Hall, Trevor - To Zion Lyrics

To Zion
I fly on

Up with the sunrise
Breeze through the wind chimes
Open my eyes as the images rush my mind
Well baby, you're just in time
The water is in the kettle
The stars have just aligned
Within the hour
Oh we'll see the power
Never knew this tree could bloom so many flowers Yes I
Water the roots as I lace up my boots
Strap on my parachute and float on back to

To Zion
I fly on

Swallow the ocean
Drink of its potion
The wheels are turning and burning
Set it in motion
Fire Fire
Well baby I'm up in flames
These melodies are telling me to see it all the same
I am I
You are You
You are Me
We are We
Family on the road to unity
Plant the seed
Watch it sprout
Watch it grow
Watch it bloom
Get in tune
Sun and Moon
As we finally break through

To Zion
I fly on

Polish the mirror so we can see clearer
Push back the clouds and reflect love superior
Within the lotus, it all comes in focus
This love, it ain't hopeless
It's no hocus pocus

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Hall, Trevor To Zion Comments
  1. Catherine R

    We are connected through Ram Dass and Mihaly and, of course all that is. Just want to say your work is soul food.

  2. IYN

    Trevor, you are a genius musician! Thanks for the music so pure and gentle...

  3. Ember Keeper

    Thank you for creating medicine 🤘🏼🤘🏼🎶🔥☀️

  4. Denise Pancurak

    Outstanding video, great job!

  5. sweetwildflower

    This song is pure love❤Namaste

  6. Camille Banks

    Beautiful to see Native American culture represented here. Living in the heart of New Mexico, I'm used to it, but it's rare to find in music videos.

  7. Trish Mc

    i want to meet you man 🤠

  8. daniel zarate

    found the name of a water bottle that will bring healing to many in the lyrics of this song.. to zion

  9. Sabrina B

    Really love this kind of music. I only discovered him a few days ago and I'm in love! It makes my soul shine😊 I'm so thankful for artists like Trevor:)

  10. Michelle Cevallos

    This reminds me a lot of Sigur Ros The Nothing Song (Njosnavelin)

    Ric Flair

    Yes! I loved that for the melody. I remember listening to that on a plane on my way home to my brother's funeral. Now its like this song gave it the right words. :)

  11. Just call Me Liz


  12. Tallo Yangfo

    Hari Om trevor my bro your music gave me intense encouragement during my toughest nostalgic days bro god bless you keep doing and proposing more holy Sanathan blended songs jai Shiva Shakti, people can criticize other religion but we know if we are loyal to ourself our family Friends our society there is no need to pretend

  13. Margarete Oliveira Fabbro


  14. Eva Lebedeva

    ♥️♥️♥️ blessed to have found talented and inspiring Trevor♥️

  15. The Cannon

    “"In those days and in that time, declares the Lord, the people of Israel and the people of Judah shall come together, weeping as they come, and they shall seek the Lord their God. They shall ask the way to Zion, with faces turned toward it, saying, 'Come, let us join ourselves to the Lord in an everlasting covenant that will never be forgotten.'”
    ‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭50:4-5‬ ‭ESV‬‬

  16. Demilson Jesus

    I thought this was a Lauryn Hill cover. But its so good tho

  17. Tallo Yangfo

    Jai maa

  18. Aurora Borealis

    We all have a beautiful dance.

  19. Chronicles of Ash

    Trevor's music is medicine, I am so grateful for the healing. It is good for my soul. <3

  20. SwatiAvis

    This song always give me goosebumps

  21. Eugene Irvin

    Man this guy jams all the time. Great track.

  22. Alicia Rouse

    Trevor makes me cry the happiest tears ❤

  23. scottlippittmusic

    A very special song. Thanks for this one! This was definitely my most listened to song last year.

  24. Sara Law

    I just came across this song. One of my best friends just got married, and they had this playing along to there wedding video. Absolutely beautiful ❤️

  25. An Indigo's Journey

    Trevor, we all missed you something fierce at Shangri-la this year. I hope you're feeling better. We love you! One tribe!!!

  26. Caju

    Don't ever let "them" catch you.
    Don't sell yourself!!
    Keep inspiring and being free from the masses.
    Amazing your vibe!!! 🌞

    Joshua Jackson

    You don't want this guy to be popular? Lmao great sentiment.


    Dear, you just missed my point. ;)

  27. Dhananjay Kumar

    what a voice...!!!...love it

  28. Nini na ॐ

    I feel in my home with you voice <3

  29. Dora

    you make me wanna travel with you

  30. Jordan Bowser

    Very unique voice, I love so much!

  31. Jade

    my Sons name is Zion <3 beautiful song

  32. West Virginia Patriot

    Great songs sir!

  33. Lucas

    tought it was going to be a lauryn hill cover

  34. Harles

    Some music seeps into your soul, and all of his music does for me

  35. Raymond Cameron

    One of the greatest music videos ever!

  36. Brian Taylor

    9 people huh .... interesting


    9 people drunk and accidently pressed the wrong thumb. Best explanation.

  37. dan Hals Klaffmo

    tell him respect and love

  38. mikaehla

    this song makes me feel at home so much its beautiful.. thank you trevor <3

  39. 5hanabe11e

    This is truly beautiful Trevor. Love this so much <3

  40. Mayra Galvan

    thank you Trevor you make my heart resonate so deep with mother and with me center. thank you thank you deeply. your music and words are so important to me. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I will share it with everyone to Orion and back.

  41. Mercedes Spinetti

    LOVE this song.

  42. DJBJ

    too much background in the mix

  43. Nathan Freeman

    Powerful message. Different cultures, religions all together, creating one picture. Its all humanity, all together. We are one, all is one. Thank you Trevor for this.

  44. KLYDE

    I'm so glad you never gave up on this song! It's been my favorite one of yours since I first heard it years ago !

    Clay Inthepottershands

    Trevor hall 50+ songs

  45. randywatchingbush

    Thanks you Trevor for all you are doing .

  46. blaze4404

    I can't believe how few views this has.... watch this guy explode in the coming years.

  47. Paula P

    Love this! Trevor Hall's music has changed my life for the better x

  48. Zach Uhl


  49. Laurie Mortrude

    Wow! I love the song and I LOVE the video! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️💚💕☮🕉

  50. Paz Roman

    So incredibly beautiful.. Thank you for bringing us so much beauty. Ram Ram

  51. Gage Thurman

    Love the video, keep it up Trevor!

  52. TorettoVera

    Peace of mind

  53. Gaia Leia

    Beautiful!!! I love the song and the video, Trevor <3

  54. Thays Holanda

    I loved that video, you are amazing!

  55. Kaitlin Kennedy

    Beautiful song and video Trevor! Your lyrics inspire me.. thank you for sharing your light keep shining brother 🌻🌿❤️

  56. Produce Like A Pro

    Wow!! I have been truly blessed to work with Trevor on his last two albums. Trevor is so talented, humble and hard working! He plays every instrument on this track, except the stand bass which is played by Brian Lang.

    Jack Flower

    +Produce Like A Pro Big up Warren. Love your work with Trevor!

    Riyad Baksh, Doctoral Student

    Beautiful soul!


    You mean the double bass?

    Dia Wallace

    Love love love it💞😍

    Anomalous Knowname

    Would you be willing to work with me? What would that cost? Please email me if you can.

    Thank you

  57. Karin

    Love it!!!!!

  58. FRNK

    Keep creating brother, On and on and on and on and on the path spirals up and up and up!

  59. a bazzelle

    better then I could've imagined

  60. Joe A

    The most powerful healing trifecta; music, art, dance captured here.  Please pray for health for Dorian Murray; #DStrong.  If you don't know his story, google the name and DStrong.

  61. jon hamm

    KALA is medicine

    Riyad Baksh, Doctoral Student

    It truly is!!!

  62. Laura Bautista


  63. Britanny B

    Hope your health has been on the up and up


    Big love and respect to this man. From Saudi Arabia.

  65. Courtney Summer

    Loved that video! So beautiful.

  66. Jesse Williams


  67. Jomo Castelo

    You've been created and shared such a tremendous path all over the journey man!
    Keep it up! Till the end of eternity.

  68. Kim Thacker


  69. YaBoyEls

    Much love my brother! You have made an impact on so many lives especially mine, much respect I can proudly say you are my favorite artist. Much love fam.

  70. Racaycah

    What an inspiring artist you are! Thank you for bringing such beautiful music to us Trevor. Hope to see more videos from the album.

  71. Heroes and Minivans

    Awesome! Peace from Tahiti!