Hammond, Fred - Praise Belongs To You Lyrics

(Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa)
Can I moan a little bit, hey
(Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa)
Hey, All the brothers, all my sista's, oh, oh, oh, oh

[Verse 1]
Worthy, worthy
You know what I mean
Is the Lamb of God who gave His life to make us clean
What an awesome price was paid
So I lift up my voice to say I love You
Thank you, thank you
Hear what I'm sayin'
To the Lord of my life, forevermore
That's how it's layin'
All the nations, all the people
If you love Him let me hear you say we lift...

We lift Your name on high
The Savior of our lives
The Way, the Truth, the Light
My, oh, my, oh, my
Praise belongs to You

[Verse 2]
Glory, glory
I said it before
I'm sayin' it now
And I'll be sayin' it forevermore
All power belongs to You
So with all of my heart I give You honor
Holy, Holy
Lord God almighty
Who sits on the throne of my heart
All day and nighty
All the brothers
All the sisters
If you love Him let me hear you say we lift...

We lift Your name on high
The Savior of our lives
The Way, the Truth, the Light
My, oh, my, oh, my
Praise belongs to You

[Chorus x1]

[Vamp A]
You're worthy, so worthy
You are Lord and Lord alone
You're worthy, so worthy
The Holy King upon the throne
You're worthy, so worthy
To be praised forevermore
My, oh, my, oh, my

[Vamp B]
Dominion and glory
Lion and the Lamb so Holy
You are the all knowing
All power belongs to You
So worthy, You're so worthy
My, oh, my, oh, my
Praise belongs to You

[Vamp B x1]

[Vamps A & B: simultaneously-out]

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Hammond, Fred Praise Belongs To You Comments
  1. Danny Jackson

    Fred's truly a spiritual gift from God!(+)

    Danny Jackson

    Fred's truly a spiritual 🎁 gift from God(+)!!!

  2. Dennis Pounds

    I remember playing this in my car on my first sound system....This goes harder than some hip hop song..knocking

  3. Anthony D. Hinnant

    Play Bass Guitar / Bass / Percussion Gospel

  4. Clyde Lamont

    Fred Hammond in his musicianship could have gone any direction in the industry and attained great wealth. He chose to honor God by giving his very best by sharing his experiences with us. He has laid up treasures in heaven in all he ministers to us. Perfection unto God, that is what flows to us thru him.

  5. Odessa Clark

    I love every song on this cd!

  6. markese shaw

    This song gives me the chill luv it amen sing it fred 🙏🏽

  7. Yamin Haniyah

    This is fire!!  Love it!! "Your're Worthy" "So worthy"  "My oh my oh my"

    Anita Friend

    The Father's Name is in your name, Haniyah. Psalm 68:4

  8. Kumbaya Fire


  9. Hevin Amber

    them chords tho!

  10. whenuknow uno

    Repeat, repeat, repeat! So worthy, my oh my oooohhh myyyyyyyy!

  11. Traci Taylor

    Doesn't this tell you a lot about our Father? He ain't nothing to joke with. That's why satan is so angry. Our Father is the King of Praise and worship. Look at Fred!

  12. Art and Julia McAllister

    This song not only gives God all the Glory but it's off the charts slammin!

  13. Leo Emerson, Jr.

    I love this!!!! Quintessential Fred Hammond using musical groove styles of Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind & Fire.  This is one of my favorites from the album besides "That's Why."

  14. Nathan Addison


  15. prophetichippo

    Love jamming to funky gospel music

  16. Sherri Moqua Whatley

    I love this song...Thank You Jesus...for the ministry gift of Fred Hammond !!!...

  17. Sharrel Dickens

    praise belongs

  18. Work–Man IceHammer

    Can't unhear Jake the Dog…

  19. Roni K

    My favorite Fred Hammond song 🙌🏽🙏🏽

    Simply nae

    mine to

    Jojo Rush

    I love love love Fred Hammond songs this is my favorite song

  20. Marc's Thoughts

    Gospel/Christian music should not be this FUNKY!!!!!!Love this song!

    m m

    WHY NOT!!!

  21. AshleYYYMusic

    Ahh!!!😍🙌🏽 "Can we moan a lil bit yeah oh!" Love this song 🙏🏽

  22. cdk1

    I played this song so much my wife had no choice but to start liking it....she didn't like it much at first but it grew on her lol

    Anita Friend

    Shame on you 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀

  23. Lexi T

    Love it😄😄

  24. Bethan Dadson

    this really does sound stevie wonder inspired! I thought of that when I listened to it for the first time yesterday. looooove this song.

  25. TDK 8.6 shits on BP 8.2 and all marvel shit movies

    i like the 2004 live one better, and i listen to that one the most. this one is good but not the live one.

  26. Mister_DarkFlyBrutha 1

    This song rocks SUPER hard!

  27. moosedadrumr

    Ordinarily I'm not real impressed w/ Pandora Radio but I do have them set as an alarm on my phone for in the mornings and the other day this woke me up. My, oh my, oh my!!!! Had never heard it but this is my new all time fav FH cut! What a banger!!!!

  28. Taylor Reed

    This song is sooo great!

  29. shyguy

    the hardest gospel song lol

    Heartbeats 04

    yess it is

    Michael Weatherspoon

    negus yes it is sir.

  30. QXQ1001

    I love this song!!!

  31. M U Z I K B O X X

    My jam!!!!

  32. None existence

    You do have a point there.

  33. Daniel Kennie

    of course, but anyone who knows Fred and Stevie's music knows he's influenced by him, even remade one of his songs "Love's in Need of Love Today"

  34. None existence

    God inspired.

  35. Daniel Kennie

    Praise God! This song sounds Stevie Wonder-inspired

  36. Michele Sacky

    GLORY GLORY! LORD GOD ALMIGHTY...who sits on the throne of my heart ALL DAY & NIGHT! OH my Brothers, OH my Sisters, If you love Him let me hear you sing WE LIFT YOUR NAME ON HIGH..THE SAVIOR OF OUR LIVES, THE WAY THE TRUTH THE LIFE...MY OH MY OH MY!!!


    (Dominion & Glory, Lion & The Lamb so holy, You are the All-Knowing. ALL POWER BELONGS TO YOU...So worthy, you're so worthy!!) MY OH MY OH MY!!

  37. shyguy

    this slap

  38. Come Sit Under The Trees

    This is my feel good, get down and praise song right here! My Oh MY, praise belongs to you Jesus!

  39. SumOfSquaresMusic

    This song is dynamite!!!

  40. Damien Steeley