Gripp, Parry - Star Cat With The Sparkles In Its Eyes Lyrics

Star Cat with the sparkles in its eyes
Star Cat with the sparkles in its eyes
Always chasing moonbeams across the sky

Star Cat with the diamonds on its tongue
Star Cat with the diamonds on its tongue
Lapping up the light of the Milky Way

Happy tracking across the fabric of space and time
Subsonic purr, echoing across the universe
Bringing happiness to everyone of us!

All around the universe
Meow, meow, meow
All around the universe
Meow, meow, meow

Star Cat with the glitter in its fur
Star Cat with the glitter in its fur
Curling up for a nap around the galaxy

Star Cat (cat)
Star Cat (cat)
Star Cat (cat)
Forever and ever and ever and ever
Star Cat!

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Gripp, Parry Star Cat With The Sparkles In Its Eyes Comments
  1. Crystal gaming

    Plz make a animation of star cat and star cat has a Friend named black hole dog and he loves dog food

  2. SparkleCakez

    I love seeing artwork like this in videos! It's just so cute and wholesome. and Makes my heart very happy ^-^

  3. Gingy queen

    This video in amazing I love it 😻 so much
    I love the creativity
    Everybody you better love parry gripps videos because he is the best

  4. Karol Karol

    Lubie koty wuędz daje ci łape w góre

  5. Mitten Gamez

    0:15 also that’s one too the purple cat.

    Tweetsycat :D

    Mitten Gamez that one isn’t yours.. I already saw a comment stating that it was theirs

  6. Mitten Gamez

    1:58 you did mine party grip. TYSVM!!

  7. The Four Leaf Clover

    2:10 ;0; *thank you*

  8. Itz Dan! [Inactivo]

    0:45 WTF

  9. koolkiwi77

    0:06 that looks like starkit
    0:48 and that
    also no offence to ppl who hate warriors

  10. megfrommdn

    please make a video where the potato dog teams up the star cat to defeat marvin the martian


    and kirby plz!

  11. Ender gaming_tm

    Your song always the best

  12. Joaquin 0135 :v

    Why no likes ;-;

  13. Raunak Sharmeen

    ⭐️🐱 what does total is it Farkle🐈*With the sparkle is this a stocker with the sparkle in his size

  14. Dudeimlame

    Keep up the great work paryy

  15. logan holland

    some nyan cats

  16. Alex Coppertone

    d-did i just see Freddy Purrkery? 1:36

  17. VanillaTeddy

    Yay thank you for adding my art 0:23 The cat sitting on the cloud ^.^

  18. Evan

    Never stop 👍👍

  19. neicuL cipher

    absolut geiieeelllll

  20. Nightmare King Grimm

    Neon Pegasus, Space Unicorn, and Star Cat should meet each other

  21. Michael Calabrese

    Good song

  22. Gaia Buffa

    Ma io mi chiedo, da dove cazzo li prendi i disegni?😂

  23. MipCraze

    YEESSSS! Mine got in😁

  24. Lauren Bradford

    Oh my gosh my picture is in it!!!!! 1:27 I am so happy! Thank you!!!!!

  25. MrRACK

    Yes. My art made it in the video

  26. Nancy Crory

    well done Elinore, very clever grandaughter

  27. Genesis Lopez

    This song makes me remember my Black persian cat Cuco. RIP my son. Mommy will always love you :')

  28. Vanessa Oxford

    Soo cute

  29. Vanessa Oxford


  30. Vivi Rose

    1:04 is mine! :)

  31. ItzScooter YT

    1:34 mine!

  32. Nugget The Guinea Pig

    ITS MINE 1:18

  33. Super Mega Media

    These are the people that love Parry Gripp‼️🔥
    👇 I’m gifting subscribers!

    Nightmare King Grimm

    Super Mega Media I get that this is the only way you get subs and you don’t mean to be annoying. But this is a beautiful place that really doesn’t need self advertising buttheads.

  34. Michael S. Doran

    My daughter's pic is at 1:41 and she is sooo happy!

  35. PupPetunia

    0:17 There I am Gary there I am :D Mine's the one with the star for the point in the exclaimation mark.
    I love everyones version of Star Cat as well. ❤️


    PupPetunia Jesus that’s good.

  36. ClanZapHero with gaming & funny editing videos

    1:04 Yay! That's my drawing right there! The one with the green star body, yellow moon & blue background! Thanks Parry! :D

  37. Debbie Z

    My daughter worked so hard on her picture for days and you didn’t include it. She’s so disappointed 😔


    I’m sorry! I thought I got all of them in there. What did it look like?

    Debbie Z

    ParryGripp sent a link. Dark background with stars white cat on spaceship in galaxy with another cat in top left corner wearing sunglasses and playing guitar. Alien on world on bottom right.

  38. mccookie2000

    1:34 my dudes. im so happy lol. also there is some cute kitties up in this vid

  39. {·Berry Studios·}

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Jesus Galvan

    The best song videos

  41. Akako Gacha

    Yey!! Mine is 0:14 (the ginger one) Everyone’s is so good!

  42. June Sweeney


  43. pineapple pineapple

    Yay a video from parry gripp!

  44. certified weeb trash

    Right between 0:29 and 0:30 is mine, the cat on Saturn! Thank you for adding my drawing in Parry Gripp!

  45. August Blobuncjusz

    1:49 :D

    Nightmare King Grimm

    Mapper Ze śląska there are two people claiming that this is theirs. Can you confirm?

    Nightmare King Grimm

    Judging by your current artwork on your channel, this is yours. For shame.

    August Blobuncjusz

    @Nightmare King Grimm wait i have 1:50 (this cat with helmet)

  46. SuperSmashKart

    I want to hear a song about a space hamster

  47. Legomybacon memer

    We need star cat v. Space unicorn: battle for the free taco coupon

  48. Jayces Landry 4x4

    Do part two of star cat cuz I have a book mark I made

  49. Stular

    Go crossover with space unicorn!

  50. berthathebeluga

    1:39 was mine I was so anxious but I'm happy it got in 😁 (it's the one with just the face and big eyes)

    Tweetsycat :D

    berthathebeluga Omg I love the colors, and it seemed so gentle because there wasn’t any sharp lines in yours. LOVE IT!! ❤️

  51. Emmy Rose

    Mine is the one with the space suit on at 0:40 :) Yay, thanks for putting it in!

  52. Snufflit

    And it's finally here whoooooo

  53. Philip Studios

    YAY!! My picture is in the video 1:54

  54. FoanlK

    Sweety song!)

  55. Brass

    Please another song of space unicorns

  56. Patrick Holt

    Nice 1980 New Wave feel. Noice.

  57. Chicken Man PvZ

    This is so cool my drawing is at 0:55!

    Duani XD

    Chicken Man looks like happy from fairy tail

    Chicken Man PvZ

    Uhhhhhhh I don’t get it...

  58. Gamer craft's

    Is this space unicorns long lost sibling..? :O


    Star cat, space unicorn and neon Pegasus are all brothas

    Super Chicken

    Along with macaroon cat

  59. Luca da lucario

    Yay! Thank you so much for putting my art!
    My art is at 0:51(the second one )^-^ Thanks again!
    Even have my sign on!

  60. Dj Del

    miaaa miaaa miaaaa !
    (best com ever !)

  61. Spring1234

    this was very rushed but thanks for adding me 0:06

  62. Kitty Paws Draws

    1:24 with the galaxy and wired tail! It’s me! Thanks Perry!! Can you find the snake?

  63. draperpj

    Yay! Thank you for including my art!

  64. Ryan Marchman

    My four year old is gonna be stoked her drawing was used! Thanks!

  65. /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\

    0:41 Thank you so much for having my drawing in this video (≧▽≦)

  66. Paulina Citlalli Gutierrez Alarcon

    *Every cat in this world, is beatiful* *:3*

  67. Tamara Sauls

    Awe, that was some really good artwork!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ It gave me joy to see it!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  68. Bella .S

    Bluestar?! 😹

    na young Kim


    na young Kim

    Warriors 4 life

  69. LILProductions

    1:28 My one!

  70. HappyGuts

    I really missed you- uh-

  71. Keith Brockway

    I have 3 different kids that put in 3 different pictures and they all made it in. They are ecstatic. The kids LOVE Parry Gripp songs, and i'm a HUGE NH fan from way back before Nose Ring Girl. great work on the song.

  72. Serenathetiger AJ

    Too bad i missed it :(

  73. AideniX

    I don't know what is going on but the song is lit! ^^

  74. мιlкү ωαү


    na young Kim

    Sooo cute!

    мιlкү ωαү

    @na young Kim sksksks thank you!!!!

  75. Oriana Catton

    Yayyyy mine's the white orange and brown cat at 1:51! So glad I made it in the video! Thanks parry gripp :)

    Itz Dan! [Inactivo]

    Prerty good dude

    Oriana Catton

    @Itz Dan! [Inactivo] thanks!

  76. Erick Nathan

    the cutest song of all time !!!!

  77. snape first

    1:49 mine was in the video :D

    Nightmare King Grimm

    snape first there are two people claiming that this is theirs. Can you confirm

  78. Jack Penn

    No grumpy cat tribute!?!?!? YOU SMUG, THICK-SKULLED, DISRESPECTFUL BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!! this is a missed opportunity bigger than the super bowl Sweet victory controversy!!!!!!! 🤬😡😠😤

    Jack Penn

    Sorry. 😔 I didn't think I was a good enough artist.

    Jack Penn

    @kitten asmr I'm only 16. Stop swearing at me, and I'll stop swearing at you.

    ` Poopsielotz '

    Calm down. Everyone has a freedom to draw whatever they want that includes star cat. They don't need to listen to anyone on what to draw, its their choice. If you really wanted a tribute to grumpy cat, you should have joined and drew it. Even if you are not happy with your drawing, atleast you could've made it.

    Nightmare King Grimm

    I mean if you drew one it would be in there

    Nightmare King Grimm

    ZenRawrsFruits ` Finally a reasonable person

  79. Dio Brando

    I love you sooo much. Why People can't enderstand that you are a ginius and the best person on earth!!?? You are a beatifull sunbeam on our lives. Please, live forever... Please...

  80. Jada the Peggy Bundy Lover est 2006

    0:54 I drew that one! 😻

  81. fawfulthegreat64

    It's here!! I definitely see my submission, it's the first one and in the thumbnail :D

    I think a running theme of me adapting Parry Gripp's songs into Paper Mario style characters for each drawing submission may be in order here XD Love all the drawings and the extended song~

  82. na young Kim

    0:00 for everyone like me who broke their replay button and their reload button

    Thx so much for the likes!
    Dis is my like my first time with more than one like!

  83. TacoGuy76

    Nice song

  84. The Mun

    Mine's in around 1:43 AAAAAA
    It's the purple one on a space rock with a comet in the background

    Tenshi Cat

    What a lovely picture!

    Gary Bridges

    Rock on, Mun

  85. Trey Bolden

    Awesome dude! Are you ever going to one day Release that grasshoppers song?

  86. Jeff Mulligan

    Both of my daughters have been anxiously awaiting this vid and were excited to see their art flash up.

  87. how to do things

    0:14 omg thank you so much for putting my artwork into this :3 it's the dark purple one btw

    ღMr.kirms ;3;

    That’s great art!

  88. Lego towns person

    Omg a upload!


    Thank you for showing my drawing

  90. Galaxy Creations 25

    (It's the purple one winking)

    Starlight Productions

    Xxx KittyGachaXxx amazing art 😁

    Galaxy Creations 25

    @Starlight Productions thanks

  91. totoroFan

    0:15 That's mine, the very pink one! :D <3

    The Backyard Muffin

    totoroFan WOW that is so good great job!

    na young Kim

    1000000000000000000000 × better than mine! Great job!

    Tweetsycat :D


    Tweetsycat :D


  92. Lilapple

    my cat with a star on the tail appeared !! 00:42

  93. prince Noodles

    its so cute :D

  94. Paul Gallagher

    Thanks Parry the whole family’s artwork is in this!!!

    Paul Gallagher

    Ours is the cat licking up the milk out of the pitcher, at 1:00, and the shred on star cat at 1:06!