Gucci Mane - Heart Attack Lyrics

[Hook: Young Thug]
Heart attack, baby when you roll
You gone give me a heart attack
Don't slow it up baby roll it I want a heart attack
Gotta act just like you know you giving me a heart attack
I ain't never ever poppin back
I just want me a heart attack
Heart attack, heart attack, heart attack, heart attack
Heart attack, heart attack, heart attack
Picture me not doing well from a heart attack, from a heart attack

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Gotta have my Tinder on her
She don't want nun but that designer on her
I don't remember how many times I bone her
And she the bomb like Lotus Flower water
I ain't snitchin' but I told her I really wanna change into a pimp
Turn your little ass at Giuseppe store
All your jewelry on the wrist belt
5 pair of J pair of leather leather
Catch a dime by the strip club
And make you shake your little bitty tail feathers
Told her "baby girl, knock out, knock out" just like Mayweather
Only told you my two thighs on the other side of my fuckin' bed
She got a good job and her head perfect that's super head
She get inside the road then bust it open that Sufared
When we first started I'm like Superman now I'm super dead

[Hook: Young Thug]

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
Lamborghini with the doors up
Pull up and she chose up
Froze up so she chose us
Better ask these hoes, they know us
She watching me like a movie
Gucci Mane got his numbers up
Tell her, baby girl come over here, drop this ass right in front of us
Yea, she chose up, yea that bitch chose us
That bitch she chose up, the yellow bitch chose up
I got a dark skin friend and she fine as fuck
But when I hit the club she make them hoes choose up
Yea, they choose up
Jimmy Choo shoes up
Jimmy Choo glasses? That's just the shit my boo wear
I'm so inconsiderate, I'm not even caring
I got them big old diamond chains and thinking about marriage

[Hook: Young Thug]

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Gucci Mane Heart Attack Comments
  1. yung gxd

    here in 2019

  2. Grayson March

    Really got to be on drugs to understand

  3. Visuals From Ken

    HARDTACK! 😂😂😂

  4. Quzer

    Gotta move veryyyy quiccckk

  5. ohhKilla

    This that 1017 Thug 🔥

  6. 3gDabz


  7. Kharon Parham

    Miss this thug bro

    droptop blo

    Kharon Parham a lil bit

  8. Fredo Santana

    This me and my boo shit

    Fredo Santana

    Ms Bunch u know who I'm talking about

  9. ThreeSEVENnine

    Zaytoven did it again

  10. LiL PatchFace

    Song slept on AF


    Idio$yncrazy frfr classic

  11. í ժɾíթ ςɑɾɑʍҽӏ

    Gucci's part 😍😍😍

  12. Langley 94


  13. LiL PatchFace

    a shame yall can't vibe to this cuz you got a stick up your ass. homophobia is a waste of energy lmao. go watch some love n hip hop and shut your dumb ass up

  14. malcolm garrett

    Shit wavy as fuck

  15. Willie Ingram

    I slept on this. it'll grow on you

  16. Fuk Google Google Gizard


  17. Julio Taques

    Look up wifey coming soon by young thug and see if he is gay y'all funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. TelescopeNoir

    Gayyyyyest album cover. Like ever. Lol.

    Pussy Driller

    song cover art*

  19. Johnnie C Todd III

    Yall believe everything on the internet

  20. Dr. SuperFunk

    music for advanced minds

    Eric Barrios

    Dr. SuperFunk new thug fans don’t know

    Visuals From Ken

    Eric Barrios sure don’t and I’m kind of happy but kind of sad

    Justin McClellan

    @Eric Barrios he was better back then

  21. Evo x Brian

    Why Thug such a Susboy McGee

  22. Suheily Hernandez

    Fuck young thug and his gay over talented/creative lookin ass lol dis shit bump 👍👏

  23. cody mcvay

    young thug sucks ass

  24. andrew williams

    DoPE THUG an GUCCI killed it


    i dont even want this cd cuz of young thug fuck 



  27. Tyrin Martin

    Why did they put Gucci on one side and young thug on the other

  28. ryaneboy101

    Thug got fucked in ass just to get put on

    Sequoia Thomas

    😂😂 Yeah. They Be On That Gay Shit.

    Will Njundong

    lmao ma niggaaaa...


    Now you sound gayy and offended.

    Shine so bright

    the black community really don't fuck with gay people huh

  29. VamouzzGaming

    when is the English version coming? btw which language is this? from which planet?

  30. N0SEZ

    idk what this shit is about but the beat is crazy 

  31. Danielcruz6123

    Gucci should of been on the song alone
    Free Guwop

    kevin zapata

    Wrrd #FreeWop

    Danny Juarez

    +kevin zapata without thugger this sound would be garbage

    TGB Kishy

    +Danny Juarez 💯

    fuck the system

    +Danny Juarez I like Gucci Mane, but that's true lol

    Pussy Driller

    free bobby hahaha facts

  32. babamimi5

    Young thug shouldn't be on this song #Gucci

    Motab Allugman

    shouldn't be alive, more likely. Lol

  33. DudeSerious777

    Can't wait for the English version.


    @BossTop Savage Can't wait for your English version

    Seth-Jordan Carter

    😂😂😂😂 amazing


    ya'll lame ass people still strecthing them jokes

    Santana Cavazos

    DudeSerious777 good

    Darian Bryant

    I kno dae sayin lol

  34. Willis Jefferson

    Zaytoven a fool for this beat it's too sick! Thugga kilt it

  35. Ronnie B

    This gucci mane ft jj fish? LoL

    bitch am fly

    You know the joke is not funny if your laughing at your own joke

    Ronnie B

    @raymondo lance dont b pussyhurt 4 ya so called rapper homo thug.

    bitch am fly

    Said the nigga who said a joke that is over use and laughing at it. Shut your slow ass up

    Normal Aleks

    Lol it sounds like him xD

  36. Brett Delaney

    fuck young thug GUWOP shoulda been on the track by himself


    Rich homie gayer then thug. I listen to Gucci Mane cuz what he says is believable shit he done. I can't listen to a Drake Or tyga 2 chains type nigga who raps about killing and dope.. that's fake. That's like nfl player raping bout baseball


    @Tony Gooch what are you talking about? Gucci talks about moving dope and killing more than those others, especially when he was in his prime. That's what makes trap what it is... haha

    Cevin Matthews

    Rich homie ain't gay

    í ժɾíթ ςɑɾɑʍҽӏ

    Brett Delaney Honestly though he killed this beat

  37. Nobody Knows

    "Sjsuejdnfisie...didid.ehduwirbcuei" - young thug


    Lil JuJu - Die L'z (Chief Keef & Lil Durk Diss) . Search That now!!! #BDK

    Green tea

    Lil JuJu x MakaVeli . Search that too ! That's dope too



  39. Ethelyne King

    Thumbs Up if this shit was amazing!!! 

  40. James Sparks

    Dem folks killed dat hoe

  41. Tyrellblair