Gucci Mane - I Don't Love Her Lyrics

[Intro: x2]
I love things about her
I love the way she treat me
I love the way she fuck me
I love the way she suck me

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I'm a trap-aholic, all I do is ball
Tear the mall down now trick
Don't flag me down. See me down town, 'Rrari
I didn't mean to shit on you. Excuse me, sorry
Verse so slick, make my video marvelous
Polo to the floor. Ralph'd down like Carlton
Try the CEO, they goin' put you on a carton
I didn't mean no harm but my diamonds are dumb, plenty rocks on my arm
Me & Rocko the Don, East Atlanta the Slum
Where I'm from, got a gun, in the club havin fun
And after it's done no more coaches to call it
After party? Bachelor party, they shoulda called it

[Hook: x2]
I love things about her (but I don't love her)
I love the way she treat me (but I don't love her)
I love the way she fuck me (but I don't love her)
I love the way she suck me (but I still don't love her)

[Verse 2: Rocko]
Man I love the way she shake it
I like her cause she groovy
Love to see her naked; I love to watch her move it
I like her cause she the coolest
A good head on her shoulders, I love the way she use it
Aye, I like the way she fuck me, love the way she suck me
Love how everytime we play she catch it like rugby
I love she know what's up with me, she love me cause I'm gudda
I like a lot about her; though, but still I don't love her
Still super cool though yeah she my lil buddy
She be sharper than a pencil
Yeah she my lil cuddy
Shawty say I'm dirty but when I see her she wanna hug me
Super swagger charismatic, all my bitches love me

[Hook: x2]
I love things about her (but don't love her)
I love the way she treat me (but don't love her)
I love the way she fuck me (but don't love her)
I love the way she suck me (but still don't love her)

[Verse 3: Webbie]
I love how she be swallowin my nut, then she be throwin me up
I like the way she fuck but still I hate when she be blowin me up
All the busters just sweat her, only ballers can get her
She a flipper, I love how she do whatever I tell her
Yeah I like her a lot, but still don't love her at all
I hate pussy ass niggas, and I'm in love with the mall
I got a crush on white diamonds and I got a thang for that kush
That sour diesel my favorite you betta watch how you look
Quick to take ya lil diva and treat that ho like a slut
She was suckin on Gucci, I had my dick in her butt
You know I'm bad bitch crazy, 187's my favorite
Infatuated with money, free Boosie-boo the streets pleading

[Hook: x2]
I love things about her (but don't love her)
I love the way she treat me (but don't love her)
I love the way she fuck me (but don't love her)
I love the way she suck me (but still don't love her)

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