Gripp, Parry - Guinea Pig Lyrics

Guinea pig
Pig, pig, pig, pig
Guinea pig
Pig, pig, pig, pig
Guinea pig
Pig, pig, pig, pig
I don't wanna be your guinea pig, pig, pig

Guinea pig
Pig, pig, pig, pig
Guinea pig
Pig, pig, pig, pig
Guinea pig
Pig, pig, pig, pig
I don't wanna be your guinea pig, pig, pig

Beady eyes, fuzzy hair
Beady eyes, fuzzy hair
Beady eyes, fuzzy hair
Beady eyes, fuzzy hair

Guinea pig (guinea pig)
Pig, pig, pig, pig
Guinea pig (guinea pig)
Pig, pig, pig, pig
Guinea pig (guinea pig)
Pig, pig, pig, pig
I don't wanna be your guinea pig, pig, pig

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Gripp, Parry Guinea Pig Comments
  1. Kennedy Gaither

    The guinea pigs are so cute together in the Olympics

  2. Guineapig Girl

    I remember when this came out.

  3. Geek Animaux

    Verry cute

  4. Michen # Love

    Oh so cute

  5. Neeru Goel

    Can you please share this obstacle course

  6. Steven Stringer

    Such a good song well done👍

  7. Pink Unicorn

    I miss my piggy...😭😭😭😭

  8. Muffinka Love


  9. Twilightwolf

    Look at their wee little legs when they run.

  10. Issy Ashton 25

    The only Olympics my guinea pigs do is running to the veg bowl 😂

  11. Юлия


  12. Animallover 2053

    I watched it like 50 times now XD
    I have 3 guinea pigs, and they are amazing!

  13. Aniya Turner

    me: i wonder what max's dream is
    (zooms into my guinea pig head)
    (this video starts to play)

  14. Aniya Turner

    0:05 the part when the guinea pig knocks over the stick

  15. CooCoo

    My life is now complete

  16. guniea pig lover

    @little adventures

  17. Bea Miller

    0:06 did that guinea pig cheat? The black one

  18. Ola Wodolska

    Super polska przejmuje ten clip

  19. Lauren Marie

    Sooooo cuuutttee♡♥♡

  20. Tracey Florian

    Why am i obbsessed with this ❤🐹🐹❤🐹❤🐹❤🐹

  21. Carine Vidor

    Ils sont trop mignons tous ensemble

  22. StylaOfficial

    Wtf did. I just see?

  23. yuu

    Cute bois.

  24. Stajnia Laguna

    jakie słodzkiiii 😍😍😍😍😍

  25. Fonderman

    thanks for 199pp :)

  26. Ayşe Naz Kahraman

    Guineapig olymcips 😍😍😍🌹🌹🌹🤣🤣

  27. Gacha Molly

    *Ah, so this is what the missing piece of my soul was.*

  28. Life of Iris 5689

    1 like= one free guinea pig for the channel

  29. Callum Gamboa

    Rest Easy Nibbit! 🐹❤️ Gold medal to Piggy Heaven xx

  30. Cate Normand

    My life and FAVARITE vid on tube

  31. Ali Ostrowski

    My guinea pigs would win :)

  32. StarSlayer67

    I was expecting a serious olympic event with jusdges and narrators withs scores to see which guinea pig is the most athletic.

  33. Cat Lover

    Is art a Guinea pig or what

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    Top ten most epic anime openings

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    Too cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️😂

  36. •{alison}• nwn

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaay por Dios que belleza que lindura que ternura 🤗me muero eso le hace falta ami cobayo está muy gordita :v es verdad XD

  37. Rainbow Quartz 2.0

    This is so special.
    I guess you could call it the “special olympics”

  38. Fiber Bunny

    This video is absolutely ridiculously stupid

  39. Skifty Kitty



    I thought it was gunea pig omelets.

  41. Just Kidding

    why do i hear hitsounds!?

  42. paresseux chou

    i love guinea pig🐹🐹🐹🐹

  43. BuckBucktheWookie33

    I came across this video a couple weeks ago and I’ve probably watched it about 30 times since then. So dang cute!

  44. Kylah Hernandez

    I have a guinea pig Oreo

  45. Bijou Margaret

    My new favorite song!! Omg! I love it so much! I just listened to it for like an hour straight lol!

  46. CrappyKid95

    I can’t stop watching this *help*

  47. NNether

    This cured my depression

  48. Carrie Collins

    This is so frickin' cute, I can't stop smiling and laughing about it!! Those chubby little guinea pigs and their tiny feet!!!

  49. Scware


    I can map this

  50. Plasma Dragoon

    osu! sent me here!

  51. Sky Blue

    Osu! Pog

  52. Scarlett Lee

    My GUINEA pig is gonna win

  53. Rodent Rascals Adventures

    Omg this video is super awesome!! Guinea Pigs are so intelligent and I just love watching them!! My Guinea Pigs do some cool tricks too, though, I haven't been lucky enough to get most of it on video yet...

  54. Cupid BMTH

    This is the best video I’ve ever seen in my life. Nothing will ever compare.

  55. zem0ku

    Sotarks mapped this..

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    Petition for a full version

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  58. Christian Stannard

    We have Guinea pigs 💩🦄.

  59. •bobaiitea•

    Doctor: you have 52 seconds to live
    Me: pulls out video

  60. bla bla bla bla bla bla

    Is it possible send my guinea pig to one of the guinea pig Olympics? XD
    I mean, she is really athletic.

  61. Razor Gamer

    I had a Guinea pig named Justin but he died less then a month ago

  62. Amber Judy

    I'm living vicariously through these guinea pigs!

  63. Sandra Whitmee


  64. Sandra Whitmee

    Are all of the guinea pigs shown yours?

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  66. jakk

    hello sotarks.

  67. Gollwer

    thank you sotark

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    My baby boy is now obsessed with this video and I can’t blame him. He loves Diggy!

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    happiest osu map ever created

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    Thanks Mr. Sotarks

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  73. Jackson Abercrombie


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    Thanks Sotarks.Very cool.

  75. A rock in your green beans Because why not

    You just have something for Guinea pigs don’t you parry?

  76. Lps pusheen

    I love anime but this copleated my life now I have 3 Guineas

  77. baldi the math teacher

    0:27 Looks cute

  78. LornaTFWA

    What this is only 53 seconds long?
    That isn’t right...

    I watched for more than 53 seconds

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  80. Generał Zebrowski

    From now i train my guinea pig

    Post Scriptum :my top three your songs
    3.guinea pig olympics
    2.hiling taquiros (sorry if I misspeld)
    1.It's raining tacos 🌮

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    Came here from Sotarks' new map

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    MAKE the guinnnee pigs fight to the death

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    OMG IT’S so cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️💜💙💚 i want one now 😂😂

  84. LeeTheUnicorn

    My heart is melting

  85. Kurdupelo MW

    I was looking for a video to send to my friend who has many guinea pigs and I found this, then I wondered - hold up, is it just me, or do I know that channel from somewhere? And then there was a huuuuuge memory-get-back thing. Thanks to *g u i n e a p i g o l y m p i c s*

  86. А я такая вся От DиG


  87. Faye's music Stewart

    Are these gunnie pigs clever or is it me I think they are clever but my to gunnie pigs breddie and Charlie they don't care they would rather stay in bed then gunnie pig Olympics 😂😂

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    I vote Marley to win

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