Hall, Trevor - Lady Love Lyrics

Wake up in the morning
Wake up, wake up 7am
And I already got you
Already in my head
You're just another feeling
Just another feeling I can't shake
Haunting every move
Every single move I make

I ain't gonna stop until your mine
Until that time
Even if I've lost my voice
I've got no choice
Lady Love

You've cast your crazy spell on me
Your love is my only remedy
Don't keep me waiting
I am knocking at your door of your Lady Love

Hypnotize, Paralyze
Baby that's what you do
Stop me in my tracks
Pretty darling, I cannot move
I wanna write a hundred million thousand songs for you
I ain't gonna stop until my fingers are black and blue

Chasing you around
East, west, north, south
Mountains and plains
I've lost my shame
My heart is on fire
Come lift me higher
Come quench this burning desire

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Hall, Trevor Lady Love Comments
  1. Eduardo Locatelli

    Why did you leave a silence at the end of songs mate?

    Bart Carson

    Eduardo Locatelli for your thoughts and concerns

  2. Silver Gypsy

    Amazing *.*

  3. Céline Jørgensen

    I wonder how baked he was when he came up with this album cover

  4. Gleekmyth

    I will marry you some day. Wait for me

  5. BigBr0wnEy3z1987

    What "twat" (pardon the French) clicked dislike on this song!?

  6. Miranda Cheers

    Trevor Hall...you mellow me out instantly. Better than drugs.

  7. angelwidplaguez

    @OoBrandi ME

  8. OoBrandi

    who disliked this song? :[

  9. mcksbd

    one of the best from the whole cd.

  10. Eric Levy

    This whole song is near perfect! =)

  11. MILKx6969

    T Hall is pimpin'!