Hall, Trevor - Jago Ma Lyrics

Won't you come alive
Won't you come alive
Wake me up inside
Won't you come alive

Open up my eyes
Open up my eyes
Shake my heart inside
Open up my eyes

Well I got a heart made of stone
Tell me will you be the one to break this mold
Shake my earth and rattle my bones
Break out of this chamber and carry me home
I've been sleeping for some years
Having no good dreams
Only scary nightmares
Wake me from this awful slumber
Strike me with your almighty thunder

Well a couple of mystics have described your form
Saying you can never die for you've never been born
Telling me you've come to kill all superstition
Put the needle upon the record
Show me what I've been missing
I need a love that'll swallow me whole
This ain't the first time I've tried to save my soul
I need a God in living form
You're all that I've got
Aim your weapon darling
Take your shot

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Hall, Trevor Jago Ma Comments
  1. Hanachan459

    What is this song... its magic! \(★ω★)/

  2. Diego Gonzalez

    Unos 22 días de descubrir la música de este artista, es realmente increíble, no hay una sola canción que no me guste, lleno de espiritualidad y positivismo... y musicalmente hablando es increíble como puede adaptarse a distintos géneros

  3. Patrick Noble

    ahh me too

  4. shiva shava

    full oin!

  5. shiva shava

    what a great expresstion of this garden of eden