Gucci Mane - Go Lyrics

[Hook - Gucci Mane:]
Go, go, go, go
So I fuck her one time and I let her go
Go, go, go, go
All them twenty thousand ones and I let 'em go
Go, go, go, go
Got a stupid bank roll and I let it go
Go, go, go, go
Who need to talk when on top you can let it go

[Verse 1 - Gucci:]
Sitting low on the wood floor
But you can see me from the nose bleed
Red diamonds, they a nose bleed
Zay done turned me to the old me
Back to business and I'm back to speeding?
Back talking about these birds and V's
Yellow Ferrari, y'all know me
Crawling down the street like centipedes
Bitch sucking me up like Dracula?
Diamonds on spectacular
Flipping this work like spatulas
Gucci Man and I'm a bachelor
Trapezoid so I'm paranoid
All this time I just avoid
Since I'mma star and I'm up to par
She kissing on my private parts


[Verse 2 - Future:]
Thirsty running I'm in the Hummy
Me and a gun, sharper than pirranhas
Cold world and they trying to farm us
Get all these numbers like ten something
Fuck a bitch and erase her number
Foreign bitches on [?]
I keep [?] I go hiding in 'em
I make so many d-mn commas
We at the city in the day time
Me and Big Gucci make big cake
Free Benz b-brick squad
Got Free Bricks and you niggas hate
Broke niggas get out my way
Or I'll throw a hundred dollars in your face
Let a hundred ones fall down your face
I'mma ask you now, get out my space


[Verse 3 - Rocko:]
R-O-C-K-Okay okey doke man that's all I know
Living life too fast, ho I can't go slow
Oh yeah, no brakes, I was born on "go"
Can't make a city, I fuck with Scope
Get all the attention when I walk in the door
Throw it in the air, watch 'em get it off the floor
Then stop keep score, I don't count no more
I'm so G, I'm too G ho
B.O.G., I was born on "go"
Whole world waiting on the G.O.G
Y'all niggas be cool everything g-o
[?]all you gon' hear
Never met a ho yet ever tell me no
Two things I ain't never seen before
A U.F.O. and a ho that won't go


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