Hall, Trevor - Mother Lyrics

I will look upon this land as Mother
Her body and her breath so strong
From the mountains to the deep deep waters
It's Mother

We are children of her ancient secrets
Her power and her mystic ways
No matter where we go
We never leave her

Our Mother [x9]

From the river song to old old country
Her music well it comes so full
Let us quiet down and listen closely
To Mother

To the womb of all
I sing my praises
Mother of the dark and light
Outside and in
I only sing of

Our Mother [x9]

(Xavier), the steam rising up from the core of the land
With these lessons recited will I ever understand
She washes me gently
Take my hand in her hand
Whispering the secrets of the pride and the plan
Chances delivered through the palm of her hand

Hope for the needy in the chain of command

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Hall, Trevor Mother Comments
  1. Manu H



    Two Best Soul Reggae artists in one song Trevor Hall and Xavier Rudd

  3. Rabiya Khatoon

    Love from India 🖤

  4. Nini na ॐ

    Siempre regreso aqui para encontrarme, para meditar, para atraer Luz, Paz y Tranquilidad. "Madre de la tierra, fuego divino nacidos de ella somos" 💚🔥

  5. Sira Sule

    I am so proud of hue-mans and our mother planet. Salutations to our mama 🍀 And her beautiful children .. our connection is majestically magical 💜

  6. Manu H

    ❤ wonderful

  7. Spirit Angelfish

    Incredible musical creation on collaboration! Touches my heart deeply 💖

  8. Freedom finder

    Our mother. She's the mother of all.

  9. Anne Fanny

    ❤from Australia

  10. perpetuummobile

    Stephi Lee brought me here

  11. Lopez Scar

    Ahhh que música foda

  12. Cheryl Barger


  13. FelicityGemini

    Your birthday is coming up and I miss you. Momma. Rest in peace. I'll never forget you. Thank you for giving me life 💜

  14. KN Beats TV


  15. Abhimanyu Karnatak

    xavier and trevor what more you can ask !

  16. Fasa Prasa

    this shit is strong.. its fucking mental ... i literally fuse with the universe ...

  17. Aarushi Wadiwala

    Trevor hall and Xavier Rudd! ❤️


    Xavier Rudd and anyone... ;-)

  18. Freedom finder

    Love your music. Sweet sound.

  19. Michael Guest

    infinite love. from Cali

  20. Charles Holmes

    Giving it back to the Mother she the Mother of ALL

  21. Leah T.

    This song makes me want to wrap the whole planet in my arms and hug her. Our mother <3

  22. will savoie

    I always play guitar like this, looking up at he trees or the sky. I thought I was weird lol.

    Jimmy Dean Bowl

    will savoie Yo do you know how to play this on guitar? I've been searching for tabs forever haha

    Raider Joe

    Nah, you're great brother!


    No it's just a natural act of a human feeling it's natural habitat

  23. Garick Bhatnagar

    jai ma Durga <3

  24. ankan dey

    Love from India ❤

  25. Alex G

    What's the surf spot in the picture?

  26. Ryan Thomas

    this makes my tummy feel funny. haha this is beautiful

  27. thedownunderverse

    Love from Melbourne


    is fantastic! Congratulations...

  29. Dani Pritchard

    This is amazing <3

  30. Alex Hite

    that dash of reggae is nice.

  31. Shae Dehaan

    Serious Heater

  32. Phyllicia Field

    So glad I came across this song! :D LOVE Trevor and Xavier - so hearing them together is ear-porn!! Lol they did a great job with this song too thx for posting

  33. Derek Peroutek

    Thank you.