Gripp, Parry - Wienerina (Vampire Dog) Lyrics

Wienerina (vampire dog)
Wienerina (vampire dog)

Such an unusual dog, so spooky and long
With a wag of her tail, on wings she sets sail through the night

She'd like to play with the other ones
But she's frightened of the sun
All she wants is a little love
And a little bit of blood

At midnight digging up bones with her pet snake Ramone
Her dog house looks like a tomb, by the light of the moon she sneaks out

She'd like to fetch a ball and play
But the children see her and they run away
Hear her barking in the night,
All she wants is love, and a little a bite

Wienerina (vampire dog)
Wienerina (vampire dog)


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Gripp, Parry Wienerina (Vampire Dog) Comments
  1. Sans Remorse

    i would like to see this as a bunnicula type series anyone remember bunnicula i feel like this takes inspiration from it amazing song i would love a plushie!

  2. Aiden the Vocodexx [AUTTP]

    Me: Ramone is best character >:(

  3. Leslie Video girl

    She's cute and creepy. 0:47 ...And a little BLOOD?

  4. Leslie Video girl

    Did any body see that she was REALLY long in this part, but then she looks short again? 0:24 (were she is long). 0:33 (short sgain)

  5. AnimatedGlitch

    This is unironically a bop.

  6. Tide Pod Pad Thai

    Definitely my one of favorite Parry Gripp songs

  7. Cucumber

    Weinerina is so cute

  8. Bekah Esimio

    Please make a Weinerina plush!! This is my daughter's (and arguably my) favorite song


    Like it that it’s dose not have black line


    I love your songs

  11. Oz Brown

    Potato dog

  12. Oz Brown

    I actually got a little spooked

  13. Ally Always

    I love animals I kind of feel bad for wieneran when she was smiling and the kids ran a way 🐶😈

  14. saramations

    Awww, i love this. it reminds me of why i wanted to be an animator.... <3

  15. Landon P

    oh potato dog....

  16. Alphan Gaming

    Remeber its raining tacos or NOM NOm NOM NoM

  17. Gerardo Lareu

    very good captions

  18. Lupinator

    As of this moment. 666k subscribers.

    Oh no.

  19. Julie S

    He keeps PUMPING these vids out.
    I’m impressed.

  20. linkfries

    This is unironically really freaking good

  21. Batunikitty, God of cringe

    MAKE 👏 THIS 👏 A 👏 SHOW 👏

  22. Edgestango_Gaming

    Hold on one sixtyith of a second is that potato dog at 0:37

  23. catgrain animations

    add a zombie dog so wienerina has a dog friend (maybe a crogi, pug, or a golden retriever)

  24. Ultra Mage

    me: *Blood...* oh wow
    Edit: *-This is an edit-*

  25. Musa Smith

    I love this video 😂

  26. Claire Fear

    Yay potato dog is in this :D

  27. doubledip sauce

    how long have been this channel going

  28. Trenton Ready

    I have a snake

  29. Catalina Loskamp

    did you know, the dog that hugs wienerina turned in to a vampire!

  30. itzEmmytime

    I need this to be longer

  31. mccookie2000


  32. Ethboy33

    Oh potato dog Is in this!!!

  33. Gustavo Carlucci


  34. Galaxy King

    Omg parry gripps subscriber count is 666 😧 😈

  35. Ryan Collado


  36. Waimun Lai wai

    Wait. Then who is Wienerina's first owner?

  37. Suscríbete a Mikecrack

    I wait wienerina know that I want to pet her!

  38. Isaac Dafi

    there was potato dog with the other dogs

  39. R. A.

    Anyone know where to find the mp3 of this?

  40. Reg de la Fuente

    Why does this slap so hard though?

  41. BoxCats Studios

    Awwww this is so adorable! I heard the first weinerina and my heart melted❤️❤️

  42. Dukefazon

    Reminds me of the episode of 2 Stupid Dogs when the two dogs snuck into the cemetery to find some bones to chew on :)

  43. EssieStrike

    Shout out to Potato Dog.

  44. Nat Roborovski hamster

    She cute tho

  45. C H

    Parrygripp do you sing these songs?

  46. dikshasa 75

    maroon 5 vibes

  47. BuckBucktheWookie33

    My 4 year old niece just informed me that she wants to be friends with sad Wienerina.


    I fully agree with her.

  48. Kitty Sprinkles

    Its..its.. Beautiful

  49. jumbo yumbo

    More like dogirina

  50. doge bruh

    I would love that dog awwwww

  51. Mlemo

    I loved your songs like hamster on a piano and backwards rabbit as a tiny child. This randomly popped up in my recommendations, the nostalgia

  52. Kimberly Chandra

    I saw potato dog

  53. ماذا تحتاج هنا

    Love it

  54. Ellie Hooper

    Hold up how does a pet dog have a pet snake?

  55. frothyheartfilms

    this fucking slaps

  56. Hero Master

    I like it

  57. Phart Bocks

    This is great lmao. My daughter is going to love this so much.

  58. Techno


  59. Matt Cravens

    This is what my wife calls our dog all the time. This song is life

  60. EpicLPer

    The animation on this one is really well done! Props to the animator :) And the song is also catchy, I like it a lot.

  61. суслик сусликов

    Cool I love it!

  62. Rowan B

    I am early!

    (Me realizing everyone else is too)


  63. Gitte Schultz

    2 SPOOPY 4 U!!!!!

  64. A.M.D.TLuNiMeUwU 579

    I love wienerina✌🏻😻

  65. Qwil

    Very charming, both the song and animation, love it

  66. gasjebasje95

    "I like music with dark themes the most"

  67. sebastian sierra reynoso

    *Top ten anime openings*

  68. sebastian sierra reynoso

    The song is soooo catchy

  69. Atharow

    Party grip can tell someone to give him a word and he’ll turn a song into that word. That’s why he’s so special!

  70. Jake Taller

    Vampirina Would Like A Word With You

  71. MintTugboat8349 Physhic dream’s bud

    My 3rd fav song from u

  72. SRTT

    noone acknowledges that wienerina has so much drip she has a PET SNAKE. she's a DOG.

  73. ParryGripp

    Kick back and relax with the ONE HOUR VERSION here:

    lightdrop gamer

    You should work with gooseworx

    Veronica Kipps

    Make a song that's called never let go

  74. PixelPandaReaper

    *Gravity Falls is being made by Parry?!*

  75. Leonardo Giancola

    WIENERINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  76. Nana-chan

    Oh my God this is cute i'd like to make a redraw of her =D

  77. Archivaldo Cervantes

    weiner dog vampirina

  78. MonkDave666

    Sounds like Alkaline Trio :-)

  79. Waimun Lai wai

    I hope there is a Wienerina pt 2
    OK (find the little man.) Help:turn it on the side Answer:If you turn OK on its side it looks like a little man.

  80. Waimun Lai wai

    Made yesterday. Great. :D

  81. BuckBucktheWookie33

    I need this on my iPhone playlist stat! So catchy and cute!

  82. Megan Bruce

    Her crypt doghouse has a typo. It says Weinererina.

  83. Hunter Alyx

    so spooky and long

  84. Xalder

    Considering bats are already puppers with wings... is Wienerina just a bat?

    Megan Bruce

    Bats don't have four legs.

  85. Simcha the Pieface

    Ah, yes. This doggo is far more superior than Vampirina the Mary Sue.

  86. M. Nourishad

    Aw Wienerina is so cute but don't vampires suck bloo-

  87. Drus 13


  88. neicuL cipher

    Wunderschönes -Schönheits-ding

  89. ღ ѕωєєт кαтιє υωυ ღ

    0:35 Potato Dog!

  90. FuturisticHub

    INB4 the memes

    Dark Spyro

    I hate people who steal to make fucking memes

  91. ninja art

    Isn't wienerina German?

  92. Riptide Gaming

    That got dark real quick lol.

  93. Galaxy 3000

    0:56 A dog has a pet?? I thought she was Dracula's pet....

    Dark Spyro

    you never heard of a cartoon before? what an idiot

    jumbo yumbo

    @Dark Spyro shut up she/he didn't know , dummy

  94. Galaxy 3000

    The scariest song you've ever made.....

  95. kasey donna


  96. Pray to God insect

    I love it!

  97. Blight VonDrake

    This deserves -THOUSANDS- *_MILLIONS_* more views. This deserves trending. #1 trending in fact.

  98. texasswes

    I wish this randomly went off on a hardcore prog tangent or something. So addictive!!💕