Halford, Rob - Like There's No Tomorrow Lyrics

One chance one dream for you
No limits to deny
Move on and grab the prize
Like diamonds in the sky

Stay strong and you'll believe
Stay strong and then you'll see

Beg steal or borrow
Like there's no tomorrow
Your fortune is fleeting
But love has no bounds

Dare to be open
Your wild heart has spoken
Each one of us has
What we know must be found
Must be found

This is the moment
That is rightful in your soul
Do what it takes to make
That victory your goal

Stand strong and you'll believe
Stay strong and then you'll see

Beg steal or borrow
Like there's no tomorrow
Your fortune is fleeting
But love has no bounds

Dare to be open
Your wild heart has spoken
Each one of us has
What we know must be found
Must be found

Stand at the top of the mountain
With all of the world at your feet
You're seeking the eternal fountain
Drink up yes drink all that you need

Stay strong and you'll believe
Stay strong and then you'll see

Beg steal or borrow
Like there's no tomorrow
Your fortune is fleeting
But love has no bounds

Dare to be open
Your wild heart has spoken
Each one of us has
What we know must be found
Must be found

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Halford, Rob Like There's No Tomorrow Comments
  1. russellalfredART

    God-Bless the Slums? Birmingham, England.

  2. russellalfredART

    Cool Song / w Incredible Vocals / Razor Rob

  3. Kooler M

    ROY Z!!

  4. Leszek Jedryk

    Like a good 🍷 with age 💪Never sourender

  5. froass

    Wonderful nice greets from Austria

  6. Valerio Tagliaferri

    Such a chorus!

  7. Chris

    Made of Metal CD kicks ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Diverse, Creative .... Unique!!!!!!!!

    aka:The Metal God!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dennis McAndrew

    The biggest joke is when Rob sings with Hetfield. Hetfield thinks he is better than Rob. James is up himself. You would think he would of learnt more from Diamond Head

  9. Danny Waz

    Awesome solo work Rob 🔥🔥🔥🔥 - and having Mr. Bobby Jarzombek on the kit is just incredible, and then to work with Mr. Scot Travis in Judas Priest is epic - 2 of my favorite drummers !

  10. For The Love Of Seattle

    I still believe that GOD wants to use you Rob. Your voice has meaning in it's tone and range. I feel a Gospel record in the eves. . .

  11. Pom Pom7x7

    Always great to hear and see Rob 🤩👍🏼🎼🎸🤟🏼🇫🇷🇨🇭🌺😊

  12. Teddy Malfoy

    Roy Z is a beast

  13. Bazzo Smyth

    1.04 stage monitor lol. Didnt think he was using them back then

  14. Patrick P

    This song paints a picture... Shaved, smooth, innocent, trembling... ready to be taken and owned. I know your secret Rob

  15. edmond sargis


  16. Judas Calrissian

    sad, that he ruined the chorus live EVERYTIME!

  17. baldheaddriver5

    These tunes SUCK!!.. THE MOWER IS THE BEST TUNE on this CD!.. IMO..

  18. Kell Schwartz

    "Dare to be open your wild heart has spoken" Halford is a true metal God. I am a huge fan. Plenty others have a place in metal and are truly astonishing. But first time I heard Judas Priest they possessed me. You know what I am talking about... that's why we keep discussing it. Hell bent for leather buds and keep the faith


    Couldn`t agree more. I`ve been a true disciple since I heard JP for the first time in 1976

  19. aSh drAvEn crOw

    His guitArist Pat became the frontmAn of DamageplAn

  20. Common Sense


  21. Diana Roldan

    Judas priest

  22. Jaizz J. Z.


  23. sabbathtribute

    Somehow I'm just hearing this song now...I LOVE THIS MAN

    The Master

    sabbathtribute ha gayyyyyy

  24. LordGandor3

    Halford doesn't even drink yet he still has a gut ?  :P
    Glenn Tipton's Demon is a better guitar player, more fluid & melodic.

    Mercury Rising

    LordGandor3 Rob looks amazing now. He lost a lot of weight and got back into shape. Seriously he looks great :) Check out his instagram he posts regularly.

    Ax Equinox

    I have a gut, I dont drink, well hardly ever. I just like pies

  25. I ADORE RAW METAL !!! They are so tight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. kazi riasat

    2:22-2:38 such godly part of the song! hail rob halford!

  27. William



    pretty good. it makes sense. that's more than I can say for some bands I've heard.

  29. daywlker7

    \m/  \m/

  30. Бисера Петрова


  31. Petr Lešák

    ROB unearthly voice

  32. Angello Vidal

    la mayor parte de las imagenes son de chile 

  33. Jelena Matijevic

    <3 <3 <3

  34. Rick Kent


  35. Anjohl

    I love this song!

  36. LinkyHYC

    Yeah, but I don't know, he's great but he will never be in the same league than Dio for me...

    Scott Denja

    Dio was good but rob ripps. Priest halford fight robs the best metal screaming lengend ever no one will compare everyone else tries tim owens geoff tate. Jag panzer all following in rob halfords footsteps like orher bands trying to be heavy like black sabbath they will always be one of the best and original bs jp always like no tomorrow

  37. LinkyHYC

    I gotta say I don't really know if Ripper belongs to the list too. I love that guy, I love his voice, but he's more in the powerful singing and high pitched screams. He has trouble delivering emotions with his voice for me...

  38. LinkyHYC

    I don't really believe this ;) It took time for Mercury to get that power (and cigarettes too, kinda cost him his voice in 84) but I don't think Martel will be able to sound like Freddie. And even if he get that power, will he know how to use it wisely ?

    Yep, Owens sounds like Dio, and that man was singing in his school's choir :)

    Kell Schwartz

    Freddie was one of the best live vocalists of all time

  39. LinkyHYC

    Yeah, on Somebody To Love, a bit less already on Crazy Little Thing Called Love and he really doesn't have the power of Mercury's voice...

  40. LinkyHYC

    Marc Martel ? Really ?

  41. todd enderby

    dude ad me on FB\m/

  42. nevermore1343

    Are. Doesn't matter Dio is between heaven and hell now, his voice will be best forever.

  43. AllSeeingEyesMetal

    Halford = Proof age is nothing

  44. Han Lando

    I'm choosing Metal Mike and Roy Z over any other duo!(would be O'brien and Loomis if they were still in the same band)

  45. Missy

    LMFAO check out 2:40 poor guy LOL

  46. 5150mario

    Klaus back in the day for me, was the shit, he touched every level of Metal from the early 70's on He has a lot of feeling in his voice that Ronnie, Bruce and Rob have so much respect for. Much respect and worth mentioning.

  47. frances fiocco

    Rob Halford...what can i say....aewsome doesnt even start to apply .........

  48. ed the flie

    the king of metal

  49. wanawjecy

    check out Michael Kiske, he's awesome :)

  50. Jorgen Schroen

    He was talking about how their solos are supposedly fast sounding. i know it's 8 months since you commented but there you go.

  51. Jorgen Schroen

    Rob could get better. perfect line up: Rob Halford, Steve Harris, Glen Tipton, Randy Rhoads (if he were alive) But if he's not then Adrian Smith, and last Eric Singer on drums.

  52. Jonathan Manvai

    my girlfriend has been cheating on me but I got metal and it helps like never before, metal forever!

  53. j freed

    What if Rob Halford made an album with Izzy and Slash?!?! I think Roy Z and Mike Clink should both produce it!

  54. iago duplat

    Rob é o cara!!!

  55. ShadowNightghost86

    Halford is without a doubt The Metal God!

  56. Visser1978

    Awesome song

  57. sesiom888222

    Este es el tipo de Heavy que quiero hacer......... de echo estoy trabajando en ello..... GOOD LUCK Mr. HALFORT......

  58. smallgiant9

    whyyy would you compare Dragonforce and Rob Halford? Dragonforce cant even play their stuff live, they slow it down xD

  59. Baa285

    no need for technical solos in every genre but which metal musician couldnt play such complex or difficult solos/riffs etc. he doesnt worth that much to be a metal musician

  60. Peter A Sandøy


  61. Bert Himer

    rob halford is the best .
    no playback, no autotune /live ! / no electric trick ....

  62. rikwar

    rob halford is the best :)

  63. dragonmike42


  64. rylandrecordings

    There's nothing more EXHILARATING than seeing you play live Rob!

  65. nevermore1343

    @PontusOzzyA exactly;) as a singer i'd go with ronnie but as a band a love more Iron maiden and judas priest

  66. Pontus Andrén

    @nevermore1343 i agree to 100%, i always mention these 3 when somebody asks. If i have to choose one it gotta be DIO, but my favo bands is Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

  67. guillermo emanuel martinez duarte

    lejos el mejor vocalista de heavy metal que pude escuchar en mi vida hay buenos pero halford es el mejor

  68. HarryPotter87

    I'd kill to drink Bobby's hot golden piss <3

  69. Thunder 88

    @nevermore1343 Udo Dirkschneider

  70. egrifi

    extremely clean and extremely high song....

  71. Mike Wolf

    so awesome i saw him at ozzfest on the 24th...ans both our birthdays are the 25th!!!

  72. Rui Campos

    @rsmothersjr I still fucking absolutely love Hellrider from Angel Of Retribution, but yeah, the rest is a bit subpar looking at everything they did in the past. :(

  73. Ricky Johnson

    @rsmothersjr no.

  74. Rob James

    1:12 is at Montreal Heavy Mtl

  75. Francisco Flores

    Hell yeah!!! im in the video!!!

  76. nevermore1343

    Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio and Bruce Dickinson are the BEST metal singers;)

  77. Liliana María


  78. Ramkain


  79. Carlos

    empowering album!

  80. MsAnatoly

    есть ещё порох...

  81. DollFac3 Harlequin

    I don't know what it is, but that opening riff always brings me to tears.


    The best album of Rob Halford.....!!!!

  83. HarryPotter87

    @Grinderblack Bobby H. RULEZ!!!

  84. HarryPotter87

    @mynamesjack5 Someone's got a belly fetish :p

  85. HarryPotter87

    @eevileva Bobby H is the sexiest man alive!! Yeah, I know he's gay and I'm a chick.

  86. Eva Parlee

    My all time hero! Long live Rob Halford!

  87. Eva Parlee

    You mean he's human like the rest of us? Who cares about his belly. He ROCKS!!

  88. EpicFailSongs

    @Sixchomp Not every solo has to be like dragonforce's solos. This solo is emotically really great, it has feeling with it and believe, to play solos with feeling takes a lot of skill, sick ass soloing needs skill too, but that won't fit for all songs.

  89. mstrc2008

    WOW...What a great song...everything fits perfectly...ROCK ON!!!


    que buen video!!! y que buena cancion... por algo es el "METAL GOD" aguante halford.. saludos desde chile...

  91. bulletinman

    Pray for the people in Japan what a prophetic song

  92. MyrmidonasTV


  93. HarryPotter87

    Bobby H is a HAWTTY!!! The rest of the band... UGH-LY!!!

  94. profanoso

    Halford is the voice of pure metal! What a band! One of his best albums so far! Keep it true Mr!

  95. Dangelo Revelo

    un dios un dios del metal

  96. LordGandor3

    Check out Judas Priest`s All fired up on YouTube

  97. Ivan Tokmadzic

    Metal Mike looks like Al Bundy XD

  98. Felipe GM

    THAT SONG!!! I love the passion from MR Halford when they sing that...

    I feel more energy to continue my life lissen this... thanks for coming to Chile, come back any time and i wait the DVD.

    PS: JUDAS PRIEST NEVER DEATH and always will be back.