Guy Clark - Better Days Lyrics

Standing at the window her face to the glass
As far as she can see the time has come to pass
As far as she can see the sky is all ablaze
And this looks like the first of better days

She's takin' charge of her life for a change
She's takin' it back that she's lost
It's just as clear as the window pane
She'll survive at all cost

See the wings unfolding that weren't there just before
On a ray of sunshine she dances out the door
Out into the morning light where the sky is all ablaze
This looks like the first of better days

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Guy Clark Better Days Comments
  1. Boris Stone

    Probably my favorite Guy Clark song. There was a time when music was real. Sung with passion and written from the heart. Now a lot of music is fake & stupid. People start putting out fake bullshit to make money rather than the love for music and words. Real music with a heart can have such a deep impact in someone's live and that's more important than all the bucks you make. The passion is gone... The realness is gone... The heart is gone... Modern music industry, you can kiss my f***ng ass with your fake shit, I ain't buying it!

  2. Boris Stone

    Beautiful song