Hall, Trevor - Once In A While Lyrics

Once in a while
Well I have a strange dream
My mind flashes by on a technicolor screen
It seems that I was just a child running wild to my own song
As I get older
Well my city gets colder
So I hide in the country where the weight is off my shoulders
So I can fly
Into those lotus eyes
Oh my my

I've got food for me and you
Everything it rings so true
When the melody's in tune
So lets begin to sing and play
What is real will stay
The rest will fall away
Don't think of yesterday
All will be ok

Well I remember all those days in November
When I started counting marbles
Singing songs of how I never would lie to my mama now
This time I'll make her proud
I planted seeds
I planted them in soil
Soil that won't spoil
My love is oh so loyal
Boil up the nectar now
Take a sip and pass it 'round

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Hall, Trevor Once In A While Comments
  1. Seys Rémy

    Hell yeah !

  2. Felipe Leal

    All the songs he makes are amazing

  3. TheCanadianGoose

    why da overhang?

  4. blavinay1

    FIRST COMMENT!!! THIS SONG is amazing...stupid caps...trevor hall is amazing