Hammond, Fred - Easier Lyrics

I don't wanna move too fast,
Is it alright to hold her hand?
Is it much too soon to love again?
Cause it's easier than being alone
Easier than crying, crying alone.

I don't wanna move too fast
But it's easier to say than do.
A lonely heart gets cold too soon
And one will be much colder than two.
Colder than a winter night in June.

So I'll keep on praying,
Keep on holding on
Cause I hear you saying
I love you till forever is gone

I don't wanna hurt again,
But it's too much to hope for that.
Maybe, we'll just be friends
But it's easier than being alone,
Easier than dying, dying alone.

So I'll keep on praying,
I'll keep on holding on, yes, I will oh yes, I will.
Cause I hear you saying
I'll love you till my life is gone

I don't want to hurt again
But it's too much to ask for that.
Maybe we'll just be friends.
But it's easier than being alone.
Easier than dying, easier than crying,
Easier than living without you.
Ooohhhhhh ooohhhhhhh

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Hammond, Fred Easier Comments
  1. lanae567


  2. Bajan Girl

    It’s easier to take the risk of falling in love again than dying alone. Be loved, don’t be afraid. 🤗

  3. Jena Brown

    Oh my, another song I have discovered and fallen in love with. "Easier than....." love it.

  4. Parnes Robinson

    No Lust at all if we will only Believe God with all I Heart It shall be the Will of God beening friends is the best thing Love is Beautiful I always pray these always let me know your love for parnes and keep your hands on me that I shall know what for parnes beening friends can be best for I heart Beautiful song Bro Stay Focused

  5. Parnes Robinson

    We shall always be Friend and never forget I wouldn't never hurt u I lust want to Love you with every earth and Land baby u have beening my love Jesus gave parnes a king of joy I have no word just action your beautiful voice and your ending makes me sing to the angels and the rainbow have i name on it God opening his hands out and gave us each other your sweet sugar lips your eyes is my miracle from heaven Jesus Jesus Jesus Thank You For my impossible Man of God I Love you I Need you as I need God and Jesus you are parnes Angel Man, and Parnes Faith Man, and Parnes Blessing MAN, Bro I Love you EVERYDAY EVERY HOUR

  6. Ctd T.v.

    I’ve been waiting on this song all September

  7. Albert Omondi

    It's easier than Crying..Cyring alone! One of Fred Hammond's Best Ever!

  8. teco trent

    I have this album but I really listened to the words when you were brianized. Man, love it.

  9. William Teague

    His style is very dope ..sweet song!

  10. Eighty B

    Lololololol at the thumbs down... Just why

  11. Jonathan badger

    On repeat 😕

  12. Steven Gilbert

    Fred I saw you want to play at the regal theater in Chicago with Tashina Arnold (Pam from Martin)and Shante Moore. You played a handy man/ Angel.

    I think it's the best you ever saying your whole career that night that I saw you. I think it's also the best play musical that I've ever seen. Can you put the cast back together and come back to Chicago I believe it would line up and drove to see you! Your brother, Steve

  13. Ilene Bradley

    Just broke up with my guy, missing us. Thank you Fred for this song, it's making me cry but I know that in time the pain will lessen

  14. Cassandra Diamond Lavender

    I always loved Fred Hammond. It has been a while since I have listened to him...you know the way I use to over and over.

    Tonight I came to this song because of Brian McKnight Brianizing Fred. Brian explained the song so...here I am.

    Thanks Fred. Thanks Brian.

  15. Mio Baeby


  16. Mio Baeby

    this song is. like. a song for people who needs this inspiration. so betimes we get so blinded by worldly things that we forget God put us here to set a mark on the world and have everyone realize he is one. it brings tearsto my eyes

  17. Naiem Oliphant

    I came here because you have been brianized my friend

    D Mont

    Naiem Oliphant me too lol...never heard of this album

    Albert Omondi

    You can't be serious bro!! Nothing can ever get this dope!!

  18. Eric Dickinson

    Absolutely beautiful.

  19. Dewayne Spears

    This song brings tears to my eyes. The love of my life is gone forever. And this song paints the picture to our new relationship.

  20. DaVince Wright

    I love writing to this song. Its the story inside my ink.

    LaTrish Shaw

    DaVince Wright so many unspoken words, heart felt. Thanks for sharing this with me.

  21. Tyler Walker

    I love this song

  22. Garywball09

    Fred you are still the MAN!!!


    Garywball09 , indeed! This song remains as one of my favorites. It’s so honest, and necessary. 🙌🏾

  23. Cheryl Lowry

    You are BEAUTIFUL to me. Your heart is pure, these words are true.... xxxooo

  24. TRON4EVA

    I felt this exact way when my ex-wife and I split and eventually divorced. I cried everyday for about a month, I've never felt so alone in my life. In that dark hour of my life God knew my pain and slowly but surely he healed my heart. But what I didn't know was God was preparing me for my queen. I had to go through the storm to get to where I am now. I thank him for the angel he placed in my life!

  25. Mine Bernal

    hola amigos yo soi de Mexico,y me gustaria saber si esta musica la encuentro subtitulada,gracais.

  26. DeAndrea Jones

    There was a time where I felt like this. I am so grateful that God healed my heart and delivered me from sadness and insecurity. I have fixed my eyes back on my first love, God. And even though I want a husband, Christ is and always will be my husband. He's the perfect gentleman and He wants what's best for me and I will not settle for anything less than what He has for me. So I'll wait and become the best for Him and my future husband by keeping my gaze fixed on Christ. I encourage all of you!


    Thanks 😊

  27. Angelica White

    I'm so in love with this song *sigh*

  28. God's Beautiful Daughter

    thank you Arnold i just love fred's hammond voice cause he puts u in the spirit an you be thinking about what u been goin through an what you been through but i just thank god so much because on the 4 of july i got caught in a wave an it took me out there an the life guards came an got me an when they came i wasn't breathin an they told my mom i was dead an my mom said no she still alive an they did the thing to my mouth an all that warter came out of my mouth Arnold u just dont know i thank god

  29. Arnold Durant

    I feel you, sis. The anointing of Fred's voice and the subject material he chooses is for the purpose of us who believe in the power of God to usher and welcome us back to where we're distracted from a lot in life. Fred's enduring message is that God is merciful and endearing even when we fail and need all that He is once, perhaps twice (and more) again and again. Be encouraged, beloved.

  30. Shawn Lewis

    i so understand this song it break my heart that i do

  31. LadyD1818

    Such a beautiful song, Waiting on my God sent man as well I definitely needed to hear this and not settle for anything

  32. ArtisticDreams2U

    Yes, Sir! Waiting on my love, too! Amen.

  33. Kamayah Porter

    <3:( ill keep praying .ill keep on holding on

  34. God's Beautiful Daughter

    i love this song soo much it make me cry then i started to talk to god like i was in church he is good

  35. GospelMusicLover247

    Wow! What writing, what a powerful delivery of a wonderful message and talent. Thank you for sharing!

  36. samuel mays

    Awesome song

  37. Ray


  38. godsanointin

    Oh wow! This song brought tears to my eyes! Just heard it on Pandora! I know this feeling so well! God is so faithful n takes such amazing care of your heart!!! I'm a witness!

  39. tiarra

    I'm in love with this song

  40. alwayfaithful71

    Such a beautiful song. I'll keep on praying... Boaz is out there somewhere....

    Andrew Jackson

    Awesome is this song