Hammond, Fred - That Ain't Nothin' Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Three boys risked their lives
In flames of fire they were sure to die
The king said bow they said we're not gonna do it
Although they went it, the Lord He brought it

He knows the path You take and even if it leads you to a rocky place
It's okay
Whatever you can think to ask, He can do much more
And you just say while you wait

Is there anything, anything
Anything too hard for Him
If it's impossible, do you need a miracle
Anything too hard for Him

[Verse 2]
Say you got a mountain
Seems like it won't move
No time to climb it it
You don't know what to do, hey
What about when
He brought a big giant down
With a stone in the hands of a little child

[Channel x2]


That ain't nothin', that ain't nothin', that ain't nothin', that ain't nothin'
That ain't nothin', that ain't nothin', that ain't nothin'
That ain't nothin' too hard





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Hammond, Fred That Ain't Nothin' Comments
  1. Raul Carvalho


  2. Joseph Bullock

    The groove tho...

  3. Pashinator Ditebza


  4. Sophia Renee

    He has the same people and musicians from commissioned the live reunion love seeing that

  5. Ju V. B.

    Esse show inteiro é maravilhoso, mas esta música é perfeita!

  6. The Light Knight

    Wow, they killed it

  7. Maycon França

    Que groove a vera! !!!

  8. Khalil Smith

    God did it!!!! God did it!!!!

  9. Tom T

    Marvin McQuitty's pocket was somethin else.
    What a great gift he was.

  10. Shay English

    What a timely reminder. Nothing's to hard for God! Hallelujah!

  11. ocbfdog

    Marvin's POCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. chasefarris93

    Marvin McQuitty, A True Leader and Man of God. Thank You for the Inspiration Sir!!

  13. HÉLIO Mendes

    YES..MY GOD...bom mesmo..o melhor pra deus..


    Bom demais! pegadooOO!

  15. Nádia Hinz

    Gente, essa tradução está péssima...

  16. Jürgen Joherl

    Wow..fantastic Band!!!

  17. Suellem Cristina


  18. Marcus Spentz

    RIP Marvin McQuitty...

  19. dadoudavid06

    Marvin May Your Soul Rest at Peace in The Saviour's Presence and comfort you family!

  20. Cinemascapes

    #MarvinMcQuitty #AllDay #RestInHisPresence

  21. Polo The Vibe

    Man RIP Marvin McQuitty.

  22. Moog168

    RIP Marvin McQuitty

  23. Flavio Moreira

    show much ..... this guy tells the drummer as well.
    love it

  24. dadoudavid06

    I like when the horns & sax are dancing in the beginning!!!