Gucci Mane - Loud Lyrics

I'm rich as a republican say flyer than a pelican'm ridin' in my new yellow benz with yellow rims and yellow tin ooh girl I'm scared of you true, boo, look you the truth news, I was on the news this gucci that ain't nothin' new tools that's ahead of you coupe with the missin roof if you put up your dukes you might end up snaggletooth longitudes and latitudes I've got so much money dude paint my chevy mountain dew rush? avenue bolder crush got attitude you caught us for 82twos weed and syrup?
I'm higher than a mountain an ounce that's a thousand a pound cost me bout ten'm smokin it in my mansion colder than an ice cube God damn I fucc with mack 10 ike game I claim that red shi but I'm not from compton east atlanta slang gang two slain dead men news say? related, labeled it a gang bang put me in the kitchen point me to the kitchen'll switch up my position tell me who's my competition
I'm higher than a pelican higher than a billy goat the ceo, I'm trying to get you higher than a mountain lion tryin', bubble kush supplyin', lyin buyin' slanging iron? I suggest you fuck with mane you don't need no people cryin time after time remindin so icey got stupid diamonds you just a lil groupie, truly please respect lil gucci movie

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Gucci Mane Loud Comments
  1. Yung Faness

    My Music So Loud Chevy Marchin Ban

  2. T1rano09

    where the old Gucci at 😢

  3. Just Jack

    Flyer than a pelican higher than a billygoat the CEO I'm tryna get you higher than a mountain lion tryin bubba kush supplyin

  4. Brad Dosch

    Going to 2020 loud asf

  5. Cornelius Watson

    Fuck ya

  6. Ishmael Moses

    is im the only one that hear the instrumental sound like "roger that"

  7. ras 47

    Just got some new sounds instantly came here the break-in is real

  8. Fire Thief

    That flow is somethin else 🦄🦄🦄

  9. Keith Campbell

    RIP to Fat Gucci. Please respect lil Gucci, mooley

  10. Thee ち S T A R

    2019 July 4th goin strong..


  11. Latoya Smythe

    June 26, 2019🏹🤟🏽

  12. Henny Kravitz


  13. Ferrari Fresh


  14. Detroit Mi Dunkin

    Playing this in 2019 real LOuddddd

  15. David Spane

    Ima keep saying it this the real Gucci I don’t know who this new clone is🤔🤔🤔

  16. Henny Kravitz

    Been bumping this shit since 9th grade and still do in 2019. 🔥🔥🔥

  17. ondre1004

    2019 ,still here for it.. high school days when this drop💪


    Off the gate


    Blood gang

  20. Latisha Smith

    2019, and still bumping it loud

  21. Nick Mccarthy


  22. Houston Collins

    Who still bumping this n 2019

  23. LaDarius Brown

    2019 this shit still slammin out the trunk!!

  24. JDot Rich

    Ten years later, still bumps

  25. Hd Dd

    2019 so loud

  26. Alpine399 Street

    Dats loud

  27. Anthony Weatherspoon

    Still bumping 2019

  28. Right Coast

    Every time I hear this, it takes me back to college party days... best days of my life

  29. Alberto True

    Always loud don’t matter the year

  30. Sauce Gotti

    Hardest gucci song

  31. Chef Tony

    I remember Everybody started calling good weed “Loud” after this came out

  32. contrell graham


  33. Justin Surridge

    I love that no one knows that this is part of the many trap gamechangers that molded the new genre of the present

  34. Johnathan Atkins


  35. Don Karin

    This era right here .... the mixtapes released in this era went so perfect with the flows. Gucci has a sixth sense in combining these songs around that time. The instrumentals plus the flows.

  36. Henny Kravitz

    I miss this Gucci. This when Gucci was hungry.

    Brandon Marshall

    The real gucci

  37. Sophia Dilworth

    Real trap music.

  38. Frank Jiles

    Still bumping in 2018

  39. Redd Mosley

    if you ain't bumping 15s or better don't even play this song

  40. Blood Money

    2018 meet 2008 gucci

  41. Jemel Stone

    gucci mane is on of my fav rappers. day one allways 🔥 lyrics allways 🔥 beats allways 🔥 thanks gucci mane.

  42. That Damn MOJO

    Who here in 2018??

  43. Kenneth Walker


  44. Sir Evelyn Dé Rothschild

    2018 🔥🔥🔥

  45. Torrey Ransaw

    Gucciiiiii!!!! This shit so gangsta!! I was on my trap shit hard 2009 fresh off a 3 year bid...#loud#

  46. Ric Ricardo

    Who still bumping this classic #2018 ?

    Alpine399 Street

    Got these six twelves sounding wonderful

    Fresh Future


    Alpine399 Street

    Still in rotation

    dave ortwine

    Ric Ricardo what bout 2k19

    Johnny DTW


  47. Rodney Harvey

    Im 45 still fuck with the gucc

  48. Miss Taylor

    This will NEVER get old!!

  49. giovanni ortiz

    That second verse crazy

  50. Shirley Brigg

    cake walk for life I

  51. Shirley Brigg

    cake walk for life

  52. Chantel Woodson

    This listening to this 2018

  53. FlyBoy James

    Now I'm Rich as a Republican, Stay flyer than a Pelican
    I'm riding in my New Yellow Benz this Classic Gucci going hard in 2018 💯

  54. The Spiritual Awakening 101 Byrds Eye View

    the fucking 🐐👑 of Atlanta

  55. Bearr Jackson

    2017 💯

  56. Zyquan Jackson

    News 📰 I was on the news 📰 /Gucci that ain't nothing new 💪💪💪👌🔥🔥🔥

  57. Sunshine Hood

    my shit!!!

  58. Daniel Dugger

    cheese loud scouts loud

  59. Calvin J. Candie

    Every now and then I have to go through the Gwop archives .

  60. Sosa David

    😤 only thing on the iPod 🔥🔥🔥🔥🎶🎶🔥🔥🎧🎧

  61. Chevron Shawtyy

    Bouldercrest got attitude!

  62. Immaculate Conception

    the second gucc song I liked

  63. Allen Hook

    listening to in 2017

    Jake Ocho

    Allen Hook 2018 now baby lol

  64. Kevin o'neal


  65. Terrell Rashard

    My nigga Lex Lugar sign to Brick Squad!! Va Nigga!! Squad!!

  66. Terrell Rashard

    Dope Cookies smelln loud!!

  67. Aceboogie972

    like Game I claim that red shit but I'm not from Compton

    Tiffany White

    Ace boogie


    Tiffany White what???

  68. Damarcus Beckham

    A fucking classic

  69. Erick L

    Damn, brings back memories from 10th grade. 2009.

  70. ladarian roper

    The way Gucci murked dis beat is NASTY

    Martin Shelton

    ladarian roper this shit n
    beat bro no lie

  71. FreeIsraelite

    Classic flow

  72. Monique Dickerson

    Still listening to in 2016 #classicguwop

    King Solomon

    Monique Dickerson 2018* and still slappin 👌👌

  73. santiago arguelles

    Flyer than a pelican higher than a Billy goat

  74. Itsiwhatitsi

    Guwop out of prison 2016

  75. Shell Davis

    Otha than boosie dmx gucci is realistically the best real rapper free Gucci 1017

  76. Nuke Davis

    got that flow from perfect diamonds on here. true gucci fans no what im talmbout

    Sticks and stoners

    Nuke Davis writing on. the wall

  77. Elijah W

    Ion know what made me think of this song..glad I did tho shit was slept on

  78. Brandon Waddell

    Mane free da Trap God!

  79. William Jemison


  80. Marques Williams

    still my favorite song gucci went n


    +Marques Williams they copied this instrumental from gucci on roger that............Salute the King

    Marques Williams

    +Just Bool it already gucci still dat nigga


    @Marques Williams yeah that

    Right Coast

    I'd have a hard time making a top 10 for Gucci, but this would be on it no doubt

  81. Anthony Trotter

    My nigga fa sho!!!!!

  82. MrTrapper1017

    I get cought up listen to his new songs, forget about these classics. FREE GUWOP

    Sosa David

    MrTrapper1017 #SALUTE

    Daryl Daniels

    Trruuu always go back to da ol gucci🔥🔥🔥🔊🔊

  83. Justin Mathis

    420 Fool Errthang LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Drizzo Man

    This was so ham Gucci the beat of the trap era


    Drizzo Man must have NVR heard Timothy

  85. You'reaStan aPoochaFake


  86. Thomas Lenahan

    his voice sounded more g back den

  87. becool-doe

    his beat was better then 



  89. DemocracyOfHypocrisy

    Fuck! Im having flashbacks riding round the city 4 deep in a chevy everybody got a 40oz of 211 and a fat blunt Banging this shit.

  90. Victoria Mays

    This beat sound like something off Jurrasic Park lol