Hall, Trevor - Om Shakti Om Lyrics

My Mama rides a lion
My Dad wears ashes and snakes
My Mama is a warrior
She kills demons in Her play
My Daddy has the power
And He likes Her this way
I call them day and night
I never leave their sight
Singing Om Shakti Om Shakti Om

My Mama lets Her hair hang loose
My Dad likes to sit still
Watching Mama scream and dance gives Him such a thrill
My Mama drinks from a skull cup
You got any demons
She'll sip them up
They live up on the mountain
They're the Eternal Fountain
Om Shakti Om Shakti Om
My Mama and my Dad
They are mad
They are mad
Singin Om Shakti Om Shakti Om

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Hall, Trevor Om Shakti Om Comments
  1. Subham RAI

    Who is here after Beedant Dhakal bro live.(nepali stoner)
    Ps only lucky people will see this comment😅

  2. Seekers of Unity

    I love your music kind soul

  3. Jeyzah Brown

    My bio-med teacher played this all of sophomore year to get us ready for a test

  4. Arya THC

    fuck u white guy, the gods hate your race!

  5. wormdiet

    Ram ram

  6. Althea Burgess

    Yes it why you say (💘it) ???

  7. Lisa Towner

    💘 IT

  8. Althea Burgess

    It said there is going to be lyrics there are no lyrics

  9. Althea Burgess

    My mom is a yoga teacher

  10. Arya Putra

    u try to find some authenticity but you get this in the youtube search. some culture vulture white motherfuckers. fuck white people.

    Carter Scadden

    The guy was in a ashram for a year, Share culture, don't further tribalism. Thank you.

  11. Ali LIONESS

    <3 so so good... thank you x

  12. Jabbyang Lama

    they live upon the mountain.. they did eternal fountain

  13. Amber Schultz

    I love doing Yoga to this song and just hanging around listening to it as well. Love thus tune!

  14. sharpiemadness

    My yoga teacher plays this almost every class....it got so stuck in my head that I HAD to look it up <3

  15. Arushi Bradu

    it's Ganesha's point of view

  16. Arushi Bradu

    this is the best ever contemporary song about Shiva and Shakti.
    wow! i love being a Hindu all of a sudden

  17. forward the man

    wooooooooooo... very nice song...

  18. Justin Cindy

    Just as easy as a couple mushrooms

  19. SuperIan101

    I love how all of his songs make me think of his other songs. they never get old <3

    Gonna go listen to The mountain :)

  20. Moriah Abusal

    1 person has no soul

  21. Maria Jordan Carbonell

    Shakti likes it.

  22. DoYouKnowU

    Om Shakti OM = GOD PEACE Namaste!

  23. rastafish24

    he sounds exactly like a Sublime, Kurt Cobain, Bob Marley! We must embrace music like this and change the world together! Thank you Trevor :)

  24. voicesforever

    just awesome!!!

  25. Jenine Urquhart

    @blavinay1 it's important to note, though, that the energy is feminine energy, not just energy in general. It's Shiva's consort, his feminine power.

  26. cody baker

    listening to this song with my eyes closed [stone cold sober] i saw a few symbols in bright color changing light. idk what that is but i wrote em down. there were four and came two at a time. super trippy.

  27. Ben H

    lets clear some confusion up. prana is the lifeforce of the universe. it permeates everything. (higgs-boson?) one breaths prana contained within the air. it is then circulated though the chakras and exhaled as shakti. this means that your own individual essence is now mingled with the pranic energy of the universe. this is what new age spiritualists are (slightly incorrectly) getting at when they say we are co-creators of our reality. hope this helps. namaste brothers and sisters!

  28. namkha wangden

    he talks bout kali maa and shiva hindu dieties..trevor hall is such an amazing singer.

  29. shiva shava

    @MrsCupcakejessjess hes speakin of shiva and shakti a form of hiduism or yoga i suspect

  30. TheGameAfter

    @starkid ah true, sorry im just learning this stuff ha

  31. Jenine Urquhart

    @TheGameAfter technically the Divine Mother IS the universe, so.

  32. TheGameAfter

    in his webcast he explains that it is giving power to the devine mother not the sound of the universe

  33. Eric Levy

    @MrsCupcakejessjess Some form of Hinduism, I don't think hes ever stated his exact beliefs though.

  34. Cara

    i like that idea even better :)

  35. Jessica Helms

    this song is amazinggg(:

  36. Cara

    he said in a video that this one is a tribute to his mother :)

  37. Thomas Henderson

    song is so sick

  38. lovethedrummer1

    Soooo amazing!!!

  39. blavinay1

    @northenmyth o and shakti means like power or energy so it means the power of om which on isnt just the sound of the universe its also about the becoming one with yourself because the sound om durring meditation gets your body to vibrate and you feel yourself as a whole and u can look at life with a different perspective

  40. blavinay1

    @northenmyth yep its part of the hindu religion if u look it up u will figure it out but yea hope u learned sumin today haha thats what i do!

  41. blavinay1

    i have no clue what it means all i kno is im indian and it is deffinatly sumin about india and this song is like extra chill cuz a that

  42. Nikki Thompson-Guest

    makes me feel so happy!!!!!!!