GWAR - Bring Back The Bomb Lyrics

Hiroshima, A shadow burned in time
Nagasaki, naked baby melts alive
Burnt flesh and rubble from sea to dead shore
Such a hideous theatre of war
But that was the end--Why?
There are so many more that must die
Is that not part of the plan?
I must use the nukes
I can't kill you all with my hands

Hydrogen bomb, new signs of doom
Thermo-nuclear, neutron bomb too...
You say these devices must never be used
I say you're mistaken, let's get to the fuse

Bring--Bring back the bomb
This is state policy, "by other means"
Your life ends in terror, this is now decreed
This is the twisting of bloody steel beams
The bomb blows air backwards, there's no time to scream
When they tested the A-bomb, they had a real fear
The blast will destroy your sweet atmosphere
But far more important as power increases
Was wasting the planet in well-ordered pieces

Bring--bring back the bomb
Bring--bring--bring--bring back the bomb

Bring back the bomb
It's been far too long
Summon the brazen war chariot
Bring back the bomb
what makes it so wrong?
Release the beast, you can't bury it

Hrup [8x]

Why should the fire be shared with so few?
Let bombs explode, 'cause that's what they do
Nuke Mecca, New York, the Vatican too
Give me a bomb, I'll drop it on you
Why stop at only two?
You showed the world just what it can do
What a waste not to destroy
Come play at war, man, and bring your best toy

Who gives a fuck about a nuclear war?
Let bombs explode, because that's what they're for
Last minute warning, the sirens they sing
Chaos, the reason, death, what we bring

Humans now look to the sky!
You worship missiles, yet they know no side
I guess it was all a lie
So grab ass with both hands, it's your turn to die

Die--it's your turn to die [x2]
Lies--they killed you with lies
Die, human, die

And while we're at it, let's go nuke Tibet
Let's vaporize the oceans with glee
Saving the whales an agenda for some
Nuking them sits well with me
Bring-bring back the bomb
They know not what they do
Bring-bring back the bomb
Bring--bring-bring--bring back the bomb
Bring back the bomb
They know not what they do
Bring--bring--bring back the bomb
Bring--bring--bring--bring back the bomb

Bring back the bomb it's been far too long
Summon the brazen war chariot
Bring back the bomb
What makes it so wrong?
Release the beast, you can't bury it
What makes it so wrong?

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GWAR Bring Back The Bomb Comments
  1. Tyler Smith

    I love how everyone here is from three years ago but it's 2020 and I'm still here.

  2. Eric Melton

    GWAR is right. Far better than suicide. We all die at once and it's someone else's choice. Humans just want to die. Thank you oderus for explaining it for me. All hail GWAR. BRING BACK THE BOMB!!!!

  3. Michael Lippert

    Remember kiddies, if you spend all your time banging about not doing anything, stop wiping your face while doing it.

  4. krunchy Clown

    Bring back the Bomb in Virginia! :P

  5. macrokaiju

    Oderous/David had a way with words I'll always miss <3

  6. macrokaiju

    quite lovely. would see them live.

  7. Haley Edwards

    Naked baby melts alive

  8. skyhlgh

    Lies they kill you with lies

  9. Smurfman256

    Why was "Judas" censored?

  10. harold cooper jr

    Make the lyrics on point but a verse behind. You missed some

  11. Ghost 8856


  12. Thanatosx33

    Had a real fear...

  13. Jesus Lei

    How dare you censor Judas. Judas was a coward, even if he did exist.

  14. O.j Simpson 79

    That's why I'm moving to Thailand and going to just sit back with my toes in the sand and laugh at the rest of the world killing each other Thailand equals 100% piece it's a Flawless country greetings from Buffalo New York by the way of Krabi City Thailand

  15. Glorious Reign

    RIP Brockie knew what was up. I’m just checking off the days until this nuclear holocaust pops off.

  16. TRENT Solo

    Bomb this damn earth End it already God

    the semen demon

    TRENT Solo weird flex, but okay.

  17. Robin Meier

    wow these vocals are horrible

    Transcendent Sacred Courage

    I call bullshit.

  18. Natalie Wood

    Up yours Russia. COME AT USE BRO.

    the semen demon

    Natalie Wood maybe an English textbook should come at you.

  19. Karg45

    why stop at only two?

  20. A Guitarist

    why did I get scared when the video started

  21. Johnny Rebel

    With true lyrics ? Good . I hate those damn false lyrics .

    Jesse Gilbert

    I feel like you're trying to be you're probably the kind of simpleton, moron that wears a t-shirt with some stupid fucking "witty" "zinger" like "if you don't like my sarcasm...don't talk to me until after my coffee" or "if my sarcastic humor offends you...Facebook has an unfriend button!" You see, there are a vast number of videos with misheard, misunderstood and flat out wrong lyrics in them...which makes them "untrue" i.e. "these are not the true lyrics." Which, unfortunately, actually IS the case for this song/video. But thanks for making it easier to spot the assholes in this comment section! There's one now! I've got something I like to keep on deck for asshole sightings....just one second....where did I leave it.....oh shit it was laying across your forehead!


    that's not for your forehead! It's for assholes!

  22. Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS

    Fuckin rest in shit Dave Brockie!

  23. mrben-joseph

    To be honest. Gwar SUCKS. I prefer Megadeth

    Transcendent Sacred Courage

    Yeah right. GWAR is one of many bands that are great. Better than shitty Rap.

  24. Snaps Provolone

    God damn this song is so fucking good. R.I.P Dave

  25. Rainbow Cash

    Yeah this song sounds like it was used in a tony hawk game

    Transcendent Sacred Courage

    Or a badass fighting game.

  26. Jesus ™

    Saw these guys play in their underwear on the back of a flatbed truck once

    RIP , Sir Dave


    Definitely sounds like something they would do lmao. RIP. So mad I didnt see him live

    Donna Moncrief

    Thats fuckin awesome

  27. chazz LUCAS


  28. ScubaShneve

    4:01 - why censor Judas?

    Glorious Reign

    ScubaShneve I think it’s because it’s a metaphor for the Jews and that will get you kicked off youtube. Idk how much of the Bible is factual or not but Judas betrayed Jesus to a bunch of rabbis that sat as a tribunal all over what is today Israel. Idk if that was the uploaders intent on censoring it but many Jews control media today just as they controlled law and judicial matters back then. Just look up the owner of google and YouTube lol. I mean Facebook(zuckerberg) or Hollywood top producers like the Weinsteins and most major news networks. All the info is readily available on Wikipedia in their early life history if you’re interested in any of this. They’ve been on a censoring rampage recently though. (end of rant and theory) but I just came back to listen to this song because of the scenario that’s being setup with Iran right now. Brockie was a fucking genius and I wish he was alive to know that this song wasn’t too far off.

    Glorious Reign

    This was uploaded in 2010 but I can’t think of any logical reason to censor Judas besides what I mentioned but that’s a long shot. Only thing that came to mind when I saw it too because it was censored with 5 asterisks instead of 4. Also right before that he has a line that says “they know not what they do” which was said by Jesus before his crucifixition except Brockie left out the “forgive them” part of that quote.

  29. em vb

    Destroy the cosmos ask questions later.

  30. hanz sloth

    This will be the last song the president of sryia will here

  31. Kemal Turgut

    the riff sounds like homicidal retrubition by dying fetus :D

    Kemal Turgut

    hanz sloth you mean cannibal corpse ?

    hanz sloth

    Thrash Maniac look it up

    Headbang \m/ mania

    Thrash Maniac you've right man

    Wild Bill

    also check out dying fetus procreate the malformed you will hear that similar guitar riff

  32. josh sellers

    Iran needs to cobalt case them. That will make the whores of Israel's children look like the new borns in Iraq after they come out of their rat nest bomb shelters.

    Glorious Reign

    josh sellers Hell yeah. fucking righteous brother

  33. MetalRockerRiot Lost in Metal

    GWAR your amazing Metal transcend all time any world and Rockers there in lol \\mm//
    God Bless

  34. caleb allen

    I give you a hug!

  35. caleb allen

    you can make an attempt to hurt anyone from the comfort of your couch, but it will always come off like you need a hug!

  36. caleb allen

    the reason why the internet sucks! people have a long pole to hate!.

  37. caleb allen

    My favorite band of all time!!! So many shows, driving in blizzards to see ODERUS at the Ogden!

  38. Liberal Assassin

    GWAR. A product of the Clinton 90's. GWAR. Grungy Wussy Ass Retards. I had one of you GWAR retards chasing one of my daughters back in the 90's. After I beat his fucking ass in my garage, he didn't chase my daughter anymore and neither did any of his friends. >:-)

    Andy Paul

    Well Gwar have been around since '84 and their music is representative of heavy metal bands from that time such as Slayer, Napalm Death and Cannibal Corpse. You're not even in the right decade. You're just stringing together loose correlations to fit some bullshit grumpy old man narrative. I'm sure all those classic rock musicians you regard so highly were perfect saints and definitely never fucked teenagers, did hard drugs, or promoted leftist ideology.

    kevin willems

    You are a sad, strange old man. And you have my pity

    Chris Bronk

    Marines aren't scary dude. My dad was in Nam. Biggest piece of shit loser ever. Took 7 bullets and was still a bitch.

    David Campus

    I pulled on my clothes and I was on my way, 
    Until her daddy pulled up in a Chevrolet.
    I ran, I jumped out the back window, 
    But her daddy, he was waitin' with a 2 x 4.
    Oh, he beat me to the left, he beat me to the right. 
    The mutha-fucker whooped my ass all night.
    But I ain't mad at her prejudiced dad, that's the best damn pussy I ever had.

  39. Skylar Lehman

    It says (WITH TRUE LYRICS) except at 0:45, you said it's "This is the twisting of bloody steel beams," but if you actually listen to it, it says "the 'blasting' of..." You sir, have been living a lie.

    Harry Wilson

    And he misspellt "summon".

    Noah Dillon

    Plus the commas and ellipses are a fucking mess.


    they killed you with lies.

    Donna Moncrief

    I knew i heard that

  40. yoursoultasteslikebacon

    Rest in peace Oderus. You were a fucking awesome musician.

  41. Dambreaker

    RIP Oderus... 

  42. ImAdapt73

    Riff at 3:09 >:}

  43. Zack Walker

    Stupid fucks, take of the link

  44. Scalpelled YT

    Judas Iscariot

  45. The Nile Ue Ue Fly

    It's "crucify Judas Iscariot", not "crucify Jesus Iscariot."

    Jesus's last name was Christ, in case you hadn't heard.

    Jesse Gilbert

    Yeah, he probably hadn't heard that Jesus's last name was Christ. And it totally makes sense that you would assume that, and not that he didn't know how to spell Judas, or that he just put an extra astrick when he typed out "J*****" If you hadn't noticed that is the letter "J" and then five place holders represented as astricks for a total of six characters to the one word. Which would not be the correct spelling of either Jesus, nor Judas, you pretentious shit-brain.

    (_)_)::::::::::D~~~~~ that's the US coming to take out the Grammar Nazi's with a big tank!

    Glorious Reign

    Jesse Gilbert yeah I was curious why he censored it with an extra asterisk as well. Only one other word that comes to mind that you would potentially want to censor would be Jewish Iscariot since Judas sold out Jesus to all the leading rabbis that had him crucified. I had to come back to this song after I heard about nuclear tension with Iran. Swear Brockie was a genius

    Rob T. Strange

    Christ is not Jesus's last name. Christ is title in christianity. Christ comes form ''christos'', which means messiah. Jesus the messiah.

  46. The Nile Ue Ue Fly

    You are correct.

  47. SEnigmaProductions

    I believe it's "This is the blasting of bloody steel beams.", not "This is the twisting of bloody steel beams."

  48. jay94271


  49. Marc-André Rémillard

    the anthem song for North Corea Leader, Kim jung un!

    Big Bird PH

    Wonder what would have been Oderus' opinion on Kim Jong Un?! 😂

    Jesus Lei


  50. Jerry D

    But im sure Burtal Reynolds will dig it

  51. Jerry D

    sorry man just looking for BRUTAL SHIT

  52. MrOdsrandy


  53. Locust Dawn

    RIP Cory Smoot

  54. Leo Hynett


  55. Jeffery Simonis

    The goverment could take some pointers from gwar

  56. Federal agent Holton

    3.hell yes

  57. thetruthisawake4all


    Big Bird PH

    And bring the GWO (GWAR World Order)! \m/

  58. Greg Sage

    i know a few places i wouldnt mind a bomb being dropped on

    the semen demon

    Greg Sage Quebec.

  59. Crusty Hudson

    shit i listened t othis in 3rd grade also

  60. Eerie Guts

    Why did you blank out JUDAS?

  61. paintballrage98

    damn i was a demented third grader...

  62. JohnTheBabyEater

    only 30 likes the cosmic masters will not be happy

  63. HellVomit09

    Oddly enough, sometimes a nuclear detonation or more is more humane than a "conventional war".

  64. Chuck House

    not stage blood water and food coloring stage blood actually turns hard and cracks the costumes love me some GWAR

  65. Tyler's Youtube

    I actually saw these guys about a week ago. Best. Concert. Ever. The costumes are quite a sight up close, an it's the only concert where I've left covered in stage blood.

  66. Lulu S

    calm down... it was just a misunderstanding.

  67. Donavon Douglas


  68. orz29

    Y did u censor Judas?

  69. Ga Shia

    @bloodrainz thanks

  70. Blood Rainz

    good job gAxSHIA ill box you for this !! love this song!1

  71. Blood Rainz

    @bbbmx1 WTF? so you went to war just becuse of this song? you do know they band hate bush...right?

  72. Ga Shia