Gucci Mane - Gone Hate Lyrics

[Gucci Mane & Q6:]
Yeah, It's Gucci
Nigga this Gucci, nigga
Mixtape shit, freestyle man, no feds watching me
Freestyle with us, nigga
Bread now, this DVD shit

[Gucci Mane:]
I'ma tell you like it's just another day in the East Atlanta, 6
Just a young nigga in the hood sellin' bricks
Just another nigga, just another clique
Just another girl, man, you're just another bitch
It's just another day in the East Atlanta, 6
You're chosin' me, so you're on a dope man's dick
You're chosin' me, so you're on a dope man's dick

Yellow Corvette, that's the dope man's drive
Blue and white [?], that's the dope man watch
Bouldercrest Road, that's the dope man's block
Dope man, dope man, can I please call?
Police try and tell the dope man, "Stop!"
The dope man thinkin', "Man I gotta make a nine"
Your trap kinda slow, I'ma make the trap hot
Waka Flocka Flame, tell flow to bring the chopper
I'me throw, throw, you back, back, back to '89
Moved to Atlanta, Georgia, I was just 9
Mountain Park Apartment, everybody on the grind
Then I moved to Sun Valley, everybody had a nine
Went to school, 11, with a motherfuckin' knife
When I was 13, I got my first strike
Got my first stripe, it's Gucci Mane, La Flare
Kush smokin', joint smokin', put it in the air
Nigga this a hood affair, every hood everywhere
When you hear this in your car, you gon' want to pull a chair up
Gucci Mane, La Flare, I be ridin' in the lair
I be so iced up, I be so kushed up
Man I wanna be like Gucci when I grow up
All I wanna do is buy a pound and then get drow'd up
Alls you wanna do is buy a ball and get snowed up
I tell her that I got her, 'cause I know that she a shopper
Shawty want an 8-ball, tell her, "Call Waka"
Shawty want a [?], tell her, that don't got her
I'm gonna [?], shopping like a burglar
Gucci Mane, La Flare, and the track gets murdered
Gucci! It's Gucci! It's Gucci!

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Gucci Mane Gone Hate Comments
  1. SlumRich TV

    Wrong song 😂

  2. SlumRich TV

    Wrong song 😂