Gripp, Parry - Chimpanzee Riding A Segway Lyrics

Chimpanzee ridin' on a Segway
Chimpanzee ridin' on a Segway
Chimpanzee ridin' on a Segway
Bam ba ba ba bam bam

Chimpanzee ridin' on a Segway
Chimpanzee ridin' on a Segway
Chimpanzee ridin' on a Segway
Bam ba ba ba bam bam

He's got a helmet on and
He's wearin' overalls and
Don't that lady look surprised

Chimpanzee ridin' on a Segway
Chimpanzee ridin' on a Segway
Chimpanzee ridin' on a Segway
Bam ba ba ba bam bam
Bam ba ba ba bam bam
Bam ba ba ba bam bam

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Gripp, Parry Chimpanzee Riding A Segway Comments
  1. ShinyHaunter05 :

    One of the internet’s wholesome videos

  2. leonar1lol

    Like si viniste por Alfredito

  3. Mateo dd985

    Las cronicas de alfredo?

  4. 辻時子

    パンくん 未来の乗り物

    止めたよ! 覚えたよ!





    No te entiendi ni una chota

  5. Ryan Marcum

    I showed this to my wife. Her response was “How old ARE you?!”. Some people just don’t understand true art.

  6. Expandular Dongus

    Hey i remember this

  7. Nezuko Chan

    My teacher said chimpanzee and I immediately thought about this😂

  8. 130vibes

    I used to watch this every day when I came home from middle school 10 years ago, I was 13 at the time. I miss those nostalgic


    Topeng monyet level elit

  10. QwertyPc Game

    am new here (at the time i'm writing this), but i can imagine how y'all feeling right now

  11. XboxEmoji

    Anyone here in 2019?

  12. spingus

    we should make this the new national anthem

  13. Neil Allen

    This chimpanzee changed my life forever, XOXO Neil

  14. Anthony Montoya

    Classic Youtube right here

  15. Brianna Walker

    2019 anyone?😂😂😂

  16. NorthStar Coyote

    “How did I get here squad” where ya at?

  17. xmchughs

    Soul-less 690

  18. Galaxy Creations 25

    Imagine one morning you're taking a walk and then you see a Chimpanzee riding on a segway ride past you.

  19. WOIDI

    I hate how people stole this masterpiece and made it their own

  20. Untitledd Gamingg

    Jesus Christ, all my middle school memories just flooded through my mind.

  21. ded chat

    O. Mi. Good. Thvgeyyff is amziisghvo;BHUbvffffffffJ'SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOVGFU ASJDFI:suZ CFNSa;klDzsdo;zsdo;zsdo;hju cycycycycycycycycycycycycyxl;hjhW0OP9;FQ0e9p'hse0se0se0se0hyn'''''''WEFY 3BNw888 rn8ewop83 A90EEEEEEEEEEEEN

  22. FewerthrowerOWO

    This is legit my school anthem

  23. m4ssee

    Tfw when a video with 3,6 million views makes you feel like a 1%er because it's 9 years old. (Most viral videos these days get those views in a few hours/days)

  24. Fortnite fan 1093

    My school teacher showed me this

  25. rhapox

    why do i listen to this

  26. Sophie Wruble

    Im sophie and I hate animals

  27. menslady125

    It's the simple things in life you treasure.

  28. Aeroify HD

    Here in 2019 for the memories

  29. l i l y

    My form tutor showed me this

  30. fauflooverto

    vine por alfredito

  31. Hawkeye Hawk

    2019 anyone

  32. Smooth Skin

    Death to those who made this.

  33. santino gazzo

    Like si viniste de alfredito

  34. yoshis's Gaming

    Best song ever

  35. Agent Mooka

    If you found my comment. You must remember this song a lot

  36. Bilal Mujic

    im only here from smg4

  37. Emilio Da Paz

    Hell yes.

  38. UnknownGamer827


  39. Entity 121

    Fucking Gorgeous

  40. c h a b e t a

    Pam papa pam

  41. Brenna Rosen

    i want this played at my funeral

  42. Tomas Roberts

    This sure gets annoying and stuck in your brain fast, I will say. Cute video, though.

  43. Warriorseamonkey16

    my dad showed me this when i was 4

  44. Vash

    The first video I ever watched on YouTube

  45. Dorian G


  46. Debbie Mclean

    Still the best eight years later

  47. Branson Jones

    Jon Sandman anyone?


    Branson Jones Yeah...... me;)

  48. Drew Griffin

    Japan is a lot different than US..

  49. puntangslayer99

    Hahahaha this is funny
    Like my comment if you agree

  50. Cieran Therrien

    the forty seconds are awesome :)

  51. Captain Howdy

    Don’t that lady look surprised? 😮

  52. Chompy Pepper


  53. и ι ρ ρ σ и g σ ! ω є α ѕ α в в ι !

    We sing this is choir 😂😂😂😂

  54. Soshi Sister

    2018 anyone?

  55. The ChaosEngine

    I wan't to be as happy and carefree as that primate is!

  56. llenodebalas

    I don't understand why this isn't on the top charts worldwide for all time permanently!!!!

  57. Noccturnal

    good content Pog

  58. Dakoda

    Ahhh good ol days if memeage

  59. The Ultimate

    My life is complete

  60. Gaming Comics

    This is why the internet exists

  61. Jud Crandall

    this shit cures depression lol

  62. Jesusismyhomie 69

    My economics teacher sent me here

  63. Megan Woram

    This song has gotten stuck in my head almost every day for the past eight years. especially the bambababambambam part. please send help.

  64. Flukeyy

    Best video ever

  65. Travis Spaulding

    The Hardline brought me here :)

  66. Random Artist

    The memories. <3

  67. Lemago

    Que recuerdos, Alfredito ;)

  68. Naveed Shah

    I LIKE IT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  69. Adrian


  70. Noah Kisley

    jon sandman

  71. CecilRobotics

    Who is here from Video Creators?

  72. Melbourne Sounds

    JonSandman ? :)

  73. Donald Dewar

    Check out the piano version, it is perfect (not by me):

  74. SouConVo

    Back when the internet was great!

  75. juschu67

    No Headlamp or Backlight what does that remind me about im südoschte

  76. milkpuddle

    Sieht aus wie ich LOL

  77. Rai uwu

    40 seconds of pure joy

  78. Julio Daniel Ramirez

    Like si veniste por que escuchaste esto en canal de alfredito :v

  79. Chrisson

    Where can I buy this

  80. Seth Campbell

    This is the stupidest thing I've heard in my life.

  81. MrNoway98

    I can't get this song out of my head now... great

  82. Nob the Knave

    The North Carolina version

    Trumpanzee ridin in a suv
    Trumpanzee ridin in a suv
    Runnin over protestors that disagree

    Bam bam bam bam bam bam

  83. Mike Irish

    Greatest Youtube video EVER!!

  84. sunky le hejhoge

    So magestic...

  85. SwaggerNauts365

    Old youtube

  86. Selrax -


  87. C.E.FBlueware

    2 hours after you watch this video you will say "What did I just watch?"

  88. 130vibes

    When I was 13 this is what I watched everyday after school. Then I played Runescape.

  89. Oprahs FatAss

    keyboard cat behind the music

  90. ChurKirby

    Classic internet nostalgia

  91. Joe bob

    2010 was simpler time...

  92. xfranjdx

    who's here from =3?

  93. Archant

    Who came here by SMG4 too?

  94. vulnerable gullible sheep

    This will be stuck in my head whenever my gf is talking from now on.

  95. Denki the Lustrous Luxio

    SMG4's Ssenmodnar 4 brought me here!

  96. link

    Remember when =3 or RayWilliamJohnson made a video on this

  97. It's Keelan

    This is the best thing I've seen in my entire life

  98. harmony.kk

    I remember this!! One of the first youtube videos I watched. 😂😂