Gucci Mane - Break Bread Lyrics

Last night she tested my endurance
God damn, what a good performance
I'ma have to get some good insurance
Damn near woke up all the children
If you scared, tap out and holler "Rick Ross!"
I slang Fred Flintstone, I make the bedrock
Dripping wet, Versace sheets, she left a wet spot
I told her, "Let me put the lace front in the leg lock"
She got that water balloon, suck it till ya head pop
I'm the sugar daddy Wop, I'm not the step-pop
Leaving out the strip joint I want some head now
Drop the top, now why not just put the head out

I was dead broke now I got that bread now
I'm so impatient I can't wait to bring that bread out
I was dead broke now I got that bread now
I'm so impatient, man, can't wait to bring that bread out

Rodeo Drive, Lambo, Gucci sped out
I'm in my blue coupe, can't wait to bring the red out
I make a call to Jamaica, fly them dreads out
I'm so impatient I can't wait to bring that bread out

Money turn her on it make her horny
Bumble bee booty, my type of horny
My business is booming, I'm on a journey
I stumbled through London, it's early morning
Money calling, "call Riri" because it's pouring
Four different Rolls Royce umbrellas, man, I'm a tourist
I'm so sedity and pretty could be a florist
Have you looked at me recently? I look gorgeous
With my pretty sedity bitch, but really she innocent
But she the drug dealer bitch, get the pain and the benefits
In the backseat get intimate, new Bentley I tinted it
Jerk on the dick like a pogo stick then eat nut like Eggs Benedict

I was dead broke now I got that bread now
I'm so impatient I can't wait to bring that bread out
I was dead broke now I got that bread now
I'm so impatient, man, can't wait to bring that bread out

Rodeo Drive, Lambo, Gucci sped out
I'm in my blue coupe, can't wait to bring the red out
I make a call to Jamaica, fly them dreads out
I'm so impatient I can't wait to bring that bread out

(Last night she tested my endurance)
(God damn, what a good performance)
(I'ma have to get some good insurance)
(Damn near woke up all the children)

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Gucci Mane Break Bread Comments
  1. Ladarreca Stuckey

    I told her let me put that lace in a leg lock
    “Welll daaaaaaaamn”

  2. XXX YYY

    I swear to god...this is MIKE TYSON!

  3. Rocky N

    Gucci make me wet asf

  4. Ward Lewis Dylan

    Protecting me you can talk90. Rainbow teeth still can you take care and I'll let you know we were cheating rainbow here I got to get

    Ward Lewis Dylan

    Pony griffon c922 tree right that's right country can give me some didn't put good morning Daddy Mommy and Daddy sitting

  5. Ward Lewis Dylan

    She's not I'm done with you both didn't listen to stay and I years and

  6. Ward Lewis Dylan

    great news about your Gucci who got away with murder that's the one thing I like in your girl your girlfriend want to do it in the but my number is my timer Walmart phone number

  7. Glenn Johnson

    Yeah this right here will make alot of you niggaz tap out.

  8. Danny H


  9. LaRon 7God

    One hard

  10. LaRon 7God

    We talk see I been yeah

  11. LaRon 7God

    Damm right now I can throw one in

  12. Justrynamakeit Real

    Money make me horny

  13. Queez Laflare

    I Love All Gucci’s Music

  14. Dei Hampton

    Gucci staying doing the most out of any rappers.


    Fiya🔥🔥 wit the Juicy J sample🍻

  16. La Flame

    Finally came out!!!!!!!!!

  17. Sibongiseni Nyangiwe

    I gots that bread now🔥🔥🔥

  18. Yea Ight

    They recorded this hoe like 2 years ago

  19. Danny

    SIICCK! !!!!!!

  20. HipHop Wild

    DJ Envy Claps Back at Gucci Mane Over Being Slapped! Click Link. Must Watch. It's About 2 Get Real.

  21. Kaloyan Peltekov

    Hardest song on the album

  22. John Dalton

    He went and got a lisp for a song. This guy man.

  23. Swiff Keeco

    Impressive 💪🏽💪🏽

  24. Tony Norman

    Not really messing with the album but this song hard beat nasty 🤷🏽‍♂️

  25. Arya Malik

    like my comment pls 𓂺

  26. Kelpo G

    I heard this song from that vid of Metro cooking up in Gucci’s house after Guwop gave Metro 1 mil so when this song came out I knew it sounded familiar

  27. Devo Brasi

    My favorite rapper

  28. Doolie Muzik

    WOP!!!!!!!!!! BURRR!

  29. Official KBT_529

    This the best song in Woptober 2 .. Best choice for an outro

  30. Elaine Watts

    Sound like young scooter for min Gucci gang🔥

  31. Kitty Lillian

    Gucci go in too hard on this, straight up BANGER!! He aint like all these other Slim Jesus lames who just be goin viral by usin *Authentic* *Views* *com* to get they views up.. SMH seems like anyone can go viral

  32. thegreatpotenza '

    Id love to see Mango Foo, Foolio on a track with Zaytoven & Guwop

  33. Demetrius Rosemond

    Told. Yall he gon get his swag back....BURR

  34. Og Ghost The Real 1

    Y break bread wit mfers that got crumbs.... another dumb move

  35. Micah holmes

    Metro Bommin want some more nigga

  36. SUR 808

    Si el joven metro no confía en ti, voy a dispararte.🔥🔥🔥

  37. south east goon

    This that push a bitch outta yellow hummer gucci💪😭

  38. La Prise

    "Break Bread" is on La Prise Radio, available 24/7 online and on android. Link on our channel.

  39. Dylan Woolard

    We need some gucci/key glock

  40. Dylan Woolard

    We need some gucci/dolph

  41. yung jakes

    Most fire song tbh

  42. Dylan James


  43. J.M.K 48

    This album slaps

  44. jorge washtoning

    make east atlanta santa part 2 with future drake wayne bigsean and others, with even better beats than on east atlanta

  45. Dante Roberts


  46. 2TG Productions

    Metro the goat like MJ coming outta retirement for another 3 peat

  47. Obey Stello


  48. Justrynamakeit Real

    Sitting in the cut waiting so impatient............

  49. B E N E

    Instagram @ilovelanix go now !!!!



  51. seagrams5150

    This song makes the whole album a 10 🔥

  52. Panda

    Guwop 👌👆

  53. Curry Beatz

    Dawg ... y'all made this back in April 2k18 😐

  54. Cain Moser

    “if ya scared, tap out and holla Red Rock”🤯🚫🧢

  55. Arty G

    Well damn

  56. DOUGHBOY Beatz

    Prod. by Metro Boomin & Doughboy! 🔥🔥🔥💯💯

    James Kosiol

    Ay you killed it bruh

  57. Myles Griffin

    First da free intro part 2

  58. у у


  59. Brenda Colvin

    ???????????????? What in the mixtape... this ain't Gucci..

  60. Ghost Rashad

    Who already knew some of the lyrics?



  62. chavez hampton

    Juicy j should of jumped on this🔥🔥🔥

  63. Calvin Rapken

    Was waiting for this song to be dropped

  64. tando magazi

    itssssss Gucccci season.... (S.A)

  65. Isaak Ix

    Metro killed this beat... Fuuuuck

  66. CR Frosty24O

    I give this
    And The whole Album gets a...

    Mostly the beats are trash and some lyrics are weird
    But atleats it paybacks with the songs with lil baby. Dababy. And. Peewee longway

  67. Mogli

    Its gucci

  68. Wolf !


  69. Juan Alvarado

    Bout time saw him and metro in Stu at the tel playing a snippet Gucci drop the top on this one 🔥

  70. MonyoncapoFlim CapoFlimsEntMtm


  71. Enrique Barraza

    Been waiting for this song to drop since I seen metro cooking up the beat on Ig 👌🔥

  72. Mdamonette

    Sounds like a track from 10 years ago

  73. M T

    Damn so we the early squad 🔥🔥🔥👌

  74. Taliban Figueroa

    Its Wop

  75. A L C Y O N E

    vocals needed stacking and more reverb. other wise i like it

  76. MJ Mo3

    Welcome back the old Gucci 😉

  77. uncle bobo

    Listening from broomfield Colorado

  78. TrueGold88

    Break bread is harder than the bread at walmart

  79. Muimui Kambinda

    I can't imagine a world without METRO BOOMIN (One of the best producer's in the world)

    Yazan Nagila

    Muimui Kambinda Mentored by Southside, don’t forget that

  80. Brittany Brinks

    Suga daddy Wop, im not the step-pop

  81. Brittany Brinks

    If young metro dont trust ya..... 🔥 🔥 🔥

  82. Brittany Brinks

    Bumble🐝 booty, that's my type of hornet 😂🔥

    Too Cool

    U got a good ear, pay attention to detail i like that. I know u sharp!

    Brittany Brinks

    @Too Cool 💁🏾

  83. Scorpio Danny T

    Best for last metro boomin 😎

  84. Jaheem Wilson

    Sounds a little like motorsport from the starting

  85. 류으타

    하레코즈껀데 완전

  86. Panyskurka

    Old Gucc was old Gucc...this new totally crap..2007 best times

  87. Slk Jojo

    Aye young @MetroBoomin tell guap video for this😎🎵

  88. Fool ya

    Where gucci clone!!!!????

  89. Rory Sailcat

    Gucci x G U C C I

  90. ThaGeekBeats



    Knowing he made this over a year ago just shows me how much these artists got sitting on


    Remeber the snippet lol

  93. Lunarstate

    niceeee,, check me out for some free to use beats!

  94. Ty Mills

    Yo fuck all the dickriding ass niggas that tryna get that bag ride yo own dick nigga

  95. Lamont Corbett

    Gucci mane back on his s*** that

  96. Neko !

    This shit fire an that picture is classic