics

KAW-LIGA, was a wooden Indian standing by the door
He fell in love with an Indian maid over in the antique store
KAW-LIGA - A, just stood there and never let it show
So she could never answer "YES" or "NO".

He always wore his Sunday feathers and held a tomahawk
The maiden wore her beads and braids and hoped someday he'd talk
KAW-LIGA - A, too stubborn to ever show a sign
Because his heart was made of knotty pine.

Poor ol' KAW-LIGA, he never got a kiss
Poor ol' KAW-LIGA, he don't know what he missed
Is it any wonder that his face is red
KAW-LIGA, that poor ol' wooden head.

KAW-LIGA, was a lonely Indian never went nowhere
His heart was set on the Indian maiden with the coal black hair
KAW-LIGA - A, just stood there and never let it show
So she could never answer "YES" or "NO".

Then one day a wealthy customer bought the Indian maid
And took her, oh, so far away, but ol' KAW-LIGA stayed
KAW-LIGA - A, just stands there as lonely as can be
And wishes he was still an old pine tree.


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Hank Williams Kaw-Liga Comments
  1. meatyboititlord

    This is about a man with social anxiety

  2. Brenda Lance


  3. Brenda Lance


    Brenda Lance


    Brenda Lance


  4. Lee Ellenwood

    Kawligabear Oakley ellenwood. 2-15-16. My son, I love you forever.

  5. Fil Procter

    Top of the totum pole no questions i dont know whos 2nd but sr is def the King

  6. walter langston

    in 1952 i remember this song i was 12 years i loved this song hank williams the greatest country artist of all time the songs he wrote captured the hearts and soul of millions of people

  7. Jason Cozort,Jr.


  8. Elani Aniyvwia

    This is a racist song. It generalizes Native Americans!!

    Andrew White

    shut up

    Elani Aniyvwia

    Andrew White so your in favor of racism?

  9. Mike Hazelwood

    My father told me of seeing Hank and his band in a little beer joint, Deep in the Mountains of McDowell County WV! My father had never before heard the sounds of an Electric Guitar and was facinated by the music!
    Fifty years later, I work at the Hospital where Hank was pronounced dead, in Oak Hill WV and meet with the nurse whom was in the Emergency Room, that snowy new years morning! I sat down with Old nurse Vida Priester, a few days before her death and over about 90 minutes, she told me the detailed story of that tragic day we lost the amazing talent of Hank Williams! The narrative does not quite follow SOME of the stories floating around, as they have been changed "For Profit!"

    Tyler Collins

    Greetings from McDowell County, WV lol

    Mike Hazelwood

    @Tyler Collins McDowell, Logan & Mingo Counties... the of Soul West Virginia!

    Tyler Collins

    @Mike Hazelwood yes, sir! My fiancee works in Gilbert in Mingo County and we often go to Logan for shopping. I'll be moving to Mercer County this weekend, though.

  10. Heather Hodge

    1923 to 1953

  11. Sparkletoppop

    Never heard this till today

  12. Noémie Løvenørn

    I was so pleased to hear it in Moonrise Kingdom

  13. D. Heller

    Dad was in a band. They'd sometimes practice at our house when I was in bed. I'd always holler down the steps "Kaw-Liga!" Eventually they'd play it for me! Brings back fond memories...

  14. Evan Lanctot

    "The Hillbilly Shakespeare"

    John Bennett

    He makes William sound like he has a lisp

  15. John Bennett

    Really. Only 524k hits for a GOD. The human race is doomed


    now look up Hank 3 Kawliga!!!!!!!!!

  17. Ozark Oðinn

    Hank III does this song live and looks and sounds just like his grand daddy. Its really an awesome thing to hear. Sounds like Hank Sr is singing it again.


    he's amazing

  18. Joanna


  19. Elani Aniyvwia

    This song is racist!!!

    Andrew White


  20. dwayne lucier

    i think george jones kicked it out of the park

  21. BubbaZen10

    Boy did i ever love this song when i was a kid.

  22. Elani Aniyvwia

    Seriously how damn racist can you get?? This song is extremely racist!!! Just replace the “Indian” with a black person!! You’ll see it!!! This song should be banned!!!! It’s extremely racist!!!!

  23. Ognjen Pavkovic

    Moonrise kingdom brought me here...

  24. Joseph Wilson

    I love this song.

  25. Bill Kollenbaum

    first time i've heard this since i was a kid in the 50s.

  26. cade riddle

    I gotta say I prefer Jrs version but Srs is pretty good too

  27. Col Jr

    UNBELIEVABLE he made SO much music in SUCH a short career?!?!?!

  28. Eric L Krepps Sr

    👍 bought this cd at cracker barrel in texas during rita an katrina.

  29. Big Foot

    I have more Kaw-liga in me than I care to admit.

  30. Lynda Anthony

    Hank was one of a kind but Charley Pride made a great remake of this song

  31. Grizz Sanchey

    I’m pretty young, most other people my age would listen to mumble rap, and shizz, but, my grandparents are the ones who introduced me to Hank Williams Sr. When I was very small, and I love listening to Hank Sr. :3

  32. •Erxielle•


  33. 黑龍 - Hắc Long

    The Japanese version is better.

  34. Steve Hall

    These old sonds remind me of my grandps, love these and grandpa

  35. Leah Gladue

    anybody here in 2023 anyone

  36. Love Hate

    Name my boy kawliga after this song.

  37. Jim Wade

    Jimmie Rodgers was Hanks favorite !

  38. Jim Wade

    Jerry Rivers sure could tickle the horse hairs ~~~~ poor ole kaw-liga he never got a kiss ! poor ole kaw-liga he don't know what he missed !!

  39. Mark Astoforoff

    does anyone do a rock version of this song?

  40. Jaydee G117

    2019 anybody??

  41. donna bernick

    2019 anybody? Here on 7/4/19...
    Come...take a walk in my shoes....

  42. Paul Sullivan

    OMG Like every other Hank song ... THE COMPLETE B.E.S.T

  43. Dahmertastic! Cheesewheel!

    I'm only just realizing kawliga's a statue, I've been listening to this song for months!

  44. M E G

    107 people have a terrible taste in music...

  45. Smokey Binion, Jr.

    One of the All-Time Greats Hank Williams. My All-Time Golden Favorite. Smokey Binion, Jr.

  46. Carter Mitchell

    Who's still here in 2019?

    Urich Hunt

    Im here. Listeng to hank and hank3

  47. John Pearson

    The original,great huh

  48. True Horrors92

    2019 anyone? Miss you Hank...

  49. Michael Reed

    Love it!

  50. The_real_Andrew

    Here in 2019 #goldenera

  51. 32a34a

    I think that's Jerry Rivers on the Fiddle.

  52. Davis CC PS4

    2019 still kicks ass

  53. Tony Brisson


  54. Glenn Johnson

    Glenn Johnson Late 53,wasn`t very old but remember listening to this,the 10" album.Shaped the rest of my llife and the love of Hank`s music.One of his many all time favourites which i still sing and perform today.Awesome.

  55. julie brtek

    Love this classic hit song

  56. raywhittenjr


  57. Mark Olson

    fucking young pups dont know real music anymore damn shame

  58. Christopher Mattia

    89 people have a wooden Indian stuck up their asses.

  59. David B

    my mom would sing me this song. She loved hank williams.

  60. bee boo

    1 of thee most hilarious songs I've ever heard in my entire life.

    We Me

    bee boo who

  61. Jaydee T T

    Anybody in 2019?

  62. Shelby Burns

    This song reminds me of my father who loved this song. It's been almost a year since he passed away but listening to this brings back wonderful memories

    Andrew White

    same, january 31st next year will be 1 year since my dad passed

  63. Marcus Caine

    2019 smoking 420 to this

    Dayton Dukes

    Fuck you dude

  64. Debra McBride

    How my doin pa

  65. Sinister- Apprehension

    I held the kamehameha...

  66. Eat This

    Good old American country.

  67. Michael Reed

    My mother turned me on to Hank St.when I was around 6, I loved Kaw- Liga.

  68. Boogie Mann

    Hiram King Williams.........The original OG

  69. Darrell Somers


  70. Andrew Blake

    This was my favorite Hank song growing up, my mom had a two disc Hank Williams album and we’d listen to them beginning to end. I love the fact that I was raised around all sorts of classic music. My music and parents made me the person I am today. And if you were to meet me you wouldn’t know what to think. Now listen I may play video games and listen to a little bit of rap here and there but this is the kind of music that truly holds a special spot in my heart. I swear I was born in the wrong generation because I’ve been told my whole life I have an old soul and I see it.

  71. kevin p

    How I am with women.

  72. William Hutcheson

    The Real Stuff. Not glee club country.

  73. Alfred Lee

    Pure Magic

  74. Brian Burgett

    I have all three versions of this song.

  75. Dawn Crawford

    I’m Seminole Indian so this song hits home

  76. Thomas Ridens

    Thank u hank.

  77. Andrew Sandlin

    Two bears is mad as hell

    Randy Wiesendanger

    he lost too

  78. Dustin Stephenson

    Lol, perfect chasing song

  79. Jacob Holder


  80. Twist Hemp

    2019 Real country music

  81. Cynthia K.

    One of Daddy's favorites

    Eat This

    My dad too. He was 20 in '51 when Hank was going strong.

    Rex Ruther

    U sound like Keith

  82. Kevin B.

    2019? Btw my dad that passed away put this in and sung this in a pretty old eagle talon ( car) anyways that was so long ago and RIP poppa you're dearly missed dad.

  83. Neil Macleod

    Ah, what memoires of childhood, pre rock and roll days, and this song on the radio . Poor ole Kawlilas wooden head , reminds me of Nancy Polosi

  84. dalton meadowsoutdoors

    Who missus hank willams

  85. Allie Villarreal

    First 2019 comment :) It's 1:11 am!

    Jason Cozort,Jr.

    1:27 rn

  86. kevin p

    I refused when I was young. But now I know why my peepaw used to play this bastard all the time around me.

  87. Josey Mcfetridge

    Good song but there not Indians they are native Americans or indigenous people

    Neil Macleod

    They can't be native American . They were here before North or South America . Besides, the Americas are wrongly named, they were found a thousands years before Columbus found a few small islands out in the ocean . The place was named Vinland by the europeans that found the continent, The Vikings ( Norse )

    Josey Mcfetridge

    There still indigenous people

    Halee Dunaway

    Ok let’s just go back in history and change a dead mans song. It’s literally about a wooden statue.

  88. Billy Kinsella

    Hank Williams was 👌

  89. Sir Joe 2017

    Hank Jr brought me here

  90. lildeena1

    Been listening to country greats all my life but never really gave this old old country a try, and after a few days I have come to realize what all the musicians talk about when they bring up Hank. He really was something

    Frequent Man

    Modern country is as garbage as modern rap. A bunch of Jews contracting your culture and destroying

    Jennifer Rogers

    Frequent Man: And now the racists come out...

    Frequent Man

    @Jennifer Rogers There is a reason why music and film have gone down hill


    You talking 'bout Hank, Hank Jr or Hank III?
    (and you are allowed to answer "Yes")