Hall, Trevor - The Lion's Mane Lyrics

Well I woke up in the Lion's Mane
Kissing silhouettes of mountains dancing in the moonlight
Am I awake or is this a dream?
Or am I awaking into a state of wakefulness
Buried deep in my deepest dreaming sleep?

You can only guess what happened next

I swallowed an apple seed and gave birth to angel's wings
Which lifted me to the top of this orange grove
Where I saw a man trying to count
All the oranges
All the trees
And all the leaves

Turns out this man was me
Losing count and starting over
Losing count and starting over
Chasing my own tale until I got dizzy
And fell asleep in the clouds

Well I woke up in the Lion's Mane
On a single lane road deep within God's Dreadlocks
When I gave my banana to the blind man
Only to realize who was really blind
My eyes couldn't decide
My eyes couldn't define

My eyes couldn't see that this blind man was me

We then continued to a village of meeting rivers
Where Mother Earth washed me down and gave me a new birth
Where my sight was restored
And I could see all the gems hiding on the ocean's floor
Well I dove in
Actually did a canon ball
And swam deeper and deeper
As things got clearer and clearer

And when I saw all of the sharks
I wasn't afraid
For this time enshrined in my heart was the Almighty's Name
I think my sanity has gone insane
I woke up in the Lion's Mane

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Hall, Trevor The Lion's Mane Comments
  1. East Ern

    Joe Rogan raves about the Lion's Mane mushroom

  2. East Ern

    oneness with the i of God and the EYE of Lucifer

  3. East Ern

    I woke up in the Lion's Maine

  4. Jeff Kader

    This song feels like a dream

  5. Hanachan459

    This song gives me goosebumps... its so beautiful... so beautiful... <3


    I just can't believe how beautiful this is 

  7. bhaktigerald108

    WOW.   I have no others words.  Hare Krishna

  8. mark camacho

    This song is very religious the apple seed has to do with Adam and eve and how he went above the orange grove to see a man counting which can be interpreted as the garden when he said I'm a awake or is this a dream or am I awaking in a state of wakefulness buried deep in my deepest dreaming sleep this is his soul when he is on the road to Gods dreadlock is him trying to find God trying to go on his path when he gave the blind man the bannana he helped as did the the lord helping the blind man as him not noticing he was the one really blind is him being blind by all the temptation all the things that our distracting him when he dives in and things start to get clearer and clearer is him finding the lord and when he was with the sharks and wasn't afraid because what enshrined in his heart was the almighty name that's him who found the lord...the name of the song "lions mane" reference God.. many cases the God is referenced as a lion.. This song means how he was blind by the temptations trying to find his way always struggling in life until he found the lord his savior


    He has no religion, but prefers some of the various elements of the South Asian (particularly India) religions, including Hindu, Buddhism, and Sikh.

  9. Joanna Sefoi

    in Rastafari doctrine, the Lions mane is used to describe dreadlocks, which we grow when we wish to separate from society and have a more personal relationship with Jah. the leader of our faith, who was known as the Conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah is tied irrevocably with the Lion. so as Ras, to wake up in the Lions mane means to find spiritual oneness with Jah. incidentally, most eastern faiths and the native americans grew their hair in locks because it makes for better perception.

  10. john juan

    he wasnt high or anything, this poem was about one of his trips to india, where he actually encountered the blind man

  11. Max Politico

    I was at a special concert of Trevor's called "night in the village." He told us the story about the blind man and the banana. He also talked about some of the dreams that he references in this song. He wasn't tripping on anything, he was having a true spiritual experience. Realer than any drug that we try to replace god with. Truly powerful.

  12. SinsiAlpha

    Allegedly Trevor doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs

  13. FabCakes

    My word. beautiful! Incredibly complex and simple all the same time. Ppl take it differently but I am seeing this from a Christian prospective and it is AMAZING!

  14. SuperIan101

    3 people are afraid of lions

  15. jessicamidnight18

    i think he was tripping:)

  16. killercreek450

    mind = blown

  17. blavinay1

    @Emsqueeze01 woah ive done that before but wow this time a tear came down when he said only to realize who was really blind..this man is a spiritual genious

  18. Emily Carlsen

    Listen to this while you're high, and I swear you just close your eyes and dream. Best feeling ever.

  19. TheGameAfter

    @DorianC19 Trevor hall has tried weed but that was a while ago he is just a peaceful man saying what he thinks... no need to bash it

  20. Papageihund

    this song is the perfect definition of mental peace. i enjoyed it alot. By the way, you should watch some of the Studio Ghibli movies, they spread kinda the same peace.

  21. Austin E

    its soo deep and then he goes but i actually did a cannonball i laughed sooooo hard.... but i love this poem/ song


    I love how unexpected his lyrics are!

  22. Fatguy1991

    @watarboo333 lmao i say so but oddly enough to me the whole song just made perfect sence

  23. Helenafirefly

    this is the song that brought me back to religion.. heard this song for the first time while on acid, and i was in Heaven. i bawled like a baby at the reality of God, and how real, pure and holy He is and how helpless I am without Him. I love Trevor Hall. I love God. I love life. <3

  24. krissyheartyou

    @DorianC19 Art is an expression of feelings and thoughts. It never HAS to make sense. Its whatever the person is Feeling or thinking. Feelings, again, aren't rational. And thoughts that come from feelings aren't usually 'rational'. Just like how this poem made you laugh and made you think that its silly. I could say that You are the one that is actually being irrational. that thought came from a feeling. As do all thoughts.. so really, nothing is rational. Nobody makes the rules.

  25. Fatguy1991

    oh god try listening to this stoned

  26. Dorian Childs

    @xVjosh7vx that's good to know lol you may be right but you know how the stoners are they over analyze everything as they stare into the wide open space of nothingness and they might get the full sense of the poem. I just thought it was a bunch of weird sayings.

  27. Dorian Childs

    @krissyheartsyou but he isn't talking about those emotions! Like I'd get it if he was actually saying something that was rationally based but he is an amazing artist and I'm not taking shots at his music however I am saying that this particular poem makes no sense its almost as if he was just putting words together deep within God's dreadlocks lol okay that made me laugh but I'm not ragging on him I'm ragging on this poem. Sorry if it offended anyone.

  28. Josh Hinck

    @DorianC19 i'm going to go with what krissy said, and plus, i think he only used to do weed, and that's it, and trust me, a can guarantee that if you don't understand this song sober, u won't understand it when high either.

  29. krissyheartyou

    @DorianC19 whats so important about being rational, to you? is love rational, to you? is love important, to you?

  30. Dorian Childs

    @krissyheartyou ?????

  31. krissyheartyou

    @DorianC19 ........... <3 ............ ?

  32. Dorian Childs

    Nowhere in his incoherent rambling poem was there a rational thought. By listening to him we have all gotten dummer. Once u realize that he is on drugs that's when u understand the song

    Stu McLellan

    Dorian Childs I know this is an old post, but y'know poetry and music and art aren't rational. They're sometimes unexpected, bizarre, challenging, rambling, blissed out, weird, confusing, complex, beautiful to some, not to others. If you want rational though, you might wanna sing a science textbook. And there's beauty there too.

  33. CadillacSchwakkk

    Just wow.

  34. shiva shava

    @Rnokechukwu jimx my word exectly

  35. Josh Hinck

    i don't really call this a song, i think its more of beautiful poetry and it gives you alot of thinking too :]

  36. Ngozi NG

    beautiful, just beautiful!