Gucci Mane - Peep The Swag Lyrics

[Young Jock:]
Look in my Bentley, what do you see
Gread A hustler, surtified G
Look in my Bentley, peep the swag, peep the swag

[Gucci Mane and Young Jock:]
It's Gucci Mane the weirdo, with brand new mattearial
Like Jmario, I go when it's time to go
Serious, delearious, I'm lookin like an alian
I left the lodge to kill this shit, bring back my moola, man
Survin Lean, bleive me
It's Young Jock and Gucci Mane, I'm pretty sure you heard of me
You heard of me, these haters wanna murder me
In that new Burgindy, with cream seets, I'm livin big
Master P from 93, and these haters just silly
They tryna murder me, these coppycats they hurtin me
Be with the purple, yeah, that's where I be

[Young Jock:]
Look in my Bentley, what do you see
Gread A hustler, surtified G
Look in my Bentley, peep the swag, peep the swag

[Young Jock and Gucci Mane:]
First of all, I stand a little more than four feet tall
Ain't scared to brawlle, Jock come strapped with it all
Smokin my Weed, sippin my Lean
High as a plain, I'm a real G
It's Gucci Mane the worker, so sick I done lost a kidni
I be gettin models, while I'm poppin bottles
It's Gucci Mane, the rap Socrotese, here is my pholosifey
Gucci, you inspire me, Lean where my tires be
Sees the block, drop the top, and look at Jock and me
Check out this company, we just hit the lottery
Can find no hotter three, no one hotter than me

[Young Jock:]
Look in my Bentley, what do you see
Gread A hustler, surtified G
Look in my Bentley, peep the swag, peep the swag

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Gucci Mane Peep The Swag Comments
  1. Dominique Dimery

    Go Pac Man -2019

  2. CUP T


  3. Love Lee

    Tell me wut Cha see.......

  4. Mitchell Ellis

    Grade A hustler, certified G

  5. DJ RHiNO

    This my shit! One of many of his best! love this 808 The BeAT is Stoopid as Gucci Mane LaFlare might say!
    May All of you that Like this be successful and Blessssssed! Yeaaaah.

  6. LeVar Clemmons Sr

    2019 this wa da real GuCCi Mane


    LeVar Clemmons Sr the ignorant drug addiction nigga that kept getting locked up ?? Keep em

  7. Rider Hernandez

    I run shit now ! Rompe Culo’s record

  8. Vanladder

    2018 grade A hustler certified G

  9. Lyndon

    Hi from 2018.

  10. Big dog Window

    Cold still

  11. flashdancer42


  12. ANDO from da BANDO

    2017 I'm still here

  13. Dustin James


  14. Dustin James

    I love this beat especially the breakdowns rhymes some of y'all just say what comes out of y'all mouth and this can record that like so many other times I could....

  15. William Leahy

    damn, this is the very first song i listened to while high which was about 5 years ago. i remember this song being like 20 min long. holy shit this brings back real nice blunt rides. however, this shit sucks. in my 5 years i went from listening to this crap to discovering GURU and i never went back, i almost forgot the name of this song

  16. Amber Joy

    If u sick get tht cure lmao.....the kings mixed wit some fifth n some em will make u right ahhhhh shit lol

  17. TheDannydamian

    At goonblake7

  18. Deb Culbertson

    50 A G fuck that come to Colorado medical kush 10 a g

  19. Winston Shull

    @wowgamer02 skidmarks*
    not skateboards

  20. cory carney

    Gucci you inspire me skateboards were my tires be

  21. Samwick

    @dannerization Lol i'm from Indiana and if i figured that shit went down anywhere it'd be gary or indy. wasn't expectin kokomo

  22. dropdeadbitch69


  23. wellgoon4

    Still My Sht...

  24. Ryne

    Gucci is dumb as fuck

  25. guttaboi88

    fuck ajw9009

  26. gettinmonee

    When You peek tha swaG, lol

  27. Willie Will Haskins

    Man dis goes soooo hard.

  28. Willie Will Haskins

    Dis goes sooooo hard.

  29. Julian Wright

    no dis aint a fairy tale but um ridin wit goldilocks....

  30. Project Boozy

    jeezy raps harder shit gucci makes it seem raw but not as raw as he makes it

  31. Ryan James

    it's gucci mane the weirdo wit brand new material.

    all those voiceovers ruin the song tho

  32. FatalCorleone07

    iz u sick??

  33. Young Love

    Yeeeaaahhhhhh uhh

  34. mzsmoochiee

    gucci got off on dis shit

  35. mzsmoochiee

    gucci got off on dis shyt

  36. childof83

    lol pacman killed this track lmao