Hall, Daryl - Sacred Songs Lyrics

I like to read and I like to write
But you could persuade me to put the book down tonight
Just please don't ask to be a song heroine
It's not that easy just to stick you in, stick you in
Oh babe, I know you're right
But there's no time and it's not the night
I'd have to face you again and again
Although you know I'd like to stick you in, stick you in

They're all sacred songs
They're not easily won
You know the words
just seem to live on
The thoughts are sacred
Tho' the sound is profane
But this and that you know they're
one and the same
one and the same
one and the one and the same

You never know how you're gonna end
I start out hard and I end up thin
You waste your time
but occasionally score
But you can't tell
from what went down before
Oh, babe, do you see my point?
There's just no time
and it's not the night
I'd have to face you again and again
Although you know
I'd like to stick it in
stick it in

They're all sacred songs
They're not easily won
Because there's nothing
sacred anymore
The thoughts can still be
Tho' the sound is profane
But this and that you know they're
one and the same
one and the same
one and the one and the same

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Hall, Daryl Sacred Songs Comments
  1. CJ Bani

    This sounds a lot like Todd and Utopia ~

    giulio caroletti

    Great comparison, I had never thought about it!

    CJ Bani

    @giulio caroletti Todd Rundgren and Daryl Hall are both favorites of mine. Thanks for putting this up. I had not heard this album in a long long time. :)

  2. Brenda Bechtel

    reminds me of "You did it in a Minute"

  3. Stephen Watt

    Just love the outro - amazing vocals

  4. MyFlippinValentine

    His ability to switch between mid range vocals and falsetto at the outro is pretty incredible

  5. Pedro Pdvoraks

    Daryl Hall: Vocals, Keyboards, Synthesizer
    Robert Fripp: Producer, Guitar, Electronics (Frippertronics)
    Kenny Passarelli; Tony Levin (11, 12): Bass
    Roger Pope; Phil Collins (12): Drums
    Caleb Quaye: Guitar
    Charlie De Chant: Saxophone
    Sid McGinniss (12): Steel Guitar (Pedal)
    Brian Eno (12): Synthesizer

  6. Esteban Quito

    i have the vinyl, to is really good but not better than the rest of their albums

  7. Mark Andersen

    Daryl Hall, one of the greats, what a voice.

  8. Mous tache

    ok, this song is a masterpiece

  9. Vincent

    Favorite song. The ad lib is incredible

  10. Loss Orderly

    Praise the genius melody maker

  11. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

    Robert Fripp and Hall? Together? Talk about out of left field partners.

    donald fewell

    Yeah, what a cool pairing of geniuses!

    Edgar Bernal

    You should check Fripp's exposure; Hall performs vocal duties on a couple of songs. That album is a masterpiece. Fripp saw Sacred Songs, Exposure and Peter Grabiel's Scratch as a Trilogy.

  12. The Gaming Fuzzball TV

    Very interesting! Recorded in 1977, but, released in 1980

  13. Steve Nyland

    Overlooked pop masterwork. Have always wondered if Fripp's drone guitar at the end is a Frippertronics loop, or is he playing that in real time. Anyone know?

    giulio caroletti

    I frankly don't know, but it's an amazing tune with an amazing drone guitar ;)

  14. Tim Tobish

    Babs and Babs from this record is also spectacular, with Frippertronics!!!!

  15. Ragnhild Sorin

    magic voice

  16. Dashland B

    I still have my radio promo copy of this LP.

  17. riversidepete 61

    caleb quaye (elton john band, hookfoot) on second guitar

  18. Dashland B


  19. Ross Dryer

    Good God, it sucks that the general public won't ever know this song. It's one of the best songs Hall's ever been a part of.

    Albert Nigrin

    +Ross Dryer To hell with the general public!

  20. Ageless/Fem-Gem

    this is not what I  am use to but I guess change is good....first I am hearing of this one....a little Elton, Stones....this not like you.....ace

  21. martianshoes

    Ok I hear a strong Todd Rundgren feel in this track...btw if you have not heard Hall doing "North Star" on Fripps 1979 Album "Exposure" make sure you do...

    giulio caroletti

    That's really a great song. "Matte Kudasai" by King Crimson a couple of years later seems to me basically a reworking of "North Star" ;)


    @giulio caroletti  Yes, Robert Fripp did recycle a chord or two, now and then. Can't fault him, both songs are great and managed to have their own distinctive character.

    giulio caroletti

    Couldn't agree more! :)

    Laptop Randy

    Todd Todd Todd!!!

    Mark Rago

    I hear Hall. Not a Rundgren fan, so I'm a bit biased

  22. steelydon19

    Roger Pope on drums. (You may know him from Supertramp.)


    And Elton John and Hookfoot...

  23. trilingual

    Wow! So fresh and out of left field. Thanks . . . Haven't heard this in over 30 years--gotta get a copy now (buy it, that is . . . )

  24. Donald Fewell

    @BucksStudent: Thanks for your comment. If Fripp used phase shift, it's slow, subtle, light on treble and characteristic swoosh. I'm hearing harmonizing, perhaps some ring modulation and good old overdrive breaking up a little bit. 

  25. Bill Basel

    Great response syrup; totally agree with that...

  26. Roger Green

    Yes, and the end goes, "2/4, 4/4, 2/4, 4/4..."

  27. Tony Featherstone

    I always like the part in this song a 2:30 after the breakdown....you can hear that daryl vocal is distorted on the tape but they obviously like vibe of it, so left it there. They are the happy accidents that I miss from the old days.

  28. leonakita

    1:42 - 2:25 is why Robert Fripp is THEE last word in guitar sound innovation

  29. steelydon19

    Now if only The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame would get its collective stick out of its ass and induct Daryl and John while they're alive to enjoy it! Anyway, they'll be loved and appreciated with or without the snobs' snubs.

  30. steelydon19

    You have it right!

  31. Gary Schwartz

    You are correct. Met Daryl Hall in Ventura, CA and he signed my Sacred Songs CD- Japanese Import. He was way cool.

  32. Kohntarkosz

    Is it just me or is the first line of the chorus actually "You gotta have something in 2/4 time"? He only sings "something in 4/4 time" in the second couplet, it sounds like.

  33. joefax530

    Very important tune....laid the framework for H & O's groundbreaking pop tunes in the early 80's....this should have been a monster, but was ahead of its time.

  34. steelydon19

    Superb! Most pop musicians will never achieve anything close to this!

  35. Patrick

    I love Fripp's guitar sound on this album. I believe he's using a Phase effect.

    donald fewell

    He also uses gear that he designed and built from scratch, labelling them Frippertronics. Notably, there's a cutting edge ring modulator.