Gucci Mane - Bricks (Remix) Lyrics

[Gucci Mane:]
Huh, huh
All-white bricks
Off-white bricks
Ay, Holiday, Juiceman
Light-tan bricks
Ah man you got everyone on this one, cause, this the remix
Juiceman gon' start this one off though, let's go
Just hit a lick for fifty more bricks
Balling like a bitch with all these bricks
Thirty-six zips
DJ Holiday, this is for the streets, Fabulous, Shawty Lo 8Ball and MJG
That's a whole chick
Want a bad bitch? Gotta have bricks
Yeah that makes sense
Yeah, I make hits
But I still take bricks

[OJ da Juiceman:]
Brick, hundred fifty bricks man
Young Juiceman with my bricks out the trash can
White baby, tan baby, no I'm not a gravy baby
We started in Georgia, pappin', young Juice, '98
Right wrist real retarded, dawg, right hand just replaced the J
Bust it, break it down, now Juiceman got the stupid [?]
Twerkin' fifty bricks now left wrist switched like the Lakers
Catch me in my Hummer and I'm taller than a damn glacier
Pinky ring, forty stacks, bought it with that con back
All these, just a gram, got my diamonds just like jumping jacks
Young Juiceman, God damn, you boomin'
All these bricks in, I ain't blow in the movies

[Gucci Mane:]
All-white bricks
Off-white bricks
Light-tan bricks
Just hit a lick for fifty more bricks
Balling like a bitch with all these bricks

Chickens came through, all white me
It's time to kill these hoes, get the white sheets
Back seat bricks, chauffeur drippin'
Now there's birds on the table, happy Thanksgiving
Daddy do the duffel, shorty do the speed
Big first week numbers, I ain't sell a CD
We flip squares, welcome to White Castle
She say I'm ballin' like a bitch, ho, did I ask you?
He's low, so, 'case you didn't know so
If you don't you know now
They should call me snow plow
All white, just like, but you know I took ten
These gon' go for double when I get 'em back to Brooklyn

[Gucci Mane:]
All-white bricks
Off-white bricks
Light-tan bricks
Just hit a lick for fifty more bricks
Balling like a bitch with all these bricks
Thirty-six zips
That's a whole chick
Want a bad bitch? Gotta have bricks
Yeah that makes sense
Yeah, I make hits
But I still take bricks

[8Ball & MJG:]
I'm wrapped up in all dirty types of shit, so
This the dirty game, give me thirty six domes
I'm tight, MJ with the big foams
Four cock backs, baby tryna get more
You don't know about the pistol on the [?]
You try to catch me slippin', make me try to pop a ho
Stupid nigga, try to catch me on the smooth creek
You know I'd never keep nothin' where a nigga sleeps
That's where you gotta eat, where everything is sweet
You Dwayne Wade? You wanna bring the heat?
Bricks on the block, bricks in the trap
And when you ridin' keep a couple bricks in your lap
Don't get your feelings hurt thinkin' this is just a rap
You heard- you know where they do that at
Bitches love money, niggas make money
You not a hustler, motherfucker, you a crash dummy

[Gucci Mane:]
All-white bricks
Off-white bricks
Light-tan bricks
Just hit a lick for fifty more bricks
Balling like a bitch with all these bricks

[Shawty Lo:]
All-white bricks, off-white bricks
At the bay, switch J's, so hood rich
Like ten bricks, sold 'em ASAP
To my Carolina boys, made a full cap
Ay, bricks like [?]
Beat the work up like I beat Tina
Nigga fly as hell
Got the thing swimming like Michael Phelps
Ay, and I don't need no medal
Chain so big, it's the size of your kid
Dun, dun, dun, done what you did
You ain't man like me and Gucci, servin' ya bricks

[Gucci Mane:]
All-white bricks
Off-white bricks
Light-tan bricks
Just hit a lick for fifty more bricks
Balling like a bitch with all these bricks
Thirty-six zips
That's a whole chick
Want a bad bitch? Gotta have bricks
Yeah that makes sense
Yeah, I make hits
But I still take bricks

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Gucci Mane Bricks (Remix) Comments
  1. Rudegal Barnes

    Loso be on the best remixes. This and white girl remix young jeezy is my shit

  2. Jaime Olano

    Lose killed it

  3. Zelly Zell


  4. Mitch Rogers

    I still love Young Juice

  5. KC Crockett

    Aye....all white bricks.

  6. Trent Montgomery

    in case you didn't know so........

    you Dewayne Wade
    you wanna bring the heat.

    like Ike beat Tina....

  7. Leah Kaige

    Wanna bad chick, gotta have bricks, yay that makes sense. Lmfao

  8. Eddie Gibson

    back when trap music had meaning

  9. Jade Lazard

    fabolous though there's birds on the table happy thanksgiving

    Matt Bradley

    Jade Lazard 💯STREET FAM

    Matt Bradley

    Jade Lazard all white meat

  10. Ms. Sassy Diva

    my jam still in 2017 ayyeee

  11. rja26m

    rip shawty lo

  12. King

    I posted on this vid 5 years ago on my old old OLD account

    forgot the name xD


    The King I had accounts from 2011, I forgot the information for those accounts as well 😂😂😂


    @SPIT the TRILL lmaoo i miss them days. I was still in middleschool, used to play habbo and imvu a lot

  13. Ashton Hatchett

    juiceman has the best flow

  14. Christian

    3:40.. Uhh what is that

  15. Marques Williams

    Rite wrist retarded dog lol

  16. Marques Williams

    Aye Aye Aye Ok

  17. 2Live4Christ1


  18. geemiami

    Bricks!!... haha... Most fulls never seen one!!... 20K... Got That!!

  19. Jean Watson

    Yass! Gucci finatic right hurr!

  20. P Killa

    Shhiiittttt '09 memories!!!! OJ da Ju' man...

  21. loadout king

    Bricks r keys dum dum

  22. The Mad Strapper

    Ballin like an athlete but got no jumper because I'm white... gucci because he fat

  23. rip dada rip dxtts

    Gucci n big cat lacars yeenooe

  24. Decharla

    Yesss this my shit

  25. Realistic Income

    loso Put This Track In The Body Bag!!! Nicccce

  26. Christian

    Holiday seasonnn!

  27. jakezimms22

    Now there's birds on the table, happy thanksgiving.

  28. mrflair919

    all birds freestyle - $fame

  29. Ajotha Skinny

    Uuu awebo esta rola esta bien vergas te amo gucci mane eres mi idolo

  30. tkbdomain

    Just hit a lick for fifty more bricks ballin like a bitch with all these bricks

  31. Bekah Ramsey

    I'm sorry..

    But what exactly is the point of this song.

  32. John Jones

    @BBoyPhreshershist the beat is sick

  33. Titus Versace

    Ay... Ay... Ay... Ay

  34. richteddibiase


  35. Novelty Tv


  36. puredmt

    8 ball killed it



  38. ThereIsNoComp21

    fab ripped everybody.....bad

  39. Kerdell Mason

    aye ok damn this is the shit

  40. bianca ballOut'

    bricks , all white bricks, bricks my shit

  41. Idk459

    @bawa182 who the fuck are you talking to ?

  42. asam540

    Damn I love Fab....he killed it!!!!!

  43. Th3Best0ne

    this would be the best way to torture a person strap them down to a chair, blind fold em and just play Bricks remix over and me they will break.......

  44. Blowout Media takeover

    @Snowyconesicecream yo it's yo boy v.g. spook check out my page i'm rapping on it and to be frank i'm gonna take over funky town check it out

  45. SuperBillibob

    @supercruzo21 lol ight its probly good you dont know who he iz :P i listin to medal to but also rap

  46. SuperBillibob

    @supercruzo21 u stupid bruh go listin to yo justin bieber albumz

  47. mickelob212

    fuck you supercruzo21 u listen to fucking queen, and eilton jon you homo!!! lol need some ice for that burn??? jk foo

  48. eightyproof82

    Its LOSO, case u didnt know so, If u dont u know now, they should call me SNOW PLOW, PUSH WHITE, just like, but u know i took ten, these gon' go for double when i get em back to BROOKLYN!!

  49. Frank mitchmang

    @museamin for real?? ounces !! 36 = kilo

  50. Skarler Man

    @RUNit416 wahhs Zips ?

  51. I'm TRIPPY

    0:01 tired of hitting replay

  52. Frank mitchmang

    ..........36 zips

  53. samesoul

    @ChillYoFukinAssOut u do realize how colabs work, they are paid for their work, just like every job, and you care about my opinion cuz your responding

  54. samesoul

    @ChillYoFukinAssOut umm my mom is not 8ball or mjg. lolfr oj fans don't even know how to insult

  55. shady286

    check out shady286 to see his clown ass

  56. thePeat1

    i need jeezy on this

  57. ronejackson33

    Loso. Period.

  58. xGoML LioN

    youtube y-obloodgang vs garret001

  59. BattlefieldPoo

    Juicemans fuckin annoyin

  60. Brittany Fredericks

    ya all white

  61. masterbrice

    Aye AYe AYe Aye OKay

  62. doobiedude

    wtf fabolous punchlines too fire

  63. violit

    yeah man, especially the barking noise in the background... KILLERRRRRRRRRRRR

  64. Supa Nova

    @joshkobe23 8ball & MJG Go way harder than fab

  65. Tanner Sauve

    goes hard

  66. JamesakaVicious

    whenever i Hear OJ in a song all i hear is AY,AY,AY,AY,AY,AY,AY,AY,AY,AY,AY,AY,AY,AY,AY,AY. DUde cant rap fa shit. he oly did one feature where he actually went hard and it was wit Twista & Gucci.

  67. Th3Best0ne

    "Bricks all white bricks all white bricks light tan bricks just get a lick.............50 more bricks balling like a bitch with all these bricks" if you wanna kill sumone with any sort of Intelligence put them in a room with one gun/bullet and blast this lolololol and youtube bangers stop with that "IF YOU WERE FROM THE TRAP YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND" bullshit ... people making somewhere around 30g for bricks isent listening to this bullshit you thinki people making that kinda money are stiupid??

  68. Aw Yiss

    you should call me snow plow

  69. paullly

    fab did his thing, nothing surprised

  70. John Tran


  71. Mac Williams

    This a hard ass beat. OJ swag is bananas on this

  72. R1TeR

    OJ went hard

  73. Drucifer Almighty

    its da macc mann dru reppin norther cali 916
    dis shit slap doe! brody fab killlin it



    Yeah perfect example of the type of people that listen to this music.


  75. Duncan Spilsbury

    hey WESTLOS go fuck yourself. gucci mane is the shitttttt. BRICKS


    How the fuck is this even classified as music.

  77. EBÉ tv


  78. Jim Bob

    How many accounts do you have??

  79. alexk891

    bart is som shit tho if u dont kno

  80. Jabari Lateef


  81. Asap Ferg

    this song is the shit..but it don't hit hard..

  82. dondrae cunningham

    yes coke foolio

  83. jerhed putman

    yes sir

  84. Cyrious

    My guilty pleasure I LOVE GUCCI!

  85. Gabriel Bartolomei

    What's this world without haters? Somebody always gotta say something negative about something. Go to college and take a few social science classes so you can understand why and where people coming from when they speak out the mouth.

  86. Javier Perez

    thiz shit go hard

  87. Ditha1290

    GUCCI IS THE TRUTH> he a funny ass nigga. his lyrics might not be as fresh as some ppl but his shit bump

  88. Justin Holley

    gucci mane is shit hes lyrics suck my bro rapes better than this cat nigga

  89. fantashia francis

    fab killed this he's a beast.

  90. CODmaster76

    thats what she said lol

  91. CODmaster76

    i have a big cock today but a have another in my mouth

  92. Steven Brown

    this is to Reapz12 all white bricks (coke) off white bricks (crack) light tan bricks (heroin) green bricks (pot) lol yummmmy drugggssss

  93. DaSurreal1da

    I see the truth hurts by the "thumbs down" responses, if you truly disagree we can argue this intelligently, just click my name brother. Jeezy , Shorty Lo,Boosie,OJ the Juice man Soldier boy etc sound half retarded or on some " Mother Goose" shit lyrically. My point is, you used to have to have a way with words to be a rapper. Now, what you say isnt half as important as your image and your beats. Its a damn shame...

  94. Reapz12

    I bet you none of yo bitch nuggaz know what's a brick? yea it's coke or it can be weed but what else is it?

  95. Antonio Banks

    yo jezzy is in the top 15 maybe 10 in the game now maybe if actually have his album's u will c

  96. DaSurreal1da

    I didn't say he did'nt , I'm talking about lyrical wit and wordplay. 3 Six go hard , but are they what you lyricists? Your flow does not make you a rapper , it helps fo sho but I'm speaking on skill in vocab and english mastery.Like your Lil wayne, Royce 5'9, Jedi mind tricks, Eminem etc.You know , lyrics that "Wow" you. Jeezy and OJ juiceman and Gucci rely on beats too much for me to count them as talented rappers.These cats are "speaking on the real" they just do it unoriginally and stupidly.

  97. Papadop

    shit tha only reason ppl think or may think oj good... cause he make that stupid yaa noise that shit be hav meh rollin.....