Hammond, Fred - The Proposal Lyrics

You came and you made my day girl
I won when you looked my way girl
My life has not been the same girl
All I do is think of you
Your smile brightens up my place girl
And your kiss and that tender way girl
Let’s me know everything’s okay girl
It should be you and me
‘Cause your love has proven to be what I need
And your life brings peace into my world
Now my dreams come true and it’s all because of you
Come on let’s walk this walk together
Close the deal, make it forever

(My heart) You can have it
(My world) Come live in it
(Your touch) Let me feel it
(Your love) Girl I need it
(My God) Come on let’s serve Him
(My heart) Let’s move on it
(My life) Come on and share it
(By faith) And we can make it

Okay now you know the plan girl
You’re mine and I am your man girl
It’s real, it’s real, this is not a dream girl
Faithfully, you and me
So let me make it clear
When it’s said and done girl
You’re my gift, you are my one girl
Our love will just grow stronger girl
Hand and hand, you and me
My heart, Oh girl you are my melody
Turning all my cloudy days to sun
Come and sing with me
Joined in love and harmony
‘Cause I’m sure, I’m 100 you are the one, whoa whoa

(My heart) You can have it
(My world) Come live in it
(Your touch) Let me feel it
(Your love) Girl I need it
(My God) Serve Him with me
(My heart) Let’s move on it
(My life) Come on let’s share it
(By faith) ‘Cause we can make it girl
(My heart) You can have it
(My world) Come live in it
(Your touch) Let me feel it
(Your love) Girl I need it
(My God) Come on let’s serve Him
(My heart) Serve Him together
(My life) Come on let’s share it
(By faith) We can make it

‘Cause your love it’s proven to be what I need
Yes your life brings peace into my world
With this ring I promise you can trust each word I say
I’ll be faithful and devoted and my heart will never stray
So much love I have for you
And each day I love you more
Satisfaction guaranteed
Never been loved like this before
Yes your love has proven to be what I need
Yes your life brings peace into my world
Now my dreams come true and it’s all because of you
Come on let’s walk this walk together

Let’s close the deal, let’s close the deal
In my heart, oh girl you are my melody
Turning all my cloudy days to sun
Join with me in love and harmony
Let’s do this thing together girl come let’s do this thing together
Oh Lord, I stand before you here and now
Asking for this girl that I adore
Oh grant to me, ‘cause I know that You can see
I am that man that she’s been looking for
Ahh, Uhh, Yeah, Umm!

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Hammond, Fred The Proposal Comments
  1. Jena Brown

    I never cared for jazz at all. I love his jazz if that it what it is considered. Love it.

  2. L Dutton

    I agree we need CLEAN romance songs today, without the explicit and sex-laced tone and lyrics, but I don't know if Fred is the one to do the song.

  3. Tommy Keith


  4. Billy Harriston

    The man is one of the most talented and God gifted men in Gospel music. My personal favorite singer his music is timeless.

  5. Latoya Lewis

    Beautiful lyrics!!! #datGodkindaluv

  6. Hammond Parnes

    He is saying one word and watch the power of the Lord shall fall inside Parnes Shall stand in believe and know this the impossible way turn in possible and Victory God gave us Grace to Trust hus word We cant never take the word out of God Mouth it's Faith and Hope And Standing in Believe of God Word So My Soul Say Yes Yes Yes By the Will of Jesus Alone Glory of God Have Move in Victory And Faith And Hope And Knowing The Voice of Jesus Christ So Once again my Soul Say Yes yes To your Will for This Man of God Who Trust your Voice and who Also Have a Relationship with Jesus, So You Remember What Faith and Hope have Done this Far For you And know then Jesus Had your best then and Believe me He have your Best Now Never stop Believing and That Beautiful Smile Keep it Forever Because God See everything and No Matter What remember There no Greater Love Then Jesus and God Love not everybody trying to get u for all the wrong reason just maybe God Have really send Angel in your Life To Live the best last Days of your Life Remember That Brother.

  7. Moonwalker 989

    With this ring I promise
    You can trust each word I say,
    I'll be faithful and devoted and my heart will never stray
    So much love I have for you and each day I'll love you more
    Satisfaction guaranteed
    Never been in love like this before

  8. Alexander Binion

    I've been praying to this special girl in my class recently... next day this song plays... lol. Time will tell

  9. Dalyn

    Love Love and Love

  10. nachfolgerin jesu

    fred i 💖you ✌☺

  11. Apryl Holloway

    I ❤️Fred Hammond! He is such a treasure to the body. He has a Holy Ghost swag that can't be matched. He is so incredibly gifted to sing, play, write, rewrite. I always say that he can have songs forever because he can rewrite& remix all his current songs into new sounds. Let's keep him lifted in prayers always.

    Lateefah Thomas

    I LOVE fred hammond

    Rodrigo Alves Produz

    Apryl Holloway 🤙🏻✌🏻🙏

  12. Mickey G

    Fred you are one Anointed man of God!

  13. Erma Johnson


  14. Tamara Webb

    How can you not Love this c.d. Ahhhhhh, it's refreshing and like me who desires to marry, that we ladies of God are special in every way!

  15. annie wheeler

    I love fred Hammond music .

  16. Deanah Craig

    I love this song

  17. Deanah Craig

    I love rhis song

  18. Herman K. Michael

    This should be the song of the century for marriage renewal receptions - reinforce the commitment of love ... (Lois - may spring this on you baby - UR my HEART!)
    Grace, Peace, Strength, Honor

  19. Jacquee Williamson

    Really liking this song and the jazzy voice / sound.



  21. joan kensey

    I SO LOVE THIS SONG,YES FRED KEEP IT COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Leonard peters


  23. DeBar MT

    I love this track also, the entire two cd set is a must have..

  24. Beverly Porter

    I love it love it this CD go hard. Thank U Mr.HAMMON. B Porter Out of H-Town. Be bless my bro.

  25. Susanne Henry

    The beauty of sharing Gods Love and the Love of that special one God has allowed you to have and hold! : )

  26. Edson Delbarrio


  27. Jamilly Suell

    Right if it's not your flavor keep it moving but I love this...my honey ringtone for me <3

  28. Kyle Bannister

    The song does not have to be Christian. It's a song about A Christian Brother who is in Love. Hey, this is Youtube.... you can keep it movin' if this is not your flavor! But I like it!


    perfect perfect.....

  30. Marian Gibbons

    not a dream but 4 real?!! singing Hallelujah, Lord, I do and I will :-)!

  31. Dorance West

    I would say he's talking to whomever is in love.. And need to be reminded of why they are with that person..''

  32. Dorance West

    if you Love gospel music subscribe to Choze-N PAGE.. NEWMUSIC''

  33. Raignor Rollocks

    @rachelmm05....songwriters do not have to be personally involved in something to write about it. In other words, many songwriters write on topics and emotions that others are experiencing or topics which are not being addressed as they should. Its obvious here that he is writing love songs for all those who can relate to the message.

  34. Rachelle Leavy

    He's engaged

  35. rachelmm05

    Question?? Who exactly s Fred singing this song to? Seeing that he and his wife got divorced yrs ago???... Not hating so dont get it twisted

  36. Brianna jarrett

    this guna be played at my wedding :)

  37. Brianna jarrett

    i love how he has love and relationship and gospel songs ;) ...and i love the name of the album it just makes so sense lol :) ....

  38. MsSaunders7


  39. alwayfaithful71

    THIS IS BY FAR... my current favorite song across all genres! Fred Hammond is simply amazing!!!!!

  40. freshandclassy

    this is the jam..thank you Lord...and Fred Hammond..I won't feel guilty listening to this, it is from the man of God.

  41. Damon Cortez

    I love this JAM!!!! Fred you the best bruh!


    time to take the wife dancing again

  43. James Northern

    Musical genius...there's R&B that can't stand up what FHammond has done with God, Love & Romance.

  44. TrinaKay

    chicago steppin at my desk!!!lol

  45. Tandiweh

    Go Fred, Go Fred, Go Fred...WOW

  46. Tandiweh


  47. Pat

    I got the album and my house resounds Everyday with the music. I thank God for inspiring Fred to make this album. ITS TIME!

  48. sharn daniel

    THE SONG he should make ones for weddings

  49. dwills213

    Awesome song... Love it!

  50. msmylifegolden

    Dangggggggggg, I wanna go buy this album TODAY!!!!!

  51. cokko50314

    I just LOVE this song!!! Alright Fred!!! Love and happiness!!

  52. ared tend

    Bout time we have music as Christians that is strictly about love between a man and woman given by God, not explicit things about sex that really are for only those who are married.

    Ms R Hobbs

    yesssssss girl!! I LOVE YOUR COMMENT!!
    “Those who are MARRIED!”
    Yes girl!ONE LOVE.... MARRIAGE!

  53. Margarita Davis

    i love it .....just great!!!!!

  54. Shan Russell


  55. MultiBlackcat9

    I love what my brother did because this is a wonderful cd!!!

  56. Charlotte Shirae

    the horns are going on hard on this!!!!

  57. Charlotte Shirae

    i'm really feeling this, fred. let's serve Him together....oh yeah!!!

  58. Pat

    Alright FRED!! Looking good on the cover my brother.

  59. SMGaming

    Sounds like a wedding song

  60. SHAY754422

    Love it

  61. Daniele Carmo

    OMG....... Very Good!

  62. Victoria S

    All I can say is AAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Thank You!

  63. Keshaunia White

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!! love it

  64. Shan Russell

    OMG I LOVE THIS SONG!!! The arrangement is crazy!


    I love this song. Something I can listen to all day long. I am so happy that God is using Fred Hammond.

  66. Kyle Bannister

    I LOVE This joint! Christian relationships need more of THIS! I dedicate this to Mycoquillage. "Come on. Let's serve HIM. Serve HIM TOGETHER!!" Priceless!

  67. PoeticSongstress

    It's funny. I was complaining via Twitter how there were not a lot of Christian artists singing about love and relationships, and a few days after my rant, he said God had been dealing with him, and he was coming out with an album soon. And, here we are!

  68. B J

    NIce, Smooth, and......... Nice

  69. Milton Simmons

    Fred is always awesome, and with this cd he shows his spiritual genius, i love the whole cd. thanx fred for sharing your touching lyrics, and as always your awesomely sharp and tight music, i feel god just overflowing through you. keep it up ol' boy.

  70. 70tonya


  71. jeral toney

    Love the horns on this song................