Gucci Mane - Don't Count Me Out Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
These pussy niggas gettin' on my last nerves
How you a kingpin, but you ain’t havin' no birds
How you a killa nigga, and you ain’t even got no strap
How you a hustler, and you ain’t even got no trap
I run a nigga out the city, that's how that check work
Put so much hand on your head, it’ll make your neck hurt
And when it come to moving packs, man I’m a expert
I got a hole dug for you in the desert
So much cash and assets don’t know my net worth
I’m ridin' Ferraris, but I came through in that ‘vette first
A knucklehead little boy, my grandma say I need church
I need work and I’m the one that my plug feed first

So, don’t count me out, so, don’t count me out
My pride won’t let me wake up without me no check to count
So, don’t count me out, so, don’t count me out
You broke ass niggas ain’t gettin' no money want me to help you out
So, don’t count me out, so, don’t count me out
You know yo bitch fuckin' with me don’t let it stress you out
So, don’t count me out, so, don’t count me out
Fresh outta jail they done let me out, big Guwop, nigga check me out

[Verse 2:]
Rolexes and Audemars, more change than Mardi Gras (burrr)
Young niggas’ll hide your body parts, I’m strapped up right here by the bar
Fifteen years off with no license, still got money to buy a car
Yo bitch suckin' up all this flavor, she just wanna stand by a star
1017 nigga that’s my team and ain’t no fuckin' better squad
Ain’t nobody got wetter cars, ain’t nobody spit better bars
I’m shipping this coke and I’m whipping this dope and
I’m cooking it up and it’s hella hard, thinking of lies to tell a broad
Pulling up with yo baby mama
I crack yo jaw, I break the law
Having young niggas run in yo house
They’ll tape your mouth and rape your spouse
Blow your brains right on the couch
I am the six, I took some bricks
I hit some licks, I run the south
Take your wife won’t call you twice
You ain’t 'bout that life nigga catch me out


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Gucci Mane Don't Count Me Out Comments
  1. Daz Khalifa

    Diggy Fatboi

  2. Stubbo242

    Bruh how many underrated hits Gucci got 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  3. Yinneth Herrera

    1017 Nigga thats my team and aint no fuckin better squad .. aint nobody got wetter cars .. aint nobody spit better barzz😈😈😈

  4. Sara Allison

    Best track on the album

  5. Manuel Martinez

    The legend 💯

  6. Trippy Red

    We don't need santa, We got East Atlanta Santa

  7. Tiltmaster

    I NEED 2 12's and a 15 for christmas so i can bang this

  8. Noonie Wheeler


  9. Conor Fitzpatrick

    only Christmas gift I want is Gucci mane out da jam

  10. Jochi Chaos

    Best mixtape gucci put out in the last year