Hammond, Fred - No Greater Love Lyrics

There is no greater love, No greater love
Than the one You have for me Lord

[Verse 1:]
Your mercy so tender, Erasing my transgressions

There is none greater, There is none greater

Your love for me is forever, Your love for me is forever

To me there is none greater, to me there is none greater

Your love for me is forever,Your love for me is forever

No greater, no greater, no greater, no greater

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Hammond, Fred No Greater Love Comments
  1. Ri Payne

    In 2020... Still. ❤

  2. The Count O

    This is one of my favorite all time songs. God bless all who are on here. To God the glory.

  3. Aisha Bumbrey

    I’m playing this song over and over

  4. Chanel Laurice Woods

    I’m a true lover of Fred Hammond. His music has gotten me through, and pulled me back to that place of worship.

  5. Joe Whitfield

    That which is born of the Spirit is timeless and forever anointed. Praise the Only Living God forever!!!

  6. Juan sebastian Gil

    Can’t think of ANY other song that takes me to that place of knowing I am loved by Jesus... for no other reason than just because.

  7. Lordpraisethe

    Praise Jesus

  8. Chimango Chihana

    Here December 2019 ❤️
    Heavenly song ..

  9. Marissa Seawell

    Still Listening in 2019. Timeless..

  10. Nijean Diggins

    God my mom was my everything I'm hurt in a million pieces this for her and I song 2yr Nov 12💜😥☹

  11. disgurluvsmuzik


  12. L Carter


  13. Brenda 9805

    sinto a presença do pai 2019♡

  14. cmsutty

    Sing it Zion ❤

  15. Athos Melo

    Em 2019 continuo gostando dessa música 🇧🇷

  16. Jena Brown

    OMG, this song is so beautiful. I wish I knew his music back then. I feel so deprived. I just really started listening to his music this year. The only other song I knew was "No Weapon". I heard a song listening to someone else playlist this year and have fallen head of heels in love with his sound and songs. Old songs of his are new to me.

  17. Joshua Anderson

    Fred Hammonds music is timeless, this whole concert and album is a musical masterpiece ... when you accept the assignment God has given you and use his gifts he gave you to lift his name up nothing but good can happen!!

  18. Elton Ramos

    Glórias a Deus

  19. Corine Brown

    This one of my favorite Fred Hammond songs. It truly ministers to me!

  20. Mark Freemantle

    I searched for the sheet music to this awesome song and found the 1936 song, sung by Billie Holiday, of the same title. Oops, profoundly different song. Her version: "No greater love than what I feel for you..." Clearly a love song to another human, not God!
    I hope I can find a jazz guitar version of this song! I've love to play it for an Offertory!

  21. Ketsia Rasier


  22. Miss Me

    NEEDED to hear this one on my way home from work today. I've been in a state of Worship all day at work and got in the car humming this one. It NEVER gets old! The tears ALWAYS flow. There is TRULY NO GREATER LOVE! Thank u Lord for loving me so 😇❤️

  23. Sanda Washington

    6/2019 and this song still lifts my spirit with a reminder of God's unwavering love. Hallelujah!

  24. Radical RIGHT


  25. Ivan Souza Zona leste

    gosto muito de ouvir esse louvor no meu carro ....Brasil ..São Paulo 2019 peace of Jesus

  26. Vitor Santiago

    Não há amor maior 🙌🏾🙏🏾🇧🇷😭

  27. brandon nicholson

    What he did for us. How he died for us. The way they beat him without saying a mumbling word. And we act and treat him and others. That's love yall. I'm not the best Christian in the world. I'm hard headed I act out but I have to remember who I am

  28. Bk Sekou

    Who else is still rocking this in 2019? Thank you Jesus for loving me!

  29. Diana Arellanes


  30. Rhoda Gardner

    Such an anointing on this song. Still listening to it in 2019. But the anointing of God is timeless ,so.........

  31. Mukhetwa Mukatune

    Who is Still listening in 2019 😍🙌🎤🎤

  32. Purple Rain


  33. Eliz Cole

    Hallelujah .Thank u Jesus !

  34. beverly addison

    This is so the truth 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 The relationship with the most high is the best 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  35. China Oliver

    Every time I hear this song play it calms my spirit and reassures me that God will carry me through my storms!

  36. La B

    His voice is amazing! 2018 was horrible, I almost let go, my heart torn in to pieces. My soul shattered. I felt so used, abused, unloved, and just all together broken. Mankind can never love us as much as God! I’m so happy I made the decision to give my heart, mind, body and soul to Jesus. I’m not perfect but His love and His Blood, the only One who can mend my broken heart.

  37. By Grace Beauty

    That Fred &RFC sound...none like it. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  38. Rene Q

    Jesus Loves us!!

  39. Jess Fran


  40. Stephen Williams

    Oh yes...

  41. Christina Bogues

    I think his amazing...so so talented this is a great live chores and singing...God bless him.. I love his loyalty.... Amen.. Im a fan and a christian for God as well.. I remember seeing him in concert when i was a teen... We love you fred Hammond. Christina

  42. Odessa Clark

    I am seeking a more deeper love in God!

  43. April Burnette

    To me there is none greater!
    Your Love for me is Forever.
    Thanks RFC. Great song

  44. N C

    This is my favorite by Fred Hammond, I play it over and over.....beautiful choir !!!!

  45. Shanna Barnett

    There is no greater love than the one u have for me Yes Lord Jesus AMEN GLORY TO GOD BLESSINGS

  46. Mary Hudson

    No greater love than Jesus christ

  47. Antonio Garcia

    Everytime I listen to this song My Mind goes on an incredible Journey and all I can see is Jesus in his glory and all his power and might Like A Mighty Wind of light blasting the gates of hell and everything in it away Hallelujah

  48. Netta2

    This song=instant tears of joy! ❤️👑

  49. memyiself Email

    Yes LORD!!!!!

  50. Audrey Job

    Glory to the Cross!!! No greater demonstration of the love Jesus had and still has for us.
    This song blesses my soul:-)

  51. Haze Mcdanill

    those women are so beautiful and i love this song

  52. Audrey Job

    The best description of love will always be The Cross of calvary where our Saviour laid His life for our sins...No greater love than that😭👐

  53. Erin Martin


  54. Rhonda Murray

    “Your mercy, so tender, erasing my transgressions, there is no greater love”😪

  55. Traci Taylor

    The Love of Jesus! He is a Father to all us fatherless people.......

  56. Symphony Brown

    It really is quite simple. No love greater than Jesus.

  57. jo point

    In God there is power... In his love there is victory...

  58. news flash 101

    Prayer in schools isn't the solution. Humans have to remember to love humanity.

  59. Darrin Yon

    Worship invites the very presence of The Almighty our Lord Jesus. He IS a present help at ALL times. I absolutely love the musical ministry of Fred Hammond! No matter who you are, how you've lost your way Jesus is STILL here to save your soul. I'm a witness. After 16 years of having went astray LOST in sin I was overwhelmed by his presence and surrendered right there in my bedroom having not been NEAR a Church. Today, I'm FULL of the Holy Ghost and back on track! He's wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! Be blessed you all!

  60. Caleb Chandler

    this song will never die out like god's love never dies out

  61. Robert Blackmon

    Dem sorprano's tho...... <3

  62. Greg Zeno

    The cross is evidence of His love

  63. kyah prince

    most beautiful song

  64. Caio

    Great voice!

  65. Michael Bell

    This song reminds me to be so thankful, grateful, and worshipful to the LORD.

  66. Moe Common-Sense

    Every LAST one of them choir members deserve a dat-gum solo album.

  67. Sherry Richard

    Wow!!Fred Hammond u go keep lifting up the Lord he worthy bless u 2

  68. Elizabeth Love

    Yes, thank-you, I love Fred Hammond, songs from the heart is why they are soo very Powerful, leads me straight to WORSHIP!!!

  69. Gerrar Maya

    So powerful. This song takes me to another place. God is love

  70. Gee B

    This songggg and the vocal arrangement is out of it! Your Love for me is forever!!!!! 🙏

  71. Wilfred Pietersen

    Still........no1 for me.....Thank you Lord...

  72. Traci Taylor

    Somehow we lost focus of true worship this thing will have you bowed down . Jesus is so good. Mercy!

  73. Traci Taylor

    This is all I know......(for a long time) Keep this song cause God really loves us. He really Love us!

  74. Mary Hudson

    aint it the GOD heaven truth!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Mary Hudson

    aint it the GOD heaven truth

  76. Mary Hudson

    Aint it the GOD heaven truth!!!!!

  77. Dean Hargett

    Tears of joy! Automatic!

  78. Phillip Bradshaw

    I looked to buy the sheet music, but it wasn't listed. Who wrote it? Serving as a guitarist for New Creation Christian Center in Seattle Wa., I feel it, love it, but I have to use both sides of my brain to work properly. Meaning I want to do it right, not just improvise something different every time.

  79. Chosen

    Your MERCY so tender, erasing my transgressions, there is none GREATER, my JESUS!!🙌🏾

  80. Cindy Fitzpatrick

    there is no greater love than than the love the Lord has for me my soul says than you Jesus for your love i could not live without the love you have thank you praise and glory i give unto you

  81. Trawann Council

    praise him. i have a special person that i love and care about a lot . i am a nice and decent young man. i am saved and i love her a lot . please continue to pray for us both . i asked her to be my girlfriend and she said okay. i have been faithful and hope and pray that i will continue to be to her . peace and love.

  82. Judy Hughes

    Fred Hammond sings this song to Our Most High God so Sweet, No Greater Love is so true, He is our 1st Love and the last , The beginning Love and the End. Forgiving our sins and remembering them no more. Gods Mercy is so tender, No Greater Love.
    Thanks to God for this man Fred Hammond with such a Passionate Love for God & his Choir. God Bless you all, Thanks so very much. Praise our Father God El Elyon!!!

  83. Brandi Brown

    Still listening in 2017 🤗 timeless music

  84. Ponder Ripper


  85. houseofzion praise

    Fred Hammond music has brought me through many adversity! help me to stay focus on Jesus!

  86. Lady Lala


  87. Thapelo Phetlo

    No greater love indeed. Fred Hammond is on of the singers that make me image what heaven is like

  88. Mikita Sanders - Help For Lice Indy

    ❤❤❤❤ To me there is non Greater!

    Diane Lott

    How can i thank you for everything you done for me and my family

  89. cmsutty

    there is none greater❤

  90. Roxanne Stapleton-Whyms

    One of my favourite songs of all time...

  91. owluck

    Thank you Lord for your great love for me.

  92. Jalafian

    Who thumbs downed this song? Like seriously how can you not like it...confused.

  93. Ronnie L

    The Sincerity in this song!

  94. TheBlueLincoln

    Wow this song was a Blessing to my Soul. Thank You Fred.. the choir is Unforgettable too. shout out to my section Sopranos.

  95. Mel

    jesus jesus jesus keep loving me all i need is you no one else.

  96. Michelle Howard

    your mercy, soo tender, erasing my transgressions. God thank you for LOVING ME IN MY MESS!!!!!

  97. Leah Lovejoy

    this song blessed me

  98. Earle The Canadian

    awesome choir for Jesus! Thanks to JEsus and when they sing.. YOur love for me is Great .. the women. that's magnificient for Jesus! Thanks to you Jesus!