Hammond, Fred - Thank You (I Won't Complain) Lyrics

There's a praise
That lives deep in my heart
And it says
Oh Lord I love You
I am blessed
When I think of Your goodness to me
It comforts me daily

But there are times in my life
When things don't work out right
And my burdens are heavy
And there's no joy in sight
Put my eyes back on You
For You've always come through
And with this simple refrain
I will bless You, bless You

Lord You've been
Good to me
You made the way
I could not see
Your love came in
And lifted me
And now, I won't complain
Through the years
You been there
To dry my tears
There is not
A closer friend
Than You

Oh Lord You have been
So good to me
More than this world could ever be
I really want to thank You
Lord I won't complain

Lift my hands
Give You praise in the midst of each storm
'Cause You are worthy
When life's sorrows and heartaches rush in
I will remember (You are still worthy)

Let the words of my mouth
Leave no room for doubt
Because down through the years
You've been faithful
And when I think it all through
Oh Lord it's been You
Who's been there all the time
And I'm grateful, grateful

Lord You've been
Good to me
You made the way
I could not see
Your love came in
And lifted me
And now, I won't complain
Through the years
You been there
To dry my tears
There is not
A closer friend
Than You

Lord I know that You know what's best for me
Even when my weary eyes can't see
I really want to thank You (really want to thank You yeah)
Lord I won't complain (Lord I won't complain)

Let the words of my mouth
Leave no room for doubt
Because down through the years You've been faithful
When I think it all through
Oh Lord it's been You
Who was there all the time and I'm grateful

Through it all
Through it all You've been there for me

Through it all
Through every trial, every heartache You've been there

Through it all
Every tear that I've cried Lord You've been there

I lift my hands and I give You the praise

Through it all
Down through the years every step that I had to take

Through it all
You've been there any time I'm falling

Through it all
All You've been there to hold me tight through the crazy times

I lift my hands and I'll give You the praise

You've been good
You've been good when I think of all You've done

You've been so good
It makes me want to shout for joy and give You glory

You've been good
There is no one like You, You've been so good yeah

I lift my hands and I give You the praise

Let's say thank You
Thank You
I won't complain
Instead I'm gonna say

Thank You
Thank You

I'll lift my hands and I'll give You the praise

Through it all
Through it all You've been there every day of my life

You've been so good
You've been so good and I lift my hands to give You praise

Let me say
Thank You (6 times)
I won't complain

Instead I'm gonna say
Thank You (6 times)
I won't complain

Instead I'm gonna say
Thank You (4 times)

Somebody say it

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Hammond, Fred Thank You (I Won't Complain) Comments
  1. christal cephas

    2020❤🙏🙏🙏HNY everyone!

  2. inhissteps27

    Here 🎶🎧🎶 in 2019 getting ready for 2020🔥🔥

  3. Patricia Reynolds

    This song will forever be one of my favorites by Mr. Hammond... it has brought me through some of the most difficult time and situations in my life.

  4. randall watkins

    Thank you MR Hammond
    for such a wonderful voice that you have been given and sharing it such a high freqency may the creator be with you and love ones.

  5. Gizelle Jordan-Young

    Never Gets Old! I thank you for the storm and the peace as both are necessary to remind me of who you are, who I am, and whose I am. Praying and Thanking you for spared life on behalf to the citizens of Bahamas as Dorian just sat on the island and your mercy was felt. May those that lost loved ones be encouraged!

  6. Donatien Huberson


  7. Donatien Huberson

    This song touches me everytime i listen to it . Yes JESUS LORD i won't complain.

  8. Blue Blue

    the backround saying that

  9. Blue Blue

    thank you 2019

  10. Jonathan Quimpo

    Through it all, you've been there Lord, thank you.

  11. latoyia lynch


  12. Coop JA

    Through it all!!!✋

  13. Jonathan Quimpo

    Thank you Lord. I wont complain

  14. Chad Holmes

    Sing Brother Fred!

  15. Parnes Robinson

    Okay nice red God did bless you in so so many way Stay Focused

  16. Musa Bisalla


  17. Pulane Mononela

    In 2019, He is still good and there for me.

  18. anthony morgan

    He is the men

  19. Tameca Tolliver

    When i get down i listen to this song I Won't Complain

    Tameca Tolliver

    Through it all you been so good to me instead i say Thank you Jesus

  20. Yeslia B

    Still loving this song in 2018!!! If you're down ,discouraged , or going through, put this song on repeat and learn every word. A simple refrain. Thank You, I won't complain🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  21. Jalen Walker

    This is my favorite song.

  22. Rita Walker

    This is my favorite song.

  23. J Johns Jr

    Jesus, thank you!

  24. Rita Walker

    I wish i was Perfect.

  25. Carlotta Weathersby


  26. Rita Walker

    I need Jesus.

  27. Rita Walker

    i wanna be Perfect.

  28. Rita Walker

    This is my favorite song.

  29. Rita Walker

    This is my favorite song.

  30. Rita Walker

    This is my fsvorite song.

  31. Rita Walker

    This is my favorite song this song makes me feel better.

  32. Neci Johnson

    Posted some of these lyrics to my FB page in 2009. This song is still true for worship even today. Yes Fred, God bless you and the music you made.

  33. Latoya Manlove

    Thru it all...... Thank you Jesus!

  34. Torri Howard

    First time hearing this!
    Where have I been!?! Thank You Father through the fire and the rain I know Who will Always be here for me
    🙏 I won't complain. Leaving it in Your hands Father. AMEN 🙏💖🙏

    Eddie Williams

    We all miss some songs...lol. This is actually a great album...ok CD.

  35. Nanetta Smith

    This is my life and everything in it. I'm thankful for my life. Somebody doesn't have one anymore. Father I'm sorry for complaining, please forgive me in Jesus's name. Amen

  36. Rita Walker

    This is my favorite song.

  37. Let's Kpitreal

    This song always brings tears to my eyes and All Things Are Working

    James Partee


  38. Mary Wilson

    Yes...thank you Lord 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾👏👏👏

  39. Charlotte Yankah

    Thank you Jesus for being there for me. In my darkest moments, I am grateful that I can always rely on you. I am truly thankful for taking me on this journey. I won't complain but say thank you in ALL situations

  40. Earle The Canadian

    Real music, here, real soul,, gospel, for Jesus, real music that fills my heart fully when I hear it, thanks to Jesus for it!

  41. Kim Falls

    GOD my burdens are so heavy now I know you will take them I thank you for being so good and you're so faithful to me & all you've done

  42. Michael Patton

    One of my favorites... speaks to me, comforts, edifies and enourages. Praise the LORD. Thank You Jesus!!!!
    Michael Patton

  43. Jalen Walker

    My mom Rita Walker is so Annoying she treats me like a child.

  44. Jalen Walker

    This song makes me feel better because right now things make no sense there's this white boy Joey Stec that keeps on bullying me in school and then when i tell him to stop then that black lady Toni Shaw be sending me out of class i went to the principals and told them how unfair that Teacher Toni Shaw been treating me and the principals Thomas Kazimir and Micheal Irving won't listen to me.

  45. homens não são cafagestes IVAN LIMA

    Um dos melhores ministros de de louvor de todos os tempos Fred Hammond sua voz é ungida e suas músicas feitas no ceu de DEUS LHE.

  46. Janine61000

    Every tear I cried God was right there. Thank you Jesus.

  47. salodina fultz

    this song has really got me through a lot of heart ache. Thank you lord!!!!!!!!! for blessing this man to remix such a beautiful song amen!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Sarah4TruVision

    This song for me touches my soul. The Lord is the only one who knows my heart and what I need. He knows me better then I know myself. I Thank God for his mercy and love for me because without that I would never feel or know him.

  49. Tamika Roberts

    amen!! I needed this!!!! THANK YOU

  50. Jessica McGhee

    Thank you!

  51. chatara bonita

    I won't complain. I said i want to thank u!

  52. Greg Zeno

    He is so good man..He is faithful to His word...I Love Him,and thank Him so much for taking all of my sins on the cross..greatly appreciate it Jesus..

    Kim Falls

    You are totally right lift his name

  53. Tameca Tolliver

    Lord threw it all you been there I love you Jesus I won't complain thank you Jesus

  54. Tammy

    This is one of my favorites ❤️❤️


    Yes ma'am

  55. Jeffery Adams

    God is soooo good praise him today and every day hope and faith is what we all have

  56. Walter wii

    my favorite song

  57. Walter wii

    Lord you really been good to me , more than this world could ever be.

  58. TheRam 323


  59. Kimberly Blaylock

    all I can say is THANK YOU LORD!!

  60. Carla Williams

    God been Good all the time... So faithful.... xoxo

  61. Miss Nyasha BLATHERS

    Yes I was sitting here thinking about somethings, but I began to remember of all the time God seen me through it all. Smh, I will lift up my hands 🙌🙌 and give him praise. I won't complain 👏👏 Thank you Jesus 🙏

  62. keba watson

    your love came in and lifted me..I won't complain🙏🙏

  63. Christina Polk

    Yesss Sir,Fred!!I will not complain!!

  64. Cherise McKnight

    I won't complain....

  65. Tim S.

    Just at that moment when you need something to uplift your spirits God always sends a comforter!! Amen

  66. Yara Yar Wooding

    God only knows I needed this, this morning. My God my God.

  67. Reshell Phillips

    You did really good

  68. S Browne

    🙌☝my testimony!!

    S Browne

    +SweetDenise ;)

    Jackie Wardsworth

    This is my song it means so much to me. Thank you for being there for me,
    Thank You

  69. patrick taylor

    Lord help me with all my...you know!!

  70. Sam & Mercy Lazarus

    Thank you Jesus.  Even on a good day, I can't sing that high.

  71. New York

    This is one of my favorite song and this song hit me more because this was Grandmother's Funeral song

  72. praisesinger83

    My testimony song  for sure... God I wont complain what I have went and going through ! Because God you are Jehovah Shalom  !

  73. Angela Singleton

    This song and "Wait on the Lord" carried me through some hard weary times years ago. Here I am years later and the Holy Ghost gave me your songs Mr. Hammond again to help me through my trials. I hope you read this. By the way, I did purchase this CD and others from Wally World. lol. I pray for you because as a Minister for Christ
    and to sing/write songs like this; I know your testimony is great along with your haters, you really love Jesus. I am going to say thank you for doing God's will.

  74. Godgoodness Grace

    Every Word in this song our my words to my God/my Lord & savior...giving you Praise in everything

  75. Rita Walker

    I am the best why does my mom keep telling me I am not the best because I am the best I take care of her and I love her and we need to do a lot more things like learning how to ride my bike.

  76. salodina fultz

    my favorite

  77. angielious

    Can you post up the song called "There is no place"? It's from this same album, Thank you!

  78. TheLadyfaithful

    Lord there have been so many things I have gone through in my life but You have always been there. It didn't matter what valley it was You saw me through it & the greatest part is that You were with me & carried me through every hard time, every valley, every lost of a love one Lord I thank You because You have carried me a many years. Lord I can't praise You enough for Your glory & victory.

  79. salodina fultz

    my song

  80. CoCoNaturalSTARR

    Study your history Mr.David Kagan. First sign of life is in AFRICA!!!! Get your soul and head right. One RACE= HUMAN

  81. Deborah Back

    Praise God for finding this song on the radio. sad to think lees then 700,000 have heard it youtube! an amazing song such a blessing to my soul!
    it's my testimonial song!

    Jackie Wardsworth

    Thank you Fread, that is one of my favorite songs.

  82. Bravo Charlie

    I won't complain ! Pakapenga apa...

  83. runotit

    Teach em then!

  84. MrJANDAR77


  85. szantos torresz

    May our Heavenly Father continue to bless Min. Hammonds! One of a kind, Word minister of praise, and song.

  86. Nic Boyd

    I just want to say thank you

  87. N H

    Black people are kissed by the son/sun, made with the best material from God himself, bump all that other mess! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus! GLory!

  88. F.O.T.Gentertainment loski

    check out the video i made for the song be grateful song tell me what u think

  89. Criss Allen

    The person who wrote that black people are black because of their sins just forgot to take their medication so do what I do people and remember if it looks like nonsense chances are it is. So don't even try to figure out where, why or what bible they are reading, because that is absolutely NONsense!!!

  90. Coconut Cacao

    @whitecrys1 where's.the.verse.in.the.bible???

  91. Jordan Singleton

    i love this song and i feel good every time i hear it

  92. CD Light

    Can you tell me where that is in the Bible? ... The scripture that says black people are black because of their sins... Thanks.

  93. Chiisai Ward

    @alexphonesales - I don't see how that's true.. How are we held accountable for our skin color?! We didn't ask to be black.. Doesn't make sense.. You may have read something wrong.

  94. Noneyah

    @alexphonesales You should not make comments like that without posting the actual verse in the bible. Makes you sound ignorant.

  95. Laura Collins

    Thank you Lord for your faithfulness to me and my family..I LOVE YOU<3

  96. monica taylor

    @5:29..."when i didn't think i was gonna make it, YOU came in and said 'Monica, its gonna be alright...Monica, its gonna be okay'"...put ur name there and feel the reassuring presence of the Lord! i know i did!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. David Kagan

    I dont get this? How black people can be so good christians even though in bible there is section of a text "black people are black becoz of their sins" I REALLY DONT GET IT!!!!!!!!!
    That religion is RASIS like all Fuing western white people.