Hall, Trevor - Under Pressure Lyrics

Blessed are the strong
Let us sing long
Sing beyond right, Darling, sing beyond wrong
Sing beyond the walls, oh the walls that we build
‘Cause this time it’s shoot to kill
So let it bless our lips, let us only speak of hope
Lay the rhythm down, Darling, this is how we cope
We follow melodies, swallow up the seven seas
Watch it grow like trees while we hold on to the rope
Drifting in the current as it flows through dreadlocks
If they close the door, well, we continue to knock
Dancing with our hands to the ceiling, this is such a sacred feeling
I’m believing that this song will never stop
The lineage is callin’, friend of the fallin’
People running round but now there’ll be no more stallin’
Because the book has been opened and the called few are chosen
Now its time to break the clocks

Under pressure, under pressure
The world is comin’ in cold
But I’ve got some magic to melt all the stone
Under pressure, under pressure,
But baby we can’t lose,
‘cause oceans and flavor, they sing from this room

How can we go down when were bathing in the sound of the great souls
Come tenfold
Fire on the tongue as we’re drinking from the sun
It ain’t no evil, I’ve been told
Words are the arrow, song is the bow
Rhythm is the hunter and it shoots for my soul
Heart is the mirror, eyes the window
Gaze upon the most high, come fly home
I know the stars hold an ancient secret
Ash on my skin, well, you best believe it
Born of a holy tribe, now it’s either do or die
Which way you wanna fly in this concrete jungle
Don’t forget about the roots
Never fallin’ down—we hold the parachutes
In this age of darkness we cling to truth
They water the leaves, but we water the roots

Under pressure, under pressure
The world’s comin’ in cold
But I’ve got some magic to melt all the stone
Under pressure, under pressure,
But, baby, we can’t lose
‘Cause oceans of flavor they sing from this room
Under pressure, under pressure
But we say bless go round
Come rise like a lion, take shelter in sound
Under pressure
Under pressure

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Hall, Trevor Under Pressure Comments
  1. Amanda Jane

    Creative genius

  2. Heather Bradford

    ♡ Born of a holy tribe. We water the roots ♡

  3. 19SSL94

    Found my genre!!

  4. Rory Merry

    Another quality piece of music from Trevor Hall, Unpack Your Memories is superb. Intelligent, well-written songs with a welcome, positive message for these troubled times.

  5. Butterfly925

    Such a sweet song. Songs like this give me a feeling of happiness and hope that maybe one day, i will find my soul and the peace that comes with it. That maybe one day I'll see the world the way it was meant to be seen and i am healed. Body, Mind, and Soul.<3

  6. Max Southerland

    I love you trevor. Indigo Love my brother.

  7. Jude twouffes

    A brend new wave of pure vibes.
    Thank you Trevor, your sounds follow my travels.

  8. Debra Silverman

    and the healing tones continue....