Haircut 100 - 40-40 Home Lyrics

Think in time
Early evening light will start to fade
And we'll be called inside
To wait for chance to say
Can I stay out late or maybe just an hour
But when you call I know that all I have to say is...
Forty forty home
You never could catch me
With a stocking and a ball
Around the world a yo-yo spun
You would skip and I would run
Those long days are slipping away

Days will pass
Taking turns to hide and lose our way
And beats will change the rhythm of the year
A worn out gate will swingalongasister
And running out calling to a friendly teaser
Forty forty home
You never would catch me
My ball against the wall
But around the world a yo-yo spun
Dodge the conkers one by one
But yours always came my way
Cross my path was something
I could not expect again
From beast to beauty, beautiful remain
Slide this way
Don't leave your past in shadow
And paper plane will fly your way on golden wings of...
Forty forty home
So now you have caught me
Your stocking said it all
Played the game and won, two, three
Made your move and captured me
So never let me go

Counting the spots on the lino
It seemed such a waste of time
But can't you stick to your side of the garden?
And I to mine!
Forty forty home
You never would catch me
My ball against the wall
But around the world a yo-yo spun
Dodge the conkers one by one
But yours always came my way

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Haircut 100 40-40 Home Comments
  1. poorshakes

    The singing is fine, if a bit anonymous, Marc lacks a distinctive quality. The musicianship is fine too, but the songs and hooks of Nick are missing.

  2. arytmis

    can't help but hear Debarge in here.. (Hidden Years)

  3. Peter Ott

    Wonderful album, great songs, catchy melodies. Where is a time machine to go back?

  4. Kiyomi S

    I love this album now and forever.
    from Japan

  5. JJ Massie

    one of the most underrated album...brilliant stuff

  6. yourocka6978

    This album is so amazing!
    I was teen when this album released. I listened it over and over. Thank you!

  7. Kidwaryod Production

    How many bands and albums that flopped / untimely split-up or should have a chance to making more good music as they deserve. Feeling bad that "Paint and Paint" didn't get a success because music listeners / critics mainly think "Nick's gone now, No need to care it" and kill their career. Sometimes music industry wasn't the main problem. But the problem came from the music listeners themselves who never opened their mind and killed the band career who once their favorite.

  8. jim brusso bigtimecavaliersfan

    i thought without Nick this would suck but it's actually quite good!

  9. Bill Navarro

    Nothing against Nick Heyward, but this album is better than the first one

    Kidwaryod Production

    The band sound was very unique. Very lively and jazzy that no one can do like them.


    OH! Great! HAGESHIKUDOOI! I was thinking so, for 30years!


    Its OK. NH was in the midst of his breakdown and didn't turn up for much of the sessions. Thev were attempting to write songs like Heywood, but the band was in decline. This album doesn't have the sheer joy, liveliness and spontaneity of PW. To me it sounds a bit forced, as they were probably feeling the pressure to produce another great record, but were lacking a key element. JMO.


    (Cherry pop CRPOPD 182 [ 2 CDs ]
    reviewed in
    #468 for July 2017,
    page 101
    (damn,NOT page 100!) reviewed by Marc Ellicott
    My review of Elliott's review (who gave P&P 2 out of 5 stars ) - I give the reviewer one fifth of a star.
    It's very hard sometimes for a band to recover from the loss of a lead singer, but Nick Hayward 's stupid move to go solo, forced the band to find somebody compatible and I think they did with Marc Jones.
    Elliott refers to it as interesting, gives credit for H-CUT to "solider on," but then states, " hearty confidence, but little true sparkle."
    I think Elliott, has "Pelican West" playing in his mind the whole time while trying to be reviewing P & P.If YOU like HAIRCUT 100, you will probably like PAINT & PAINT.

  11. Roger A. Mueller

    My gosh, this is great! First time hearing this great follow-up album. Thanks for posting! (I have to go buy this on Amazon now.)

  12. Clarke Martty

    must disagree with most of the positive comments, here. what we have, here, is a classic case of a production (with a good band, yes) in search of SONGS. there has not be a clearer instance of the songwriter being missing: nick heyward is SORELY SORELY missed, here!!! to me the difference between Pelican and this album is MANY MILES FROM HOME!! what can i tell you?!? many miles...(in their own words).

    John Kavanagh

    Liked the first album...and nicks solo efforts...but (to me) this is better than both...Infatuation is the best song of all Haircut 100 efforts..... I feel I’m right but might be wrong.

  13. economy electrics

    this is a fantastic album. easily as good as pelican was 2 years earlier.(1982).. Paint & Paint from 1984 is amazing........Cant wait for it to be re-issued again on CD format......... the songs, vocals, and musicianship  are FANTASTIC......p-s- Les Neme's is an incredible bass player. He has a style all of his own........


    Mr Nemes you are really a great bass player. Congratulations!

  15. captainautumn1

    An superb album that was unfairly overlooked on its release and has stood the test of time amazingly well. The thing with Haircut 100 was that you had superb musicians who all brought something different to the mix. The result was Inventive, funky, melodic and fun. The charts were a pretty crowded place in 1984 but it seems a real shame in retrospect that the same people that purchased Pelican West in their droves lost faith in Haircut 100 Mark II, or should that be Marc Fox ...........

  16. OldJockRadio

    I can see why this didn't fly.


    I always think that the mixing of this album could be better.

    Adrian DeVore

    It was bit a ahead of its time. I remembered buying this LP as an import because it wasn't released in America. After hearing it back in 1984, I absolutely hated it except for "High Noon" since I loved the guitar and bass riffs. As I am listening to again in in 2017, it was less painful to hear but I  (then and now) didn't like Mark Fox's vocals.


    Just to say that we are currently in talks about re-issuing this album in the new year. Thank you for your kind comments.

    James Jr

    Great news - - hopefully the reissue will be in expanded format with 12" extended versions & b-sides included.

    Lesley White

    never knew 9f his album would of bought it...haircut 100 mad...nick etc

    S.C. Beatty

    Les Nemes posted here...Awesome.

    Travis Davis

    Les Nemes GOAT!!!


    How about a new album? Could use some good, solid early 80's style funk:)

  18. americo tomaz


  19. Kevin Bennett

    Yeah! New wave/Alternative funk in the house, nice!

  20. autoforthepeople

    Totally agree with kck303... it's superb!!! :- D

  21. kck303

    Just wonderful album!
    This is the best,everrrrr!