Hall, Trevor - Uncle Jo Lyrics

I called Uncle Jo
He told me about bear and the buffalo
He told me that the roots need water so
We put it in the stars then we let go
I guess mama hear that prayer and so
A few months later see we hit the road
Yea we hit the road
On a chariot of flames I was chanting the Name
The hummingbirt came and so it flows
Well I was in need of the medicine
The company of my brethren
The Elk grew antlers once again
Hoka Hey
That's what we would say
When the morning came
All through the day Sita Ram I praise
This is straight ohana
Oh Grandfather guide the way

Let the bees come and teach us song
Sip it from the third eye all day long
Melodies come fill out cup
Take a new birth and open up
Into the world we come to play
And so we say

Hello Friend
Hello Friend

(Nahko), I cry kindred soul
Pull back your bow and let your arrow go
Light up the totems written on the wall
Wild cub standing very tall
Uncle Uncle keep the boys all together
Lost and found on the road to recover
Each other
A lover
On a wild mustang I was spitting out flames
The animal kingdom came
We sand
Well I was in need of the brotherhood
A council of men who understood
The bear climbed from his cave and looked
Time to play
And that's how we would pray
When the evening came
All through the day
Creator I sang
This is Hare Rama
Show the way

Let the hummingbird come teach us song
Drinking of the nectar palm to palm
Allies come to fill our well
Meaningul music keeps me filled
Into the world we coem to play
And so we say
Hello Friend
Hello Friend
Hello Friend

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Hall, Trevor Uncle Jo Comments
  1. Michael Shuler

    Awesome! Here they are performing it live on the streets of Barcelona: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X6VmaX33Mk

  2. Chris Brown

    Just one question who is uncle Joe?

    Ange Bale E

    Jay Lash from Wookiefoot

  3. Jamie Bradford

    McCoy on my Pandora I have because my fingers I’m like nooooo,:( but upping every song I can

  4. Scott Wachowski

    I WAS IN NEED OF MY BRETHREN. Right about that time, Trevor & Nahko showed up. No words can truly capture what these men have done for my soul. Like taking a Polaroid of the Grand Canyon ... you can't fit it all into one frame. All in the family here, so get in the huddle, Dustin Thomas, Tim Schneider, Chase Makai, and the MFTP family!! Long way to go, to BE LOVE, but with teachers like these, we can ALL get there.

  5. Amanda Lynn

    ♥️🙏 couldn’t imagine listening to anything else on this beautiful full blood moon eclipse tonight (wolf moon). Musical medicine!

  6. Peter Bryan

    Back to the fiyaaaaaa

  7. Nina

    I just love when lifes difficult, I can find peace through music. Soothes my soul every time 💕

  8. Jeffrey Orpen

    Valua valua ma himptch'

  9. Borh Ksalduero

    good to listen to such good vibes!!!

  10. Kara Norman

    Hello friend

  11. Jeffrey Orpen

    Muliam prauti.

  12. Michael Emberlin

    These words are full come follow!!! Trevor Hall, you were the catalyst for my Spiritual Awakening!!! Your words will ring through my soul for all of time!!!!

  13. Mask of Shiva

    oh. shit. nahko

  14. Traci Parker

    back to the FIYA!

  15. Makonts Cayetano

    23 people accidentally press dislike button, but its okay, we still love you :)

    Scott Wachowski

    mccoy cayetano exactly! ;)

  16. Lauren Sarrantonio

    sounds sad somehow

  17. Thedore Wallace


  18. Jimmy Key

    so much love for this mana!

  19. Mike Shafer

    How is there 15 dislikes?!

  20. Conscious Life Hacks

    These two are changing the world for the better 🙏 We're all so blessed to receive their music ❤️

    SurfButtNaked Morris

    True story 😊🍻

  21. Willow Teri

    Such a Beautiful Blessing!! Hello FriendWelcome Home from Mpls 🌀💙

  22. M0FF&n 73

    hello freands i'm from Mexico and i love Trevor and Nahko✌

  23. booboo kim

    hoka hey

  24. luanaggomez

    in love

  25. Johnny Lerma

    One love!!!

  26. Tre G.

    one love baby

  27. Massive Amounts of Good

    One Love!

  28. Lady Kamilah

    hoka heyyyy

  29. Wandering Hula Hooper

    my daughter adores this, she dedicates it to her uncle joe who she never got to meet

    Thedore Wallace

    thats so beautiful, made my girlfriend and i tear up a little. WELCOME HOME!

    Lee Anderson

    Come to Harmony Park, you'll meet him

  30. Cristóbal Santibáñez

    Trevor is the fucking god

    Logan Gomez

    just the fucking man ;)

    Jason Bales

    Just the fucking human ;)

    Datahome TV

    actually,we all are. he just knows it...

  31. Ryan Liening

    Some good meditation music here

  32. Justin Resech

    Beautiful tribe One Family all love!

  33. Gerald Yule

    Another inspirational hit.. Hare Krishna Hare Rama. hello friend.