Gucci Mane - So Much Money Lyrics

[Intro: Gucci Mane]
I ain't tryna fall out with money
I ain't tryna fall out with money
I just wanna ball out with money
And I ain't tryna fall out with money

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
I've got so much money on me
I've got so much money on me
I've got so much money on me
I've got so much money on me
I ain't tryna fall out with money
I ain't tryna fall out with money
I get so much money
I'm standin' here with so much money

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I got model money, show money, plus I'm gettin' that dope money
I might get your ho money, yeah, if she a snow bunny
Grow house 'dro money, nick/dime slow money
Glock 9, kick doors, bitch, I need some more money
I ain't that old, but my bank roll keep a fleet of young hoes
Smokin' on the big 'dro, they cook dope
Gucci cut dope, used to stay next door to his kinfolk
Limousine tint, bitch, pourin' up your rent money
Pour it up 'til it turn purp', 50 Cent money
All my goons, yeah they on alert, get ya murked money
I'm in Dallas livin' fuckin' lavish, I got Dirk money (swish!)
Caesar's Palace, yeah I let 'em have it, I got work, pocket
Homie ain't got a cent to his name, he ain't got money
He a lame, ain't no one to blame, got cocaine money
Gucci, I got white money, brown money, green money
Nigga, you a lame, just blind, never seen money



[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
That bitch ask what time it is – it's 10: 17
I keep big Ben Frank bankrolls... in my Robin's jeans
You've got 30 fucking problems if you think 'bout robbing me
I got get-a-nigga-whacked money, and they'll go overseas
Cops pull me over in daylight, jeez...
'Cause I've got so much money on me
And I've got a QP with me
That's why I've got so much bond money on me
And I've got this nina with me
With this dirty clip, hope it don't jam on me
But you'd better pray for your life, bruh
When you're runnin' from me
Bimmer cost a hundred some Gs
Plus still got Ferrari money on me
And I feel like T-U-P-A-C, K All eyes on me
CEO of GBE – G-L-O-G-A-N-G
I'm a lean over all day every day
I've got so much cake on me
I smoke so much Stunner
And I count so much money
I never pick a ho with my money
I'm gettin' money, way to go, my money...


[Verse 3: Gucci Mane]
So much molly... I done took so much molly...
I can't even feel my body...
So much molly I can't feel my body...
This party 'bout to turn into an orgy
See... in here, it's just one me
I'm leanin', drank so much Codeine
Promethazine, think I'm 'bout to OD
I think I need to smoke some weed 'cause I'm really geekin'
It's Tuesday, I'm freakin', but we listenin' to The Weeknd
I'm tryna mix this Vietnamese with this Puerto Rican
This fine Cali bitch'll let me sneak this Georgia peach in
"Good grief, I can't breathe, can we take a break?"
She'll suck your dick through your briefs, eat beef like a steak
She put my dick on a plate, then she said her grace
She said that money make her cum, she love the way I'm paid


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Gucci Mane So Much Money Comments
  1. Gudda Rose

    Sosa went brazy on here

  2. Charles Wilson

    Some of the lyrics was off beat like shit

  3. Donnie Willis

    Sosa went ballistic

  4. Chris Gotti

    This whole mixtape was 🔥

  5. Derrion Fry

    Here because I’m not tryna fall out with money

  6. TheNecroSodomizer

    The way they utilize the autotune for gucci at 1:27 - 1:54 is so perfect.
    underrated track

  7. Kyonna Ford

    Can't believe this my first time hearing this...this go hard🔥🔥🔥

  8. 666flags

    The fx on keef is so tripped out

    Sean Hampton Jr.

    Yea but it’s amazing


    Sean Hampton Jr. no i agree this was not a neg comment

    Sean Hampton Jr.

    chazzzy420 yea i know lol

  9. Donnie Willis

    Sosa's verse makes me want to drive a Lamborghini 200 mph in a police chase

  10. P J


  11. Eldon Fowler

    2019 anybody?

  12. Tiera Vinson

    2018 still lit

  13. ryuks pilldealer

    Chief keef Gucci son

  14. Anthony Z Caliber


  15. FLeX -ENT

    Ceo of #G.B.E G.L.O.G.A.N.G

  16. 50shotdoowop

    Chief keef looks a little high

  17. Oscar Castillo

    This shit hot!!!!!

  18. ATM vevo • 11 Years ago

    Shit go crazy doe cuz it old Gucci

  19. ATM vevo • 11 Years ago

    y ain’t Sosa doing nomo music wit Gucci dat nigga prolly cloned fr n Sosa ain’t fuckin witt it

  20. Rxcky 808

    Aint done turning up bitch

  21. Dez Nutz

    2018 still lit

  22. greg romo

    Glo seven teen®™

  23. greg romo


  24. Javontez Carter


  25. Public Figures

    This is one of the rawest songs ever recorded. Top 5 of all time for me - Sosa & Gucci both just kept snapping

  26. Adrian Romo

    Don Guwup

  27. SHIZZLE 1337

    That bitch asked what time it is it's 6:17 I keep 50 big bank rolls in my robin jeans you got 30 fuckin problems if you think bout robbin me

    Glo Boy Tre

    SHIZZLE 1337 Its That Bitch Asked What Time It Is (Haaaa) Its 10:17 I Keep Big Ben Franklin Bankrolls In My Robin Jeans You Got 30 Fuckin Problems If Ya Think Bout Robbin Me I Got Get A Nigga Wacked Money And Then Go Over Seas

  28. Adrian Romo

    might get a nigga whacked money then go over seas

  29. Adrian Romo

    Guess what time it is?10:17

    Kevin Epstein

    Adrian Romo nah. “That bitch asked what time it is” not guess what time it is

  30. Adrian Romo

    nigga u a lean junky blind never seen 💰

  31. Adrian Romo

    I got them I got them racks got them fucking racks ! Burrr!💯

  32. Mack Lee


  33. Cabriea Anderson

    he spelled tupac with Ck cuz she bd keef spit fire when he with gucci lyric so hot yall cant handle them. people sleeping on gucci and keef these niggas 2 of the best that ever done it . pay attention and real recognize real

    Cabriea Anderson

    cuz he bd not she . bd is black disciple bloods

    Cabriea Anderson

    ck meaning crip killer

    Sak Chaser

    Cabriea Anderson There is no such thing as bd bloodz

    Glo Boy Tre

    Actually He Said “Tupack” Because Of Tooka😂😂 Lol Like When You Say Too Your Saying Tu So He Put It As Tupack Means He Smoking Tooka

  34. James Champion

    why everybody sleeping on Gucci verse ??

    Tony Romo

    been lovin his verses since this dropped

    Adonis Bennett

    James Champion who sleep????????????

  35. Ashlyn Robbins

    so Adyy

  36. Ashlyn Robbins

    So much money said mane

  37. Antanesha Goodman

    chief keef was killing it

  38. p jay

    Chief keef is the best part

  39. GloTheActivist

    We need Big Gucci Sosa 2 ASAP


    mfkin guuuwop GAAANG GAAAANG GAAAANG

  41. Oscar Valentin

    cheif keef is so blackk!!!

    freddy temple

    youre so retardedd!!!

    Jordan Bryant

    He charcoal black

  42. 50 Shots

    You got 30 fucking problems if you thinkn bout robbing me

    Adrian Starczowski

    Low Life that refetence tho

    50 Shots

    adrian starczowski lmao yaaa knooo

  43. Greg Romo

    Ten seven teen.

  44. Guilherme Ortiz

    I got so much money on me

  45. TheBossDon

    To the people that think he spelling it wrong Keef is claiming that because of the attention he has been getting that he feels like Tupac Shakur, one of the hip-hop greats.

    All Eyez On Me was Tupac’s highest selling album.

  46. omar valdez

    Gucci is the real deal !!!

  47. Papadop

    Smokin' that Tupack


    +Young Shaquille #PussyniggaK 😅💸

    darion perry

    Tupack as in tuka it's weed


    +darion perry you wrong asl💀💀😂😂boy what is u talking about "tuka"😭😭💀💀 nigga its Tooka

    darion perry

    @LilGloryBoyZay not really that hard on weed but thanks

    darion perry


  48. This Channel has no name

    You need to die if you think this is good.

    Devin Boykin

    This Channel has no name well bitch im DEAD

    Big Dominos

    Devin Boykin im dead asf

    Jordan Bryant

    You prolly listen to garbage stfu

  49. ivanwarrior37

    We really out here!

  50. james andrews

    JUS SKIP TO 2;30

  51. Marilyn Guardado

    Sickass song shit goes hard big gucci maneeeee

  52. Isaac Creux

    and i smoke so much stunna DOPE . . . . " get money " what i told my money nigga sosa be on them hoes

  53. AnonymousUnknown

    Listen to this when high as shit :/ Brains fried!!! 😵😜😛😱 BEST SHIT EVER!!!!

  54. Jessica James

    brrn jammin this for way over a year! 

  55. Keonte

    I had no idea this been out for a year. never heard it until Big Gucci Sosa. anyway, how Keef gone spell tupac name with a K


    Keonte dissing

    Prestige Playz

    It could mean this. “I feel like “T-U-P-A-C” K? All eyes on me. Like if someone said Okay? after the end of the sentence as if they are trying to clarify what they said/feel.

    Kyle Baggett

    Diss to ck crabs


    He jus wanted it to rhyme

  56. Cody Smith

    Yall are trippin Sosa murdered this!

  57. CPT2LA

    i got some much money on me.
    i aint done turnin up bitch

  58. Joke3 jk3

    FBG shit BDKK fuckk sosa! !|!


    FOH lil bitch

  59. Chris Rock

    Sosa needs to learn english. He mumbles so much. Annunciation please


    You want some annunciation go listen to some hooked on phonics.

    The Coolkidrnasty

    Its The Wave Now😂♂‍🤷🏾

    Tylar kreidler

    Chris Rock now everyone do it lol

  60. fredley vita

    G.L.O G.A.N.G

  61. Korish Ogilvie

    Llah he spelled 2pac name wrong T.U.P.A.C.K lol but still go hard.

    Lil pump

    He was talking about tooka gang tooka pack or tu pack he not talking about 2pac

    Lil pump

    He was talking about tooka gang tooka pack or tu pack he not talking about 2pac


    Keef is claiming that because of the attention he has been getting that he feels like Tupac Shakur, one of the hip-hop greats.

    All Eyez On Me was Tupac’s highest selling album.

    D Reezy

    TU-PACK, tutu and tooka are two different people, he smokes tooka or tutu

    Kyle Baggett

    Korish Ogilvie diss to ck crabs

  62. Bkbravo96

    Sosa will murk suin

  63. Ron Wigg

    Super hard

  64. marquis jones

    Stop it Gucci you did the fool bro

  65. Kharrianna M

    I love this song soo much yo lol

  66. Kalon Williams

    Poe it up Til it turn purp! 50 cent money

  67. Gu Wop



    I ain't tryna fallout with money...

  69. 105skatername

    chief keef look fucked up in this picture. lmfao

  70. CheckStandX

    I got so much money on me.

  71. Aquatic SoaP

    lml dis shit

  72. Bentley Reese

    This go hard!!

  73. kennedy holmes

    Gucci good as fuck but Chief keef sucks


    hard af sosa still a bitch doe

  75. Based Cheech

    And I feel like T.U.P.A.C.K all eyes on me CEO AND GBE G.L.O.G.A.N.G

  76. theoosinator23

    gucci legend as hell

  77. jcity dadondada

    3 0n bd and I aint bd. On bd this go hard big guwop and big gucci sosa. Can't wait to ride down the block blasting this shit all weekend

  78. Kevin Inahuazo