Haircut 100 - Love Plus One Lyrics

I, I went off to the right
Without saying goodbye, goodbye
Where does it go from here?
Is it down to the lake I fear?
Ay ah ah ah ah ah
Ay ah ah ah ah ah
Then I call
Ring (ring) ring (ring) ring (ring) ring (ring)
La la love plus one
Ring (ring) ring (ring) ring (ring) ring (ring)
When I call love

Give love some soul
If I may be quite so bold
Where does it go from here?
Is it down to the lake I fear?
Ay ah ah ah ah ah
Ay ah ah ah ah ah
Then I call
Ring (ring) ring (ring) ring (ring) ring (ring)
La la love plus one
Ring (ring) ring (ring) ring (ring) ring (ring)
La la love plus one
Ring (and I) ring (and I) ring (and I) ring (and I)
La la love plus one
Ring (and I) ring (and I) ring (and I) ring (and I)
When I call love

Love plus one
Love plus one
Love plus one
Love plus one

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Haircut 100 Love Plus One Comments
  1. Onondaga Sardino

    I havent had this much fun since the Jimmy George Wentworth commercial.

  2. Marc Poindexter

    Great song 1982 were did you go


    The days when i had hair...

  4. boofuls

    Very obscure and vague rumours that this is about the falklands war 🤔

  5. Martin Doyle

    Music is a time machine.

  6. John Wickwire

    Looks like they had a blast making this video.

  7. John Smith

    I remember a "People's Court" episode from the Judge Wapner days, when the roommates in dispute on the show had possession of an autographed copy of this album at the crux of their disagreement. The judge was flummoxed, I kind of still am, too. A wonderful time of 'do's, and gimmicks, though.

  8. David Salt

    I love the volcano in the background.

  9. Onondaga Sardino

    Love you guys.

  10. Music Feign

    Wow, I shed tears thinking of my youth in early80s and new wave . Started flying as a flight attendant in1978, and still am. On my layovers in the warm island destinations I made sure to bring my Walkman and listen to this song over and over. Reminds me of our Barbados layovers. So innocent no idea how much I’d miss that time in my life. We go to the clubs and dance all night. Sleep three hours and come home. The memories s are too priceless to articulate

  11. JacquesBeard

    If hardcore Muslims wore the same trouser and chino combo as the xylophone guy there would be no war.

  12. moby1017

    The chorus of this song suddenly played in my head over and over again. The way I stop this is to listen to the song. Unfortunately I was lost for a whole month. Finally a friend helped me out. Now I will NEVER forget this. Song was epic enough to bug around in my subconscious for 36 years.

  13. acorn sucks

    I like this tune, but that guy is not tarzan.

  14. Jeffrey Shemayme

    80's went by to fast

  15. Mark Eddie

    I was born in rhe early 70's. This group (Haircut 100) was played on Light FM stations played by my Mom. This was absolutely the crummiest and most terrible music from the 1980's
    Gawd, does this make me cringe! It was the collar popped jocks and dorks that listened to this garbage. Mommas boy's and Daddy's girls in turtleneck shirts that thought Metallica and Iron Maiden were for losers. Little did they know that both Maiden and Metallica would squash crap bands like HairCu*t 100 to oblivion. Ha!

    David Garris

    Hmmm, iron maiden and Metallica ARE for losers.! And having worked for Warner Bros for 8 years , back in the 80s and 90s, I've seen Iron Maiden at Alpine Valley Wisconsin, AC/DC with Accept at the old Rosemont Horizon Chicago, most heavy metal and rap/thug "music" fans do have one thing in common. Lack of an IQ above 80.

    Mark Eddie

    @David Garris I'm glad to have offended you, Dave. Iron Maiden or Metallica could cover any Haircu*t 100 song. The reverse is not true. Both Metallica and Iron Maiden are still selling out arenas. Where's Haircu*t 100?
    You are exactly the kind of dork that I am referring to. Do you miss your pink and baby blue turtleneck sweater Dave? 🤣

    David Garris

    @Mark Eddie uh, not even close. Don't wear sweaters. The Ford F-150 is the number 1 selling vehicle in North America for like 20 years in a row. Does that make it better than anything else in the world? Or just different? And you didn't offend me. Eight years with Warner Bros you've seen it all before.

  16. Mila Bardalez Saavedra

    La verdad que había olvidado esta canción.... hace una semana pasaron por la tele la película "Knocked up" en una escena con Seth Rogen discutiendo con Katherine Heigl y sonaba esta canción de fondo y la reconocí jejejjeje bacan

  17. Christopher Ward

    Still no clue what it means but, what a great sound Haircut 100 make! Check out favourite shirts and others...

  18. Charles Williams

    I heard this song for the first time yesterday and I couldn’t stop tapping my feet!
    They don’t make music like this anymore 😔

  19. John Newman

    What a wonderful time to be young

  20. Richard Romero

    This song is garbage

  21. the fifth disco-man

    Found this masterpiece through my dad. I love it.

  22. JuanLoco

    It's 10 Nov 2019, my 51st birthday. That's 17x3. Oh, to be 17 in the 80s again

  23. Short& Sweet

    Im still here i miss the 80s

  24. Onondaga Sardino

    They need to make a drink called , Jurassic Park with a twist.

  25. Onondaga Sardino

    Remember how cute Joe Young used to be. Asshole.

  26. Johnny MFan

    Hnm. This was the 80s, not the 1940s. How about a stereo remastered version of this video? This mono sounds awful

  27. elmhurst86

    The Diner scene, half-way through the movie "Seven", has brought me here.

  28. Maximus Romptimus

    David Spade sings pretty good...



  30. Fawk Yuu

    Never gets old for me..I was 12 when it came out and saw it first on Mtv..Great stuff!

  31. 荒島唱片行

    love it

  32. Luciana Souza


  33. Paul Mason

    Take me back to these happy days...

  34. london19657

    We all remember where we were when we heard this song, right? Here we go....I'm 57 now ,still sounds fkin great. Thanks for posting.....loooooove.....

  35. Onondaga Sardino

    Don't worry , CMan. All of us women are psycho!

  36. Onondaga Sardino

    What Joe and Tom spend on hair color?

  37. Short& Sweet

    Oh yeah the 80s miss u so much who's still listening?

  38. David Fullam

    Always wondered if the reaction by Baron Samedi at 2:06 was legit? Did not seem to expect the explosion would be that big.

  39. Hannah Marie

    man I wish I could have lived through the 80’s 🥺

  40. kathy kalifornia

    Catchy tune

  41. Kenji

    Imagine this. There's a ride that can magically take you back to the early 80"s. But it's only a one-way ride. Would you go for it?

    J D

    Yes I would and I'd invent Google, I mean Lougle

  42. Onondaga Sardino

    I relate to this song

  43. Indraneel Mukherjee

    Back when music was enjoyable. Females were feminine.

  44. Michael Goldman

    This is quite bad

  45. Rich

    They are without the greatest 80”s band

  46. Clive T

    Saw this lot at Bristol Studio. Great night.

  47. Bob Pikora

    stop, where have the 80s gone, it was like yesterday
    best time of my life,

  48. Dambo6 6

    Possibly the least heterosexual song and video in music history.

  49. iloveyouhunny

    Nice to see hes still about :)

  50. new ripple effect

    Where all the ladies from the 80s at that love this song? Hit that like button

  51. Stephen Le-surf

    Innocent time. Beautiful isn't it?

  52. Jackjude


  53. Daniel Garcia

    high pants!!...dunno why but i always think of ferris buellers facial expressions when i see this.. good times..

  54. RDK860

    Hit the Top 40 On 5/15/82, Peaked at No. 37, On the Chart 17 weeks!

  55. Robert Smith


  56. Mr Midas Touch

    I'm 45 I remember watching this video on a show called Night Trax classic 80's music...yes!

  57. Brendan Coughlan

    80’s had the best coke too 👍

  58. James DeGray

    When I hear this song it reminds me of a very lonely time in my life... But also reminds me my dinner reservation can be +1ed... So maybe I don't do not have a lovely lady to take out yet, or the money to take her out, or 100 other things, but this song still makes me smile.

  59. frances CAPPELLO

    The year I graduated high school. Now, these were the day's folks.

  60. Shaun Smith

    The 80s what a era life was better then shaun smith halesowen

  61. Wandering Goliard

    This was/is a good song.

  62. Mark Kendrick

    Great song.....

  63. Jonathan Ian

    Blurr got their sound from this band

  64. David Connelly

    I told my wife that Nigel Farage was the lead singer and she totally bought it. To this day, she thinks Nigel Farage is the lead singer from Haircut 100. Don't know if I have the heart to ever burst that bubble.

    mascara snake

    It is uncanny though!

  65. Karl D'Rocco Gallant

    One HIt Wonder

  66. Thomas Roman

    Sounds like Split Enz.

  67. walter evans

    I miss 1981!

  68. Bryan Jackson

    80's by far the best decade for music! I was into metal (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Scorpions etc) and now that I am about to turn 54 I find my ipod becoming for diverse of the music from the 80's. Like everyone else who has posted in here I would like to catch that bus back to the 80's as well! Being a senior in HS and able to buy beer! Going to parties after HS football games and saturday nights! So much different now with kids in HS. All they want to do is sit in their room playing video games or meeting up at Starbucks & snapchat! Give me some Maiden, 6 pack of Budwiser Tall Boys and were is the party! This ones for you 80's!!!

  69. ilovemightybite

    This song is adorable and charming. Makes me nostalgic for a sweeter, less angry and cynical time. I love it.

  70. Aeternuss

    Ohhhh Shit the Acid just kick in

  71. David Warner

    Love the 80s!!

  72. jo ratchford

    This is MY 80s song..the one that takes me straight back..I want to go back now!!

  73. 1111nolanc

    The postersong for early 80s! Still love it.

  74. Wesley Kloulubak

    I first heard this song play on the radio this morning. Now i keep replaying it on YouTube .

  75. Carla Jama

    I loved the Ska nice.

  76. WHUFC71

    Fuck I miss being young!!

  77. Jan Trevitt

    Loving the Haircut Songs☆☆☆♡♡♡♡

  78. AceBanana100

    The 70's was the time when music turned the corner on itself but the 80's - when a song comes on you just know its the 80's sound. Great times to be around :-)

  79. Ed Jones

    Got a bit of a Split Endz feel to it.

  80. Janet Etherington

    I am forever stuck in 1982

  81. Scottorum Malleus

    Nick Heyward was a genius of his time

  82. The Great Dominion

    Good music, but the lyrics of the songs by this band are total gibberish.

  83. Ande Gonzalez

    Loved the song, hated the ad before it.

  84. scott cushing

    I used to dislike this song, but it takes me ack to early MTV. Is that an Aria Pro bass? Sweet.

  85. Mark Anderson

    Nick Haywood legend

  86. Eric Henn

    When did Bill Cosby learn to play drums?

  87. TheAstrius

    Going back to Kindergarten with this one, what a surreal childhood I had.

  88. djhvallejo

    hair cut 100 did it before Miley Cyrus lol

  89. Robert Valenzuela

    You got all this right friend

  90. Wendy

    I am so happy I stumbled across this fantastic song. Took me right back to 1982 the year I left school. Had the biggest Haircut 100 poster on my bedroom wall, I was only allowed one. Still a great 80’s hit... probably now a classic.

  91. Hugh Grection

    Till now I always thought it was rag, rag, rag, and a rag. Thought maybe it was about that time of the month.

  92. gerald 413

    They don't make music like this anymore.

  93. John Smith

    remember losing to hibs at easter road and at full time this was it

  94. Duchess Lust Moon TYPE 11a

    1982 / wow 😮 Valley Girl !! Yes I was !! We thought we were hot 🥵 shit back then !! I reigned supremely in my circle ⭕️ of Girls !! Queen 👑 🐝 yes I was !!

    John Franklin


    Duchess Lust Moon TYPE 11a

    John Franklin I had the 1982 Valley Girl Handbook !!

    John Franklin

    @Duchess Lust Moon TYPE 11a like, I'm soooooo sure you WROTE IT !!!! TOTALLY!!!!!!

  95. Kaleb Smith

    It's important you wake up and listen to the gayest song in the world.

  96. jungefrau

    i couldn't understand the lyrics in the 80s and I can't understand them now...

  97. leeroy Jackson

    After all these years still amazing the sounds of the 80s